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Book Review: The Compound by S.A Bodeen

Title: The Compound
Author: S.A Bodeen
Pages: 245

"Eli and his family have lived in the
Compound for six years.
The world they knew is gone.
Eli's father built the Compound to keep them
safe. Now, they can't get out.
He won't let them."

My Rating: 8/10

I found this book captivating. I had a hard time putting it down, but it sure made me think. About the future that is. If the world was to "end" or there be a huge disaster would I want to be part of the only family left? Or would I rather die with the rest? I loved the way that Bodeen actually made you feel like you were there with Eli and his family as he went through this drama. I also enjoyed the use of suspense. I had a hard time stopping at the end of the chapter. Unfotunately, I found that the ending was very predictable. I knew the author wouldn't have them die... all and all I enjoyed this book.


Spoiler: The Compound by S.A Bodeen

This book was a great thriller. Amazing to read during the day when you don't want to sleep. Not so much at night. I loved the fact that Bodeen used very different main characters. It's not often you see the rich as people who don't have that great of a chance at survival. I also loved the idea of the compound. It was scary but not to much. I feel like the characters did not play as big as a role in this story, rather the setting was the main highlight. Even so let's talk about the characters:

Eli: He seems like a fairly normal teenage boy. I guess I couldn't relate to him. He'd "lost' a twin brother and I don't think about that as much. He had teenage boy problems. Problems where he didn't want to be touched. i didn't get it.

Lexie: Eli's adopted older sister. She danced. I didn't find that I knew alot about her except that she was cranky all the time.

Terese: Eli's younger sister. She doesn't seem to remember much of the outside world. She loves the children, that I can relate too.

Eli's Dad: What a crack pot?! He was just bloody insane and I hope he died. I think he did honestly. He couldn't have survived that explosion. He was amazingly talented before things went down hill.

Eli's Mom: What a nice woman. She has power and will. She loves Eli's Dad in the beginning, but he's just crazy.

Lucas: What a sweetheart! My favorite character.

Favorite/Memorable Lines and Moments:

♥Pg. 13
"At first, Dad refused. He said we should be at home going to science and math camps. But Gram marched into his office, dressed in a hibiscus-covered muumuu. She emerged a few minutes later, wide smile on her face. Dad had been close behind, a frown on his."

♥Pg. 33
"Through the barrier of her blanket, I grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back, forcing her face into the back of the couch. 'Now I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure I can take you.' "

♥Pg. 45
"Two ovens sat side by side on one wall. They were the Hansel and Gretel type, big enough to shove a good-size witch inside."

♥Pg. 48
"Lexi stopped when she noticed me and stood with one hand on her jutted-out hip, the other holding up a middle finger.
Acknowledging her greeting with a wave, I called out in Mandarin, 'Si san ba.' Years ago I'd told her it was an affectionate term for a 'big sister.' I'd have to find a new phrase if she ever discovered what nasty word it actually meant."

♥Pg. 63
"my dreams that night, like so many other nights, were of food. Cheeseburgers, loaded with bacon and mayo and ketchup. Seasoned curly fries, greasy and dripping in mustard. Milk shakes, thick slices of strawberry cheesecake, hot fudge sundaes.
When i woke up, my pillow was wet with drool and my stomach growled."

♥Pg. 113
"Everything had to be accounted for. Every jar of pickles. Every bottle of laundry detergent. Every box of feminine hygien products. Lovely."

♥Pg. 225
" 'Lucas, do you think you can squeeze throug there?'
'I think so.'
'You might get a little more dirt on you.'
His eyes widened. 'Real dirt? Like where the worms in my book live?' "

Hope you guys enjoyed this book. The next book I'm planning on reading is Almost Home by Jessica Blank.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Book Review: Sometimes It Happens by Lauren Barnholdt

Title: Sometimes It Happens
Author: Lauren Barnholdt
Pages: 312

" Just when she thought things couldn't get any worse..."
"Hannah's about to start her senior year, and she's never been so scared. That's because she's going to have to face:
1. Sebastion: the guy who dumped her on the last day of junior year.
2. Noah: the guy she's totally fallen for.
3. Ava: Noah's girlfriend... and Hannah's best friend.
As Hannah tries to figure out how she got herself into this colossal mess, one thing becomes crystal clear: There's absolutely no way her heart's going to make it through this day in one piece."

