Sunday, February 8, 2015

Book Review: End of Days by Eric Walters

Title: End of Days
Author: Eric Walters
Series/Novel: Novel
Genre: Science Fiction, Young Adult
Pages: 316
Publisher: Doubleday Canada
Year Published: 2011
First Line: “It looked like a giant butterfly fluttering though space, the wings of its solar panels extended to gather in the power from the sun’s rays.”

“The world’s most important astrophysicists, astronomers, and mathematicians have all died within the same twelve-month period. Or so their families and friends think. What very few know is that the countdown to doomsday has begun: an asteroid is racing towards the planet, threatening to extinguish humanity as we know it. The world’s brightest minds are actually huddled together in a secret location, desperately plotting to avert a catastrophe. But it’s only when Billy, a teenage boy with rare gifts, is recruited to the cause that they can hope to prevail over evil and return themselves- and Earth- to safety.”

My Rating: 2/5

Hey readers. Today I will be reviewing End of Days by Eric Walters. This book takes place a few decades in the future when there is news that there is an asteroid headed for our planet. It focuses on two main groups different ways of confronting this problem and how both of those confrontation go. I was very interested in this book as it has to do with the story of the end of days. That’s a story that authors rarely write about as it is a horrifying thing for us to think about. To think about humanity ending as we know it is scary, but it usually makes for a good book.
This book didn’t really do anything for me. I read it, I understood it but I can’t say I enjoyed it. I found it to be bland and dry. Hard to get through. As well as not going into enough detail with the characters. The characters didn’t connect to me at all and vice versa. I would recommend this book to someone with a large interest of dystopia and space, but be prepared for a book that doesn’t really tackle emotions.

Thank you for reading,
Sidny xoxo

Spoiler: End of Days by Eric Walters

Hey you!! Haven’t written in a while. Today I’ll be reviewing End of Days by Eric Walters. I’d like to begin with saying this book didn’t really do anything for me. I wasn’t impressed and I didn’t find it interesting. The only aspect that I did find interesting was the way that humans reacted to their impending doom and the way the world as we know it now started to crumble. I did think that this book would focus in more on the characters and the dangers at stake, but it really didn’t do that. I didn’t feel anything during this book, and I didn’t feel for the characters. When people died, I kind of just thought, oh well and carried on reading. That’s not a way that I enjoy feeling when I read.

♥Daniel Sheppard: I think that he really got dealt a shitty hand. He got handed a project to stop an asteroid while there was a terrorist group working against him and no real answers to the problem at hand. It didn’t surprise me that people wanted him dead. People always want someone to blame when things go wrong and who better to blame then the man who seemed to have all the answers.

♥Billy: This kid lucked out, he found a way to survive. I wonder if he thinks about all the children he left behind and the world he lived in. I think it would be difficult to forget them and let them die so easily. I hope his adventures in space go well and he appears to be a good leader. Someone I would have liked to know more about.

♥Joshua Fitchett: I knew that he wasn’t dead. This information had 0% shock value. No I didn’t anticipate that he would have a secret cave to save humanity as we know it, but that sounds like what his character would have been designed to do. I think that his plan may work out but he forgets that humans are unpredictable and if a riot begins below the surface or on the space shuttle, there will not be a chance of humanity surviving.

♥Markell: No one steps down from a hire up position to be a nobody without a reason. His death was unfortunate but likely. Who better to kill off then one of Daniel’s closest peers.

♥Moments to Rememeber♥
♥Pg. 312
“‘I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but thank you for everything,’ Billy said.
‘No need for thanks. Just fulfill your destiny.’
‘I’ll try,’ Billy said.
‘No, don’t try. Succeed. Have no doubts, because I have none.’”

♥Final Line: “‘No,’ Fitchett said. ‘Not the end… it’s the beginning.’”

Thanks for reading,

Sidny xoxo