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Spoiler: The Kindling by Jennifer Armstrong & Nancy Butcher

I liked this book alot. If I might make one suggestion though to the readers of this book, it would be to imagine that the event of Fire-us took place in 2012 or closer to our time. It makes the world that Jennifer Armstrong and Nancy Butcher made a lot more believeable. When the event takes place in 2002-2007 it's easy not to be afraid of what happens in the "future". I think that this book is a stand alone book. It's a sci-fi book mixed with a type of mystery that I have never seen before. I do wish that we would have known a little bit more about the Before Time though. It would have made the book more interesting.

Characters:Hunter: I feel bad for this boy, I'm not sure how old he is, but he is the man in the family for the first half of the book, the provider. It's not fair that such a young boy should have to find all the food, clothes and other necessities for the family. I love the fact that he isn't scared of the bones, that he's brave enough to protect everyone from such a horrible sight.

Teacher: For me, this is the most relatable character. Although she carries around her own scrapbook that will apparently 'tell the future' I still like her. I love that Teacher is remembering things, and we as the readers get to remember things with her. She is an amazing character who is basically a detective, trying to find out what is going on with this horrible disease.

Mommy: She is a tough character to like, but you also want to love her. I think everyone has a friend like this, you know the one who is always looking after everyone else first and then thinking of herself. I hate the fact that Mommy is only 14 and put in charge of 4 children. That is a tough job to handle as an adult, I'm sure, never mind a teenager. I wonder about her fear of the outdoors though. Hope we get to hear more about that.

Angerman/Anchorman: This is a very interesting character who is thrown into the mix about half way through the book. I was happy that we got to see inside his head throughout the book, because otherwise we would just think he was completely mentally challenged. The idea that he hears voices makes me wonder if he has a mental illness or superpowers. He is unusual, but in a way, loveable.

Action Figure: What an adventurous  young man? He sure can cause a lot of trouble though.

Teddy: I like him, he seems to know what's going on and though he's quiet he is very bright. I understand his fear of alligators completely now that I have read over Teacher's memory.

Doll: She gets most of her traits from Mommy.

Baby: Again, like Mommy.

Kitty & Puppy: I think it's horrible that these kids were left alone in the wilderness, but the question is by whom?

Favorite Lines & Moments:
♥Pg. 222
" 'Once upon a time,' Mommy began, 'there was a girl named-um-' She searched her memory. What, what was that fairy tale she loved so much? Someone used to tell it to her every night before she went to bed. 'Cindy Ella..."

♥Pg. 234
"Action Figure stood on the last remaining plank of a dock that leaned at a crazy angle toward the water. Sunlight turned Action Figure's hair into a white halo, and the boy held both arms out, as if saying behold!"

Thanks for reading,
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Book Review: The Clique by Lisi Harrison

 Title: The Clique
Author: Lisi Harrison
Series: Clique
Pages: 220
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Year Published: 2004

"Meet The Clique...
Massie Block: With her glossy brunette bob, and laser-whitened smile, Massie is the uncontested ruler of The Clique and the rest of the social scene at Octavian Country Day School, an exclusive private girls' school in Westchester County, New York. Massie knows you'd give anything to be just like her.

Dylan Marvil:
Massie's second in command who divides her time between sucking up to Massie and sucking down Atkins Diet shakes.

Alcia Rivera: As sneaky as she is beautiful, Alicia floats easily under adult radar because seh seems so 'sweet.' Would love to take Massie's throne one day. Just might.

Kristen Gregory: She's smart, hardworking and will insult you to tears fast than you can say 'my haircut isn't ugly!'

Enter Claire Lyons, the new girl from Florida in Keds and two-year-old Gap overalls, who is clearly not Clique material. Unfortunately for her, Claire's family is staying in the guesthouse on Massie's family's huge estate while they look for a new home. Claire's future looks worse than a bad Prada knockoff. But with a little luck and a lot of scheming, Claire might just come up smelling like Chanel No. 19"

"The Clique... the only thing harder thang getting in is staying in."

My Rating: 9/10

This book is full of gossip and drama, just what a needed for an uneventful day of summer. In this novel we are introduced to a group of middle school girls who are meaner than most high school football players (not physically obviously, they might break a nail). I remember middle school quite vividly and I understand how it works. It doesn't matter where you're from there are always clique and then there are the "it" girls. The ones everyone wants to be. We get an up close and personal view of these girls at the beginning of their popularity filled "careers"
I really loved the way we see the view of Claire, the unpopular character and Massie, the ultra popular girl. This way we see what each thinks is important. I loved this book because of the way Lisi Harrison wasn't afraid to go there. She wasn't afraid to us swears in a middle school based novel.