My Rating: 10/10

I don't know why lately, but I've really gotten into chicklits and this is another good one. I loved everything about this book. It gave a whole new perspective to cheating and teenage girls. Lauren Barnholdt did an amazing job of getting into the teenage mind and telling a story from inside it. I found this book hard to put down and the way that the chapters are organized is amazing. One chapter: First day of senior year, Chapter 2: The summer. It makes you want to just finish the book in one sitting, not to get it over with, but to find out what happens.
Again I have fallen in love with a male character. Sigh. Why do authors have to know my weakness of boys?

Spoiler: Sometimes It Happens by Lauren Barnholdt

As I said in the book review, I'm really into chicklits right now. I really enjoyed this book, mostly because of the way that the chapters are set up. I love how Lauren Barnholdt put one chapter in the present and one in the past. I just couldn't put it down for the life of me. I had an image of this happening in my head. I just noticed that the last 2 books I've read have had dinners and a chicklit thing.. odd.
Anyways, the setting did not play a big role to me. Except that the high school was smallish.
Characters played a major part in this book. So let's see who we've got...

Hannah: I loved her. She seemed like such a regular teenage girl, super relatable (Even if you've never cheated on someone.) She didn't mean to hurt Ava or anyone else but she got carried away. It wasn't all her fault either. Noah played a role in it. I think they were meant to be and I just wish that Noah and Ava would have broken up sooner.

Noah: Ok, a totally gorgeous (in my head) and loving man! Why do authors do this to us? Because it keeps us interested, I suppose. I think that Noah and Hannah were meant to be but they should have never cheated on Ava. He makes me laugh though. He reminds me of a friend I've got.

Ava: I don't think that she was really comfortable with Noah, she just pretended that she was because that's what everyone expected. She just left him there when her best friend was in heart break. That was kinda asking for a disaster. I wish that she would have stayed, but she didn't. I doubt that Ava and Hanah will ever be good friends again.

Lacey: She's just so sweet and kinda ridiculous. She's a total germaphobe and super cute! I hope that Lacey and Hannah continue being friends. I'm happy she became friends with Danielle again in some ways.

Sebastion: He is a fibbing, full of it, liar. He said that he only cheated one time, and if it had been true he and Hannah would have gotten back together. To bad it was a total lie!

Favorite/Memorable Lines and Moments:

♥Pg. 2
"She knows nothing of the fact that my best friend Ava is coming back today, that everything is different, and that everything is horrible. That I'm going to see Noah, that I'm going to see Sebastian, that I'm going to end up in a mental institution by the end of the day. Although, a mental institution might actually be preferable to going to school, so that might not be such a bad thing, now that I think about it."

♥Pg. 10
"I've just cleaned out my locker, and it weighs about a bazillion pounds. Seriously, I'm kind of afraid the strap is going to break. How have I accumulated so much stuff in just ten months? They should totally make a new show on A&E Hoarders: 'Locker Edition.' "

♥Pg. 10
" 'Goodbye, locker,' she says. 'Goodbye, hallways. Goodbye, school!' She grabs me and twirls me around the hall. 'We'll miss you! And when we see you again, we'll be SENIORS BITCHES!' "

♥Pg. 38
"Damn that Jessica Conrad! I should have known better than to trust her- she pushed meoff the swings once in third grade."

♥Pg. 43
"I'll stay away from Facebook, my phone, and all other communication devices. Like my instant messenger and my front door. (A front door is totally a communication device! What if he decides to show up? YOu know, to communicate.)"

♥Pg. 57
" I roll my eyes, like it's completely ridiculous that a vending machine wouldn't take twenties. When you think about it, it kind of is. I could totally spend twenty dollars in a vending machine."

♥Pg. 91
" I've had a good day, a busy day, a day where I made a lot of money (one hundred and fifty dollars, which is not a lot of money to some people, but its definitely a lot of money to someone whose bank balance is two dollars and sixty-three cents, aka me) and felt like I was actually doing something instead of being completely unproductive and consuming my weight in ice cream. (Which, let's be honest, was only going to get harder and harder as my weight went up.) "

♥Pg. 109
" 'What about the Jonas Brothers?Does the fact that you listen to them have anything to do with your knowledge of ice cream?'
'I don't listen to the Jonas Brothers!' This one, I definitely have to lie about. Lady Gaga is one thing, but Joe, Kevin and Nick are another altogether. 'And even if I did, they're very popular with the kids. And they wear purity rings.'
'My ten-year-old cousin thinks the Jonas Brothers are over.'
'All right, smart ass,' I say. 'What should I be listening to?' "

♥Pg. 130
" 'Complete too,' Noah agrees, 'His jeans are so tight hs balls are probably going to be rendered useless.' "

♥Pg. 192
"How can everything go from being completely ok to completely and totally fucked within the span of a few months?"

