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Spoiler: The Goddess Inheritance by Aimee Carter

This book focuses on what happens after Kate is kidnapped from Eden and the after events. These include: motherhood, a war, loss and the collision of good and evil.
This book let me down, honestly. I expected it to be so much more and it just left me wanting more. I don’t even know if I mean more as in the idea of wanting more at the end or rather just more from the characters throughout. The characters in this book changed in ways I never anticipated, or really wanted.
But here’s a happy thought, we get to see some more of Olympus in this book and from the sounds of it, it is incredibly beautiful. Somewhere we should all wanna be. So let’s go pass some tests guys.

♥Kate: Kate has really changed over the series, and not in a way that I enjoy. I think that the version of Kate in this book is really disappointing. One minute she’s standing up for what she believes and when she gets told no, she throws a tantrum like a 3 year old. It’s frustrating to read. Half of the time I was reading this book I was telling her to grow up and figure out what her life’s about. Crying wasn’t going to help anything. In the end, Kate really didn’t do all that much to help the war. And if you think about it, the war happened because of her. I hope that she gets over herself eventually and thinks about the big picture more. My main reason for saying this is when she talks to Walter about the lose of Ava she still has to bring up herself. Get over it, you’re friend just died! Urgh.
♥Ava: I don’t think that Ava would have betrayed Kate if Walter hadn’t made her do it. She was doing what she believed was right. She didn’t even really do that much to hinder Kate, yes she assisted Calliope in kidnapping, but Ava made sure that Milo was safe. I didn’t agree with how she did it, but she still did. In the end, I wasn’t really that hurt when Ava died. Mainly because the idea that she was evil was drilled into my head every other chapter. In the end though, Ava paid the ultimate sacrifice for those she loved. A truly brave thing to do.
♥Calliope: So this evil little Witch is dead. Finally. Why couldn’t Nicholas just make a weapon to kill a god/ goddess previously when Calliope started the problem? Hello?! I wasn’t really surprised with her taking Henry. I was surprised how crazy she got with Milo at the end, but I suppose she just wanted a real family.
♥Cronus: Someone’s gonna be mad at me for saying this, but I think that Kate could have worked with him and changed him. Especially if she didn’t have a son in the moment. I hope that she keeps up her promise to visit him. He needs to be shown warmth and affection.
♥Rhea: I think she is someone I would like to learn more about. She seems wise and ancient in a way that the gods aren’t. I was fascinated by how she portrayed herself to humans.
♥Henry: You are kinda sexist aren’t you buddy? Women are strong people and shouldn’t be messed with. If your wife wanted to fight you should have let her from the start. I just found in this book, that Henry wasn’t as romantic, rather than protecting Kate he just bossed her around. No thank you!
♥Walter: I think what has happened in his family will truly make him rethink how he treats his family members. One would hope so anyways.
James: This guy though. He’s the strongest out of them all. Even though he’s a trickster. I still like him, I’d like him better if he found his own woman instead of hitting on Kate all the time, but hey.

♥Moments to Remember♥
♥Pg. 100
“’Not exactly the best time to stop and give directions, is it?’ I said as he rejoined us. James shrugged.
 ‘Not exactly the best time to gather enough power to wipe out half of Africa either,’ he said, looking pointedly at Henry. They glared at each other. ‘Besides, giving directions is what I do. Among other things.’
 ‘Like rob banks,’ said Henry.
 ‘That was once.’ James shook his head…”

♥Pg. 191
“’You’re not the girl I met in Eden. She didn’t break down into tears every time something didn’t go her way.’
 ‘I’m not-‘ I started, but then another tear rolled down my face. ‘My family’s gone. No one’s letting me help, and every time I try, I screw things up even worse.’
 He threaded his fingers through mine. ‘Since when did you ever need anyone’s permission?’”

♥Final Line: “Always.”

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