Thanks for reading :)
Sidny ♥♪♫

Spoiler: The Clique by Lisi Harrison

This book is absolutely filled with the drama from middle school. At least that's how my middle school felt. Whose in, whose out and whose a total loser? It's interesting to read that this is happening all over North America. Girls are getting meaner at a younger age than ever. I sadly loved reading about it. Maybe because I was able to relate! That's a good feeling that I haven't had in a while.  It helps that all these kids are ridiculously rich, wearing brands I haven't even heard of! The characters in this book are amazing and while I didn't fall in love with them I was able to see them as certain people from my life and it makes sense that this is such a popular series.

Characters:Massie: Incredibly snooty, and the undoubted leader of the Clique. Or is she? When Claire sneaks into her room it doesn't take long to turn her friends against her. Maybe she's not as loved as everyone acts. The fact that the whole school worships her is a pile though. There has to be someone who doesn't want to be like her at all. At least one who just hates her guts. I hope so anyways. Everyone loving you is bound to give you a big head. The best part of the book is when she finally realizes that Chris is not interested in her at all! Thank gosh, a little rejection is what this girl needs. Wait I take that back, a lot of rejection.

Dylan: I feel bad that Dylan feels the need to diet. Every girl should feel amazing in her own skin and be happy with who she is. The sad thing is that Dylan's mom encourages this when she's only in Gr. 7

Alicia: I thought she was the second in command during the book. I think that Massie is jealous of her, it's mentioned more than once that she looks like a model.She should be the leader, if you think about it.

Kristen: I was shocked that Kristen turned out to be poor. That's a very interesting fact considering whose she's friends with. To bad she has friends that wouldn't actually accept her if they knew she was poor.

Claire: A unexpected toss up in this wealthy society. I loved that Massie had to realize that she wasn't all that. Claire got a great revenge on Massie, a well deserved one at that. I didn't like that she changed when she was friends with the rest of The Clique. She should be happy that she isn't like them.

Layne: The kinda girl every group needs. Someone who is unafriad to be who she is. Althought she did take Massie's offer to be popular. That was a mistake and one I doubt she will repeat.

Chris: Thank GOD he wasn't interested in Massie, as if that girl needs an more followers.

Favorite Line & Moment:
♥Pg. 208
" 'Why doesn't anyone ask us to dance?'
Layne turned to face Claire and bowed deeply. 'Claire, would you like to dance?' "

Thanks for reading.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Book Review: Mercy, Unbound by Kim Antieau

 Title: Mercy, Unbound
Author: Kim Antieau
Pages: 165
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Year Published: 2006

"Mercy O'Conner is becoming an angel.
She can feel her wings sprouting from her shoulder blades. They itch. Sometimes she even hears them rustling.
And angels don't need to eat. So Mercy has decided she doesn't need to either. She is not sick, doesn't suffer from anorexia, is not trying to kill herself. She is an angel, and angels simply don't need food.
When her parents send her to an eating disorder clinic, Mercy is scared and confused. She isn't like the other girls who are so obviously sick. If people could just see her wings, they would know. But her wings don't come and Mercy begins to have doubts. What if she isn't really an angel? What if she's just a girl? What if she's killing herself? Can she stop?"

My Rating: 8/10

This book is very interesting and follows a different line then I thought it would. I imagined the book to be a lot more fictional, but it stuck to a line about eating disorders. Eating disorders proved to be the main theme. I didn't overly enjoy it, I found it hard to follow and at the end I wasn't sure what really happened. I just felt out of it, but I could connect with the eating disorders. It's a very important story that I haven't really read about before. Eating disorders effects so many young lives, of both girls and boys of all ages. I think that it's caused by the media personally and other aspects of a persons life. I think that Kim Antieau was very brave to take on such a realistic topic, while combining an angel into it. And for that, this book earns a 8/10.

Sidny ♥♪♫

Spoiler: Mercy, Unbound by Kim Antieau

This is a good book, really it is. But the story line is just so darn confusing! At the end of the book, I was still confused, is Mercy an angel or is she not? And if not why does a teenager make herself believe she is? I know she wanted control, but I think she needs to be in an asylum. The only real reason that I rated this book so highly is because of the content about the eating disorders. I didn't really realize how people who have an eating disorder just don't understand that it's not normal or good to be that skinny. I understand though, that young people go through alot of emotions and the media doesn't help. If you spend all your days reading magazines and watching tv, you wonder about the airbrushed figures and the skinny actresses. I used to wish that I was them, that I could be strong and pretty. I realize now that every single person is gorgeous on this earth. Each of us in our own way and we shouldn't have to change for anybody. We should be ourselves. Well that was cheesy, but hey it was still honest.