♥Pg. 228
"Noah looks at Sebastion. Sebastion looks at NOah. Noah looks at me. I look at Noah."

♥Pg. 239
" 'Hannah are you.. Are you crying?' Lacey asks, peering closely at my face.
'No,' I say, even though I kind of am. 'Well, sort of. God, I must be getting my period or something.' "

♥Pg. 257
"because the truth is, Noah and I aren't friends. You can't be friends with someone who makes you feel the way Noah makes me feel, you can't be friends with someone who makes your head all cloudy when he give you his sweatshirt, you can't be friends with someone who shows up at your house at one a.m. for a mysterious reason, and you can't be friends with someone who tells you about their screenplay which nobody else knows about. But you also can't be more than friends with your best friend's boyfriend."

Thanks for reading folks. Have a good one :D

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Book Review: Keeping The Moon by Sarah Dessen

Title: Keeping The Moon
Author: Sarah Dessen
Pages: 228

"One summer can change everything."
"Colie expects the worst when she's sent to spend the summer with her eccentric aunt Mira while her mother tours Europe. Always an outcast- first for being fat and then, after she lost the weight, for being 'easy'- Colie has no friends at home and doesn't expect to find any in Colby, North Carolina. But then she lands a job at the Last Chance Bar and Grill and meets fellow waitresses Morgan and Isabel, best friends who take Colie under their collective wing and help her realize the potential that has been there all along."

My Rating: 9/10

Most of you people out there are going to think that I have lived under a rock, but I have never read a book by Sarah Dessen before. I have heard her name and wasn't sure if I would like her books from things I'd heard about them, but this book was a big suprise. It was a good chicklit, I seem to be into that right now, and I love the characters. I also enjoyed the setting. Being a small town girl myself, I could understand some of the things in Colby. I loved that all the characters where unique. I hate clone characters!
I loved hearing about the Last Chance Bar and Grill. It felt like the story took place there mostly, and I was happy for that!
I didn't like that Colie called herself fat and even the back description says she was. I guess I'm just one of those people who thinks that overweight is a proper term.
PS. Photo will be added later, because the "Add Photo" button is not Dial Up friendly

Spoiler: Keeping The Moon by Sarah Dessen

I really enjoyed this book. It was kinda fun and easy going. I loved how Colby was, with the quik stop, my town has one, it was amusing. I also could understand the small town gossip. That is a sucky part of small towns.
The characters were amazing and I felt alot like Colie. She had very low self esteem and I could understand that. When you are teased for so long it's hard to see who you really are and not what they say.
I love garage sales so what Norman and Mira bought made me laugh hysterically, maybe it wasn't that funny but to me I could picture some of the people I hang out with buying some of this stuff.
Let's talk about some characters:

Colie: She seems like a really awesome person who pushes everyone away because she's afraid. I think that this summer changed everything, for the better. She found herself and saw beyond all the gossip. She learned to stick up for and be true to herself. She seems like someone I would be friends with. I wish this book didn't focus so much on weight in someways. I feel that now a days, the pressure to be perfect is huge, but this book didn't over do it. It just showed that losing a ton of weight won't necessarily make you happier.

Mira: She's a little strange, but this trait makes for a wonderful all around character. She doesn't need to fit in, she's happy with who she is and no one can take that from her. I admire that! I think she honestly feels sorry for the people in the town more than for herself. That amazes me.

Morgan: She was so nice, and a lovely friend to Colie in her times of need. I can see them spending every summer together after, with Isabel of course. I hate her boyfriend, I don't even want to mention his name, he was a total dick and didn't deserve to have someone so amazing.

Isabel: She seemed like a total snot, but really she was wary of other people, I think... don't you? She helped out Colie even more than Morgan and showed her what matter was how she thought on the inside, way more than on the outside.

Norman: Ok, you are so cute fictional Norman! I thought he was kinda weird at the beginning, but it turned out to be a cute weird. I believe that he loved Colie from the beginning! His paintings seem amazing and the way that they are described I can picture them in my mind. To bad he's dad is horrible!

Favorite/Memorable Lines and Moments:

♥Pg. 1
"My name is Nicole Sparks. Welcome to the first day of the worst summer of my life."

♥Pg. 34
"The one thing I clearly remembered about visiting her were the doughnuts she'd made out of Pillsbury biscuit dough, friend and rolled in cinnamon and sugar."

♥Pg. 39
" 'I saw Bea Williamson this morning,' he said in a low voice. 'Lurking about looking for cut glass.'
'Oh, of course,' Mira said with a sigh. 'Did she have it with her?'
Norman nodded solemnly. 'Yep. I swear, I think it's almost gotten... bigger.'
Mira shook her head. 'Not possible.'
'I'm serious,' Norman said. 'It's way big.'
I kept waiting for someone to expand on this but since neither of them seemed about to, I asked. 'What are you talking about?'
They looked at each other. Then, Mira took a deep breath. 'Bea Williamson's baby,' she said quietly, as if someone could hear us, 'has the biggest head you have ever seen.' "

♥Pg. 41
"Norman opened the glove compartment, and aboutsix pairs of sunglasses fell out, all different kinds: Ray-Bans, purple framed old-lady glasses, wraparound seventies styles."

♥Pg. 48
" 'Mayonnaise,' Morgan said, 'is alot like men.' "

♥Pg. 57
"I'd been called fat and easy, slut and whore, Hole in One. So I didn't mind being ignored. For so long, it had been all I wanted."

♥Pg. 67
" 'But the worst part was she talked the mailman, Mr. Rooter -- who was about seventy, even then -- into modeling for the class.'
I looked up at this.
'Nude modeling,' she added, doing another filter. 'Apparently, it was quite horrifying. I mean, my mother never really recovered. She said she could never look at the mail the same way again.' "

" 'And she runs every morning.' Isabel came back and plopped down on the floor, reaching for a beer. 'I always see her when I get up to pee. She's out there at some ungodly hour.'
'Eight o'clock,' I said.
'Exactly.' Isabel said."

♥Pg. 136
" 'Men,' Isabel said, after pausing to suck down some beer, 'are wired, by nature, to take everything they can from you. It is their basic instinct to screw you over.'
'Yes,' she said solidly. Then she leaned closer. 'If you think that girl from the restuarant yesterday can hurt you, you just wait. All the bitchy girls in the world are just a training ground for what men can do to you.' "

♥Pg. 161
" 'You're pathetic,' she said to me, and started to turn away.
'And you're such a bitch,' I said back. And I laughed, surprised at how my voice sounded, strong and steady. 'I fell sorry for you, Caroline.'
'I hate you,' she snapped.
'You should get over that,' I told her. And I imagined Isabel, eyes closed, saying these same words. 'It's unhealthy. Just let it go.' "

♥Pg. 174
" 'Last night. I totally forgot.'
'Forgot what?' Morgan said.
'He was going to make me hot chocolate.'
'Was he really?' Morgan said, sitting up. 'Man, that is good stuff! I'm not lying to you. He makes it with milk, not water, and then he--'
'Morgan.' Isabel put down her magazine.
'Shut up.'

♥Pg. 213
" 'A card!' Mira said, gesturing grandly to the boxes behind her. 'There are thousands of ways right her to console her on a loss. Just pick one.'
'He's not dead, Mira,' I said.
'He should be,' Isabel said darkly."

And with that last quote, is where I leave you. The next book I plan on reading is Sometimes it Happens by Lauren Barnholdt. Have a good one, whatever that one is :D

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Book Review: Love and Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Title: Love and Peaches
Author: Jodi Lynn Anderson
Pages: 243

"Three Georgia peaches are back for one last juicy summer.
For Murphy, coming home to Bridgewater means leaving her city life behind... and facing the boy she turned her back on. Leeda expects her trip to be short and sweet, until a suprising inheritance saddles her with a huge responsibility. And when heartbreak brings Birdie back to the orchard, she gets a crash course in letting go- and learning when to hold on."

"Brimming with all the charm, humor, and heart of Peaches and The Secrets of Peaches, this staisfying conclusion reunites three unlikely best friends for a final sweet farewell."