Characters:Mercy: I'm not really sure her deal is. The fact that she sees ghosts concerns me. I wish that Kim Antieau would have explained that better. And her itchy back? What the hell? How about the fact that after the eating disorder hospital she was seen with wings? I hate this part of the book. I do love her journal though.

Mom: I think her mother taught her all the wrong in the world before the good. Children need a chance to see the good and realize that you can be the change.

Dad: One laid back fella who would protect his little girl no matter what.

Suzy-Q: It's really sad that she had to try so hard to be something she wasn't. I was so upset when I heard that she was a teacher, but couldn't get a job because she was influencing the children badly. I wish she recovers.

Mia: She seems to be the toughest one out of the group. She is a strong soul who just really needs some help.

Favorite Lines & Moments:♥Pg. 4
"I think she talk a lot because then she knows she is breathing"

♥Pg. 75
"What could I say? 'I"m not really one of you, and I think you sound really crazy, and that should worry you because I think I'm an angel.' "

Thanks for reading,
Sidny xoxo

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BOOK REVIEW: Dark Secrets 1: Don't Tell by Elizabeth Chandler

 Title: Don't Tell
Series: Dark Secrets
Author: Elizabeth Chandler
Pages: 228
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Year Published: 2001

"In Don't Tell, Lauren knows that by returning to the town where her mother drowned seven years ago, she'll be reliving one of her most haunting memories. When she arrives, she is propelled into a series of mysterious events that mimic the days leading up to her mother's death. Maybe her mother's drowning wasn't an accident after all... and maybe Lauren is next."

My Rating: 9/10

This is the second story in the book Dark Secrets 1, and I can't help comparing it to the first story. Both stories take place in the small town of Wisteria. The book as a package was good, but I didn't feel in tune with the characters. I couldn't seem to invite them in or feel like I belonged with them. That sounds crazy, but when I feel like I know a character personally, it's a ten outta ten. That's the only reason that I didn't feel this book was a ten. I enjoyed learning more about the town of Wisteria, and hearing about the people in the town. It made me feel at home in the area. I feel the urge to go to this town, but I'm not completely sure it exsists :(
Hope you enjoyed this book review,
Sidny ♥♪♫

SPOILER: Dark Secrets 1: Don't Tell by Elizabeth Chandler

All and all, I enjoyed this book. It was good, but not quite as good as Legacy of Lies. I enjoyed the fact that there was a bigger mystery going on in Don't Tell. It almost reminded me of the VC Andrews books I read when I was younger. The mystery wasn't well concealed though, and I already suspected Frank, I'm happy that I hadn't suspected Holly, or their team up. That would have been extremely disappointing. I also didn't feel in touch with the characters. I could not connect with Lauren at all. I did on the other hand, fall head over heels for the setting. Wisteria became very real in this book as we visit the school, and the river. I wish I could live in this amazing world.
Characters:Lauren: I don't have alot in common with Lauren other than I'm also female... She's rich, famous and shyish. Not relating much to that. I do enjoy the fact that she isn't stupid. She thinks about most of the possibilities in the mystery.

Nora: Poor, poor Nora. I expected to learn more about her paranormal-ness. But the story cut of before we get to find out that she either gets help or she doesn't.

Holly: What an evil, scheming brat? I know it's hard when money is tight, but killing someone (almost two someones)? Really??

Nick: It unnerved me to find out that for most of the story he was lying to Lauren to "protect" her. That makes any girl uneasy.

Aunt: Jule: Sure, let's throw in that she's actually Lauren's birth mother, why not? Didn't see the point in that really, but ok....

Frank: Just as bad as Holly, if not worse.

Favorite Line/Moment:♥Pg. 51/256" 'I take guys to dances, like escorts, but I don't date- not till I'm in college. I don't want to get hooked like my mother did and become dependent on some guy to make me feel like a person. I'm getting my life and career together first.'
He looked at me as if I had just landed from Mars. 'That doesn't mean you can't date,' he said. 'I'm not getting hooked, either, and I'm dating everybody.' "

This isn't my best spoiler, but it's my opinion, what's yours? Email me at sweetgirlsid@hotmail.com
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Book Review: The Bone Cage by Angie Abdou

 Title: The Bone Cage
Author: Angie Abdou
Pages: 233
Publisher: NeWest Press
Year Published: 2007

"Digger, an 85-kilo wrestler, and Sadie, a 26-year-old speed swimmer, stand on the verge of realizing every athlete's dream- winning a gold medal at thw olympics. Both athletes are nearing the end of their careers, and are forced to confront the question: what happens to athletes when their bodies are too worn to compete? The blossoming relationship between Digger and Sadie is tested in the intense month leading up to the Olympics, which, as both of them are painfully aware, will  be the realization or the end of a life's dream."