MY RATING: 10/10

I have loved this series from the start and I think this was the best conclusion to a series that I have ever read. I have trouble letting go and admitting a series is over but I think that Jodi Lynn Anderson ended this one just right! Over the course of reading this trilogy I have fallen in love with the characters, and I feel like I know them. I am a farely humorous person so I think the amount of "funny" used in these books is perfect. I can't believe that the series has come to an end and if they make a movie on these sets of books, I would love to do a movie book compare. I hope though, that if they do a movie that they do Jodi Lynn's writing justice. I'm sure she'd see to it! :D
Hope you enjoyed,

Spoiler: Love and Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Hey Everyone! It's fairly late, so sorry if my writing is not up to par. I'll try my best though! :D
I really loved this series and I felt like a three books was the perfect amount to tell the "peaches" stories perfectly. I have fallen in love with the orchard, the people and the drama. This books have touched my soul and I love that they have drama without getting to catty. So let's talk about some characters, folks....

Murphy: In this book she's still as lippy as ever but I think through the series we have seen through the walls that she creates. I cried for her and Rex. I was kinda mad that they had broken up, but I guess it was for the better because in the end... they got ... MARRIED! YAY!

Leeda: I'm so happy for her in this book! She finds things that make her happy, and not just everyone else happy. I can understand her love for animals. They are precious bursts of life! Thank god for her grandma leaving her the ponies. And mentioning her grandmom, I can't believe that she was in love with another woman, not that there is anything wrong with that, but Leeda's family seems so proper it is hard to imagine. I'm also happy for her and Grey!

Birdie: I was shocked when I read that she left Enrico and didn't marry him. I thought they were meant to be... but people change that's the way it is. I think that in this book she found her way, things she loved. She was also held down by the orchard, I don't think she realized it though. I guess letting go and finding yourself are both parts of growing up.

Rex: Still amazing! Not going to lie. I wish he would have just admitted that he wanted her as more than a friend before he left with his dad.

Eric: This guy seemed WAY to perfect! I thought certainly he must be cheating or have some big secret or something, but nope, I guess not.

Grey: Oh my gosh! He is AMAZING! Would die for a guy like this to appear in my life. I love how he is exactly the opposite of Leeda and how he's the opposite of what she wanted and they just clicked! Woot!

Favorite/Memorable Line and Moments:

♥Pg. 5
" 'You'll be batting off all those southern boys,' he said, grinning up at her and also looking the tiniest bit worried.
Leeda rolled her eyes. 'Yeah, you know how I'm into guys who drive tractors and drink Bud Light,' she said."

♥Pg. 14
" 'Birdie,' Enrico said very earnestly, 'I want to marry you.' "

♥Pg. 21
"Leeda could afford to fly home. But instead she'd opted to sit with Murphy through a fourteen-hour bus ride. Murphy felt badly that she hadn't thanked her yet.
'I hope you and that guy don't get married,' she said instead, because seh wasn't great at thank-yous.

♥Pg. 31
" Murphy and her mom had lived in Anthill Acres all Murphy's life, and her mom had lived in Bridgewater since dinosaurs had roamed the earth."

♥Pg. 43
"Murphy looked at her quizzically. 'Hey, how was the will reading?'
Leeda sighed, still staring at the trees. 'I inherited the ponies.'
Murphy let out a guffaw. 'The minis? The My Little Ponys?'
'And half a million dollars.'
Murphy stopped mid-guffaw."

♥Pg. 44
" 'I'm a dead body,' she said.
Leeda knellednext her, feeling her pulse.
'What killed you?' "

♥Pg. 56
"Leeda wasn't an animal person. The closest she had ever come to having pets was when she'd hung out with Birdie's dogs, and then she'd accidentally run over one of them. She had ridden one of Grandmom Eugenie's ponies at her seventh birthday party, but it had eaten the pink ribbon from her dreass and had died of intestinal blockage."

♥Pg. 86
"Leeda frowned. 'The ponies just stare at me. Like they know about that time the one pony ate my ribbon and died. I think they hate me.'
'I don't think ponies kow how to hate,' Murphy offered ironically. 'Especially miniature ponies. I think miniature ponies only think about rainbows.' "

♥Pg. 114

♥Pg. 133
"Some people can predict wheather it's going to rain or sense when something bad is going to happen. Murphy had a sixth sense about people hitting on her."

♥Pg. 151
" 'Can I name one of the kittens Captain Catpants?' Birdie gushed excitedly."

♥Pg. 181
" 'Don't be sorry. If you're sorry, change it. Say something. Tell me the truth.'
Judge Abbot looked thoughtfully at her, long and hard. 'I can't. I really am sorry.'
'Sorry is for chumps,' she said. 'You're just a chump.' "

♥Pg. 230
" 'I want to take care of animals. Like a shelter.' Ledda tossed her leaf and folded her hands on the back of the bench, turning to face Birdie. 'I know that sounds crazy. Like I'm eleven. Like I want to ride unicorns and have a room painted in rainbows and take care of all the homeless animals. But it's really what I want. I want to be helpful in a tiny way.' "

♥Pg. 234
" 'Thanks for beating up my dad, by the way.'
'Yeah, usually it's the other way around after you've seen somebody's daughter naked.' "

I hope that you all have a great night/day whenever your reading this and read this amazing series! Goodnight

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Book Review: The Big Burn by Jeanette Ingold

Title: The Big Burn
Author: Jeanette Ingold
Pages: 285

"Beware the fire you can't fit..."
"Jarrett is sixteen- old enough to reject the job his father wants him to take, old enough to court Lizbeth Whitcomb, old enough to join his new friend Seth in the fight against the hundreds of forest first destroying Idaho and Montana.
But the fires are worse than anyone imagined, and the exhausted firefighters are powerless against the advancing flames. When these fires join, they become one vast inferno that threatens everything- and everyone- Jarrett holds dear."


I really did enjoy this book, but I found that it didn't keep me as captive as other books have in the past and that is why I gave a 8/10 rating.
I do like historical novels and this story was amazing. It is based on one of America's biggest wildfires in 1910. I found that the descriptions were amazing! The way that Jeanette Ingold tells the story suprised me even more. I enjoyed hearing the different points of view. Getting to hear from everyone was a big highlight in this book. I think that the part that failed for me was that I was confused at points between two characters who both have names that start with S. And usually i'd figure it out before long but they seemed slightly similar in manner and that set me off.
All and I would suggest this book to history buffs and adrenaline junkies.
Hope you all have a good day :D

Spoiler: The Big Burn by Jeanette Ingold

I enjoyed this book all in all. I loved the different view points that were told. My favourite I must say was Lizbeth mostly because she was a stubborn girl in hard times who wasn't afraid to say what she thought! I'd like to think of myself like that. :D
Let's talk some characters:

Jarrett: He is really young, I had trouble picturing him fighting fires but I loved the way he didn't take lip from his pop. He was always trying to help everyone else before himself and he was oddly intrigued by fire. It just did something for him. I'm so happy that Lizbeth and him ended up together. I knew it !

Samuel: Jarrett's brother. You'd think he's kind of a party pooper, but he was a good ranger. He did his job well. I loved his "Wife Wanted" poster! It made me giggle. I really could tell that he cared about his brother and the fact that he treated him so well showed alot of his character. I'm happy that he and Celia got together! PERFECT!

Lizbeth: Like I said before a very strong girl in times when women were not even considered people. She stayed true to her aunt but wasn't afraid to tell her when she was wrong. She really loved the land and I could have seen her on that homestead forever.

Celia: Lizbeth's aunt and guardian who is very stubborn and set in her ways. I feel sorry about her husband but I think that she made the best out of her situation.

Seth: He seemed like a good man until he got to know Abel. Abel was just trouble. Seth turned out to be a good soldier and unlike Abel he had a gut feeling that told him whether what he did was right or wrong. he was a good soul. I could see him one day leading troops.

Favourite/Memorable Lines and Moments:

♥Pg. 21
" 'The day you grow up,' Pop said, his eyes glittering with anger, 'you're going to realize a good job with the railroad is something to be proud of.'
'When I grow up,' Jarrett said, 'I'll find something more worthwhile to do than walk up and down passenger cars lighting lanterns and keeping order.'
Pop stiffened. 'Leave, then. You think you can find something more important to do with your life, go do it. But when you fall on your face, don't come back here.' "

♥Pg. 28
"Two facts- a fire can't start without heat, and a fire can't keep going without oxygen and fuel- are all any firefighter has to work with. Those, and a harbored respect for the capricious life inside flame."