My Rating: 8/10

I thought this would be a good book to read after these past summer Olympics in London. I found this novel to be very insightful, not only into the physical toll of sports but also the emotional. Many times we don't realize what athletes go through just to be able to compete in Olympics, the training is more intense than I ever could imagine. As i am not an athlete, I had trouble understanding the "Olympic Dream." I realize now that the Olympics are the highlight of any sport and if you don't make it there, you won't really make it anywhere, unless you are a hockey player in North America (NHL anyone?). Living in the country where this book takes place helped immensly and it was great to read something from a fellow Canadian.

Have a good day/night/afternoon/weekend etc.
Sidny ♥♪♫

Spoiler: The Bone Cage by Angie Abdou

I finally finished this book on coffee break at work today, and I realize now that I don't completely relate to the story. I am about the msot clumsy person you will probably ever meet and so an athlete's world is not one I live in. I do understand the main point of the story though. You can't really live your life counting on one thing, maybe that's just what I got from it. What point did you draw from the story?  I didn't feel in tune with characters, but let's talk about them anyways. Tell me who your favorite was/is?

Characters:Digger: This character makes me smile. He's just so focused on his sport, it really doesn't seem like he's allowed to have a life. I never really noticed how much Canadians do ignore wrestling, probably as much as we ignore cyclists really. Unless someone wins a gold in it, they aren't really recognized. I think Digger just wants to be noticed for all the hard work he puts in. Its a large price (on the physical body) for a small prize, in my view.

Sadie: I felt horrible when Sadie got in the car accident, how one moment ruined her life dream. She does learn an important lesson about how she can't always count on swimming, how she has to enjoy the other things in life as well. When Sadie's grandma dies in the beginning of the book, we see her downfall into depression, and I almos tthink its best that she got in the car accident after, so then she wouldn't have to go through losing a medal.

Fly: He seems like a really odd boy. Almost like a 5 year old on pixie sticks at 1 am. He's always going and running his mouth, but he's optomistic.

Ben: In the begining of the novel is a big teddy bear, but as the story line progresses we see him fade from his friendly, happy self into a depressed and confused man. After he loses wrestling, it takes him some time to realize he didn't lose everything

Favorite Lines/Moments:
♥Pg. 3
" 'If I want relief alls I do is tak an Ex-Lax.' "

♥Pg. 21
" 'Is it drugs or just sleep deprivation? Brainwashing? Too much chlorine?' Russ asks, smiling, not breaking the rhythm of his shots. 'I bet it's an underwater sex thing. A twisted underwater sex cult.' "

♥Pg. 55
" 'You don't have to worry about Digger, Denis. Digger loves big girls. Always drooling over the rowers and the swimmers. He wants a girl who hasta turn sideways to fit her shoulders through doorways. he wants her triceps bigger than her-' "

♥Pg. 172
"A five-foot freckled doctor with dimples? It's almost to muich. Digger would laugh if he were somewhere other than the trauma ward."
Thanks for reading,
Sidny xoxo

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BOOK REVIEW: Dark Secrets 1: Legacy of Lies by Elizabeth Chandler

 Title: Legacy of Lies
Author: Elizabeth Chandler
Pages: 199
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Year Published: 2000

"In Legacy of Lies, Megan has to stay with the uptight grandmother she wants nothing to do with. She's determined to get through the visit without any drama, but when she falls into a twisted love triangle with potentially fatal consequences, Megan may be caught up in her family's legacy in more ways than she realizes."

My Rating: 10/10

I would like to tell everyone that Dark Secrets has 2 stories in one book, so I'm reading one at a time.
I really enjoyed this book. It was spooky, mysterious and had a romance peeking through in between those other two characteristics. Legacy of Lies was filled with twists and turns that kept my heart racing and my mind wondering. I compliment Elizabeth Chandler for having a strange mind, I'm not even sarcastic! The only thing I could have used more of was a description of the town that Megan was living in. I didn't feel as if I had enough information to satisfy my imagination, but that's just me. If I may just say that Elizabeth Chandler has a twisted sense of writing, like VC Andrews, but with paranormal activity and in a Young Adult form. I love it!