♥Pg. 38
" 'You hungry? Thirsty?'
'Not really,' Jarrett answered, beginning to wish he hadn't come here. 'Thanks anyway.' This man really was a stranger. 'I just stopped by... I men. I'm my way up to Wallace...'
Samuel's eyes flickered amusement. 'And you don't have time for a cup of coffee?' "

♥Pg. 49
" 'You ask me, Idaho ought to pass a law against fools.' "

♥Pg. 83
" 'You still got work?'
A smile flitted across Mr. Polson's face. 'Some. You know where we can hire an army?' "

♥Pg. 101
" 'Doens't he lieve with you?'
'Oh no,' the ranger answered. 'At least, I don't think so.'
Driving away, Lizbeth said, 'Cel, how could he not know if Jarrett lives with him?'
Celia shook her head. 'I've no idea. No idea at all.' " ♥Pg. 114
" 'Girls do that, talk everything to death and then expect you to think about what they said. That's the reason I ain't never married. All that thinking females require makes my head ache.' "

♥Pg. 130
" 'While your washing, I'll sew your shirt where it's ripped.'
'No need,' he said, looking embarrassed. 'I can do it later.'
Probably thinks neither of us has ever seen a man's chest! Mrs. Marston thought.
'Lizbeth, go wait in the front room,' she ordered. 'Jarrett, take that shirt off and hand it over. I sew a straighter seem than she does anyway.' "

♥Pg. 132
" 'You tell her there's no place worth dying for.'
Lizbeth didn't want to argue, so she kept silent.
'You don't agree?'
"i guess it depends on the place,' Lizbeth finally answered. 'I don't want anybody to die, not us and not any of the firefighters...' She shot Jarrett a quick look. 'But maybe some places are wotheth taking risks for.' "
Mrs. Marston humphed, her breath exploding out her nose.
'Risks! If you plan to live to my age, you better think that out again, young lady.' "

♥Pg. 202
"Official counts would put a death toll from the blowup at about eighty-seven, but that's a number based on bodies found and people known to be lost. Certainly a true count would be higher. "

♥Pg. 227
" 'And, Lizbeth, as far as your young man goes- I hear firefighters are pouring into Avery. Chances are Jarrett's safe among them.'
Lizbeth felt herself blush. 'I don't think he's my young man,' she said.
'You might now,' Mr. Polson told her. 'But he does.' "

♥Pg. 274
" 'We didn't know where you were, and then first one place and then another seemed the wrong place to be, and...' She broke off. 'Where have you been?'
'In a town! And you couldn't let your brother know you weren't dead? Haven't you ever heard of telegrams?'
'Well, yeah,' Jarrett said, 'but...'
A man interrupted. 'Lad, just kiss her and say you're sorry.'
And Jarrett astounded himself by doing just that.
Quick though the kiss was, the crowd at the storefront laughed and applauded."

Thanks for reading everyone, have a good night/day w/e it is where you are.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kate's Choice: The Silver Child by Cliff McNish

"Six children leave the comfort of their homes fr Coldharbour, an eerie wasteland of wind, rats, seagulls and rubbish tips. Emily and Freda, the insect-like twins, find Thomas half-starving on a food tip. They discover Walter, the giant boy, his hands buried in the ashes of a fire. Helen reaches Coldharbour at the height of a furious storm.
Together they seek out Milo- the sixth child- whose skin is hot and bright with silver."

Kate's Rating: 9/10

1) Did you enjoy this book? Why and why not? What would you improve?
♥Yes, I did enjoy it. I like how the chapters are different points of view.

2) What was your favourite parts of this book?
♥Setting, characters, story line, description and point of view

3)What is your favourite character and why?
♥ I like Helen because of her power.

4) What was your favourite part?
♥When they found Walter!

5) What was your least favourite part?
♥When Thomas dumps Milo in the river.

6) Was this different from other books you've read? Why or why not?
♥Yes this book was more exciting.

7) Are you planning on reading the other books in this trilogy?

8) Why did you pick this book?
♥The description on the back caught my attention.

9) Who would you recommend it to?
♥Anyone over 10 year old

10) If you had a chance to meet Cliff McNish, what would you say to him?
♥I would ask about other books he has written.

As for me, Sidny, I enjoyed this book as well. I found the ending especially captivating!
Hope you have a good day,
Sidny and Kate♥♪♫