Hope you enjoyed :)

SPOILER: Dark Secrets 1: Legacy of Lies by Elizabeth Chandler

May I just say it's about time someone wrote a reincarnation mystery that had this many twists and turns. I love a book where I am completely wrong about how it's going to end. Of course I knew that Megan and Matt were going to end up together, no brainer, but Lydia being the murderer, never saw it coming. I was very suspicious of all the characters, I even wondered about Sophie, but never once did I think it was Lydia. And so this book is rated a ten and I can hardly wait to read Don't Tell, the second story in this book.

Characters:Megan: I felt in touch with Megan during this book. She was stubborn and not afraid to talk back, traits that I believe I have. Megan is a great main character to follow, as we find out that she looks like Avril, her stubborn trait has to ease out to find explanations. I didnt have trouble seeing that she was a reincarnate of Avril, it made sense why Grandmother and Matt hated her so much. In the end I knew that she was going to end up with Matt though. How could she not?

Grandmother/Helen: She comes off as a nasty old lady, but in reality I think she was hurt long ago and hasn't dealt with the pain. In the end she actually turns out to get along with Megan, even if she doesn't believe she's a reincarnate of her sister, Avril. I think though, that Megan and her grandmother are more alike than they realize.

Matt: What a hunk? Sure he was stubborn and harsh in the beginning, but like most men, he came around at the end. I thought for a while that he was the one who had killed Avril or at least who he was in her time, Thomas. I was very relived to find out that it wasn't him at all. He was just the one who took her to the docotor. I was disappointed that Thomas ended up with Helen, that's really wrong.

Lydia: HOLY MAN! I couldn't believe that I little old woman would try to poison Megan, but it makes sense since she believe in Karma and the chance that she would die by Megan's hands. I also didn't think that she would be the killer of Avril, but after hearing her alibiy, it made sense. She wanted Thomas for herself, understandable but oh so twisted. Love it!

Sophie: The best friend in the book and obviously also an incarnate! She makes me smile.

Alex: A sweetheart that was definetly made for Sophie :)

Favorite Lines/Moments:
♥Pg. 43
"'Tell me,' I said, 'what kind of supllements do you take to grow an attitude like yours?'"

♥Pg. 53
" 'What's this sort-of cousin stuff?' he asked, not bothering to keep his voice down, perhaps thinking I was inside. 'Is she or isn't she?'
'Legally she is, but not really,' Matt replied. 'She's adopted.'
'Which means you can date her,' Alex said. 'Are you interested?'
'No,' Matt answered quickly.
'Good. I am.'
'She's got a mouth,' my cousin warned.
His friend shrugged. 'Makes it easier to kiss.' "

♥Pg. 77
" 'Was that your dog, Matt?' I asked, pointing to the other photo.
'What's his name?'
'Homer?' I repeated. 'You named him after the Greek writer? The guy who wrote the Illiad?'
Alex threw back his head and laughed. 'Yeah, and he had a cat named Shakespeare.' "

♥Pg. 147
" 'Hey, guess what I noticed tonight while getting dressed?'
'I don't think I want to,' Matt quipped."

♥Pg. 199
"Matt's at Chase College now on a lacrosse scholarship. I'm applying to colleges in Maryland. And we're keeping another secret, though maybe not as well as we thought. Just the other day Jamie stopped me on High Street. 'You know,' he said. 'I make wedding cakes.'"

Hope you enjoyed this book spoiler :)
Sidny xoxo

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Book Review: Next Summer by Hailey Abbott

 Title: Next Summer
Author: Hailey Abbott
Series: Summer Boys
Pages: 230
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Year Published: 2005

"Three girls. Too many boys. One tempting summer.
Beth:I know I love George. And everyone thinks we're perfect together. So why does that sexy new lifeguard keep flirting with me? And why do I like it so much?Ella:Bye-bye, bad girl. I'm  trying to change my wild ways. But there are so many yummy boys around this summer. How can I resist them?Kesi:Tim is totally not my type. Besides, after last summer, i need a break from boys. If only I could get him out of my head...
Things are heating up again. Can you handle it?"

My Rating: 10/10

Next Summer, is the second book in the Summerboys series. I love the fact that Hailey Abbott made a smooth transition from summer to summer. I felt as though I'd read through what happened during the year. Again I say, a wonderful transition. The characters in this series have captured my heart and I had a struggle with the drama and not yelling at them all at one point. Yes, I do talk to the characters in my books, and no I'm not completely insane; only a touch. This story, I thought improved from the first book in the series, which is rare in my reading. Not only have the characters tugged at my  heart strings, so has the setting. I have never been to Maine, but my desire to go has increased in leaps and bounds after reading this book. It sounds like a beautiful place.

Hope you enjoyed,

Spoiler: Next Summer by Hailey Abbott

I really loved this book! Next Summer is dramatic, captivating and heart-warming. I mentioned in the book review how I felt in tune with the characters and how I loved the setting but what I neglected to say was that I felt in tune with Beth the most. I guess that's because of some personal stuff going on (I haven't cheated like she did, but other stuff has been going on). I love the fact that Hailey Abbott made a clean transition between the end of last summer and the beginning of this one. I also enjoyed the setting, I wish with all my heart i was at the beach right now with my friends and Pebble Beach, Maine is a escape in my mind at least. I can settle for that :)

Characters:Beth: I love Beth, but my favorite thing about Beth is George and when that was in the air I was mad. I think I scared everyone in my house when I started swearing at my book. I love Beth, but the Adam thing was just wrong! I know being away from someone you love is hard, but you have to be strong and push through it. I'm so happy that George and Beth got back together though, anyone with me? I was also happy at the way she retold their last summer with the events and places, especially getting stuck on a roof of a house.

Ella: So Ella is a little out there, but still a great character in the story. Everyone has that friend thats sorta a man eater. And Ella is that character. In this book, we see a softer side of Ella where she really just wants what every girl wants; to be loved unconditonally. When Ella meant Jeremy, I thought he was gay when he wouldn't touch her or kiss her. As it turns out he's straight, just amazing! They are great together :)

Kelsi: I was shocked at the totall Kelsi makeover that we witness in the first few chapters. She is a changed person who realizes that a woman doesn't need a man to make her strong. But when she founds out what Ella did with Peter, she crumples and the strong exterior fades. I could hardly believe that Kelsi hadn't found out that Ella and Peter slept together. Unfortunately, Ella appears to be a good secret keeper. Kelsi in the end got an amazing man who is 10,000 times the man that Peter was.

Adam: What an idiot? Did he really believe that Beth would leave someone as amazing as George to be with him? He doesn't deserve Beth and he shouldn't have been so willing to help her cheat on George. I suppose he is actually a great guy, but it doesn't make me any less mad!

Jeremy: What a sweetheart? It's not very often that a girl meets a guy who wants to get to know her, not just get physical. I think that Jeremy is the perfect boy for Ella. She's a wild child and he's an easy going lifeguard; she winds him up, and he cools her down :)

Tim: Tim is a special kinda jock, who I'm not sure exsists out there. I hate to sterotypical, but in my experience jocks are usually uncaring and up for the physical side of a relationship, but not the emotional. Maybe that's just me. Hope that doesn't offend anyone.

Jamie: I was kind of disappointed that she wasn't going to be a main character in this book, but I think that Kelsi's view was more entertaining than Jamie's would have been.

Favorite Lines & Moments:♥Pg. 2
" 'So you think painting is going to be more fun than the beach?' she asked George sourly, picking up one of the rackets. She ran her hand across the tight web of strings and pressed it against the pads of her fingers. There was a part of her that wanted to beat George over the head with the racket- how could he possibly give up a summer with her to work a job that required him to breath in toxic fumes?"

♥Pg. 7
" 'It's not the same,' Beth cut in. She hated it when he was reasonable. 'It's supposed to be all the cousins. Jamie, Ella, Kelsi, and me. The four Tuttle girls. it's a tradition, and Jamie's breaking it. And you're like an honorary Tuttle cousin, so you're breaking tradition, too.' She pouted.
'Okay, please don't refer to me as your cousin again, because that's just creepy and gross,' George chuckled."

♥Pg. 13
" 'Drool much?' Kelsi teased apparently noticing Ella's appreciation of the long-limbed blond guy who ambled in front of the car at a stop sign.
'I never drool,' Ella replied, smling. 'I just... admire.' "

♥Pg. 53
"Ella couldn't help it if she had a certain power. Kelsi was a brilliant student. When Beth performed some athletic feat, everyone talked about her talent. Ella's talent was making boys drool. Everyone had to be good at something."

♥Pg. 137
" 'You need a plan,' Tim said.
'To do what? Murder her?' Kelsi smirked. 'I have several.'
'Easy, Terminator,' he said. ''

♥Pg. 204
" 'You were fine,' George told her. 'Except maybe for that middle part. I thought we might have to stay there overnight'
'Overnight?' Beth waved a dismissive hand. 'I was thinking forever, like garden gnomes.'
'We're too cute to be gnomes,' George said, and laughed."

Hope you enjoyed this spoiler :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Book Review: The Dangerous Days of Daniel X by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

 Title: The Dangerous Days of Daniel X
Author(s): James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge
Pages: 220
Publisher: Vision an imprint of Grand Central Publishing
Year Published: 2008

"Daniel X was born with the world's most extraordinary power: the power to create. With his secret ability, he can conjure anything and everything, from the animate objects to living, breathing people. This talent has helped him survive-- but couldn't save his parents from being brutally murdered. Discovering a strange list of names, Daniel vows to complete his father's mysterious mission and hunt down his family's assassin. Now, on his own, he must uncover the dark truth behind an apocalyptic struggle that will determine the fate of all mankind. But hot on his trail is a cunning killer-- one who knows exactly what Daniel X can do."

My Rating: 8/10

This is the second book I've read by James Patterson. I really enjoyed the first one I read by him and thought that I would rate this a ten for sure, but I couldn't seem to get stuck in the story. I enjoyed that the story was based on something we have no idea if it's true or not. It gives me the chills that I'm not sure what's really out there. James Patterson is amazing at working with the unknown. He makes things believable but friendly in a way as well. The humor in the story lightens it so the book isn't filled a dragging depression. Thank goodness. I was drawn in to the super powers thing, but it wasn't quite as I expected...
Next to read is Next Summer by Hailey AbbottLove,

Spoiler: The Dangerous Days Of Daniel X by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

I'd like to start this spoiler off with a little fact about me. I don't usually read the description on the back of the book. For many readers, this is thought unthinkable, but here I am, a book reviewer who doesn't like the descriptions. See, to me, the descriptions leave nothing to the imagination and if they do, they tend to make the book sound better than it actually is. I feel better if I trust my own judgement.
So now maybe you understand why some of the books I've read haven't disappointed me as much as they might have, say if I had read the back.
This book is a perfect senario, I would have given this book a 5 if I had read the back first. But all and all this book was good. Not great or perfect, just good. I enjoyed the out of this world, literally, story telling. James Patterson did a great job with the character of Daniel but I found the other characters lacking.

Characters:Daniel: Oh boy, where do I start?! This kid is insanely smart!!! He makes Sheldon Cooper look like a dumb a**. He just knows things and I hoped that his superpower to create would be used to save humanity a little more one on one. I love Spiderman, so this whole fight a huge planet of aliens kind of lost on me. I wished that he had more of a damsel in distress, or a partner something that made me relate to the character a little bit more.

Seth: The source of evil in this book is named Seth, a horse headed alien who is also a major director in hollywood. I couldn't quite picture Seth because of my love for horses, but all and all he seemed very frightening. The Penelope act was GENIOUS! What better to trap a teenage boy than through his hormones?

Drang: I decided to treat these four as one characters as they aren't very complicated. I find it funny that Daniel is in love with Dana, his own creation. Mainly the group is there for Daniel in his time of need, even though they came from his mind.

Grandma Blaleen: By far my favorite character, she just seems like the regular grandma. You know, pinching your cheeks, baking cookies, doing surgery with gardening tools... :P

Favorite Lines & Moments:
♥Pg. 40
"And if you think about it, creating is the best superpower of them all. It's a whole lot better than being part spider."

♥Pg. 86
"By the way, I'm not crazy for thinking elephants are completely amazing. You will too when you know this true story: Elephants were brought to Earth about three million years ago. From my planet. It was my people's gift to Terra Firma."

♥Pg. 117
"I don't know about you, but whenever I'm slimed and hog-tied in the stow-and-go seat  well of a minivan, I tend to do a little soul-searching."

Hope you enjoyed.
Sidny ♥♪♫

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kate's Choice: Here's Lily by Nancy Rue

 Title: Here's Lily
Author: Nancy Rue
Pages: 128
Publisher: Zonderkidz
Year Published: 2000

"Welcome to the wonderful world of Lily Robbins!
 In this fun, first story in a seires that has sold over one million copies, you'll meet an awkward sixth-grader named Lily. After reveiving a compliment about her looks from a high-powered woman in the fashion industry, Lily obsesses over becoming a model, setting her sights on winning th 'model serach' fashion show. She packs away her rock and feather collection in exchange for pictures of teen models and fashion magazines. But when the unthinkable happens the night before the fashion show, Lily learns a valuable leasson about real beauty."

Kate's Rating: 9/10

The Interview:
Q. Why did you enjoy this book?
♥ I liked it because of all the story seemed very tied together. I didn't get lost.

Q. What was your favorite part of this book?
♥All of it!

Q. What is your favorite character and why?
♥ I like Reni cause she seems like a very good person, someone who is fun and nice.

Q. Would you continue reading this series?
♥ Yeah I think it would be a fun series to read.

Q. What was your favorite part?
♥My favorite part was the fashion show.

Q. Was this different from other books you've read?
♥It was different from other books I've read because it was a girl's point of view that made it easier to relate too.

Q. Why did you pick this book out?
♥ It looked interesting.

Q. Who would you recommend it to?
♥ I would recommend it to girls from the ages of 9-13

Q. If you could speak to the author, what would you say?
♥ I'd ask about other books in this series.

Kate & Sidny ♥♪♫

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Book Review: Summer Boys by Hailey Abbott

 Title: Summer Boys
Author: Hailey Abbott
Pages: 214
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Year Published: 2004

"First boy. First Love. First time.
Peter was watching me all night- I could feel it. I wish he'd make a move already. Too bad he's my sister's boyfriend.
Beth: Suddenly George is lookin greally good in his swim trunks. I don't know what I'm thinking- he's my best friend. Do I want more?
Jamie: Last summer, Ethan and i fell for each other-- big-time. My feelings for him haven't changed but why is he pushing me away?
It's summer. It's hot. It's time to hook up."

My Rating: 9/10
Lately I haven't read that many chicklits and I felt it was time for one and so I picked out Summer Boys. I thought it would be a good beach read, or a pretend beach read since I might not make it there, and started reading. I really enjoyed the fact the story switched through three different girls. Although all three girls are related, not a one is alike. Beth is athletic, Ella is a girly girl and Jamie is an artist. It really gives the reader a chance to relate with at least one character. I felt close to all the characters and almost as though I was in a family enviroment of my own. I would suggest this book to anyone looking for a chicklit beach read.

Spoiler: Summer Boys by Hailey Abbott

This book was the perfect escape for me, the girl who is working away her summer. I felt like I could get lost in Maine with Jamie, Ella and Beth. I think any high school girl who has had feelings for someone, been through a break up, or wanted the impossible would enjoy this book. It is mainly easy to follow, and keeps the reader interested. A good way to describe it would be a little taste of gossip.
Let's talk about some characters.

Characters:Ella: Ella is the girl that everyone is jealous of. She's gorgeous, gets guys and has a fashion sense. Unfortunately she falls for the wrong guy, her sister's boyfriend. If there's anything I've learnt about teenagers, we want what we can't have and for Ella that means Peter, a gorgeous singer who is also with her sister. I was cheering Ella on when she threw that salade at him. Girl power.

Beth: The fact that Beth is a tom boy at heart makes me smile. Especially when she falls for George!!!! I was having a hard time believing that she couldn't tell he loved her. I love the way that they end up together. I thought for sure it would lag into the next book. But they got together!!!! :)

Jamie: I think Jamie took Ethan to seriously and I feel horrible for her to have her heart broken by such a jackass. She gave her heart to him and they slept together, but I can't help but wonder if she ever told him she loved him. When she broke into his house, she reminded me of something a friend of mine might do if someone ever hurt her. That part made me smile.

Peter: What a jerk!!! He doesn't deserve to be with anyone!

George: I feel very connected to George. The fact that he glows makes me laugh, because so do I! He's my favorite boy!

Ethan: Ethan should have told Jamie what was up from the start! Grow up!

Scott: What a better man for Jamie!!! He's a good guy at heart.

Cara: Kind of boring... anyone agree?

Favorite Lines & Moments:
♥Pg. 7
"She ran the last coupel of feet and ducked against his back, so that when he swiveled his head, he couldn't see her face. She jabbed her index fingers into his back like tiny guns.
'We're gonna walk out of her very slowly,' she said in a deep voice. 'Once we get outside, you're going to take all your clothes off. No funny business, got it?' "

♥Pg. 19
" 'Hey Beth, where's your sense of romance?' he whispered
Beth rolled her eyes. 'George, I have a sense of romance, but romance has no sense of me.' "

♥Pg. 52
"The Tuttles did so much barbecuing that, on the Fourth of Jully, they celebrated by not barbecuing."

♥Pg. 142
"George never managed to get a real tan like everyone else. In the dim moonlight, he glowed."

♥Pg. 160
" 'Hold on tighter.'
'If you had a butt, I wouldn't be sliding off.'
'You're supposed to be an athlete. use those thigh muscles and hang in there.' "

♥Pg. 179
"Jamie sighed and pulled away from the wall. She kicked her shoe into the pavement. 'Look, I'm really sorry about everything. Espcially the hitting part.'
Scott laughed. 'Every girl slaps some guy at some point, right? It's like a rite of passage.' "

♥Pg. 190
" 'You're the best guy I ever slapped in the face,' "

Hope you enjoyed this spoiler, have a good one!