Sunday, September 21, 2014

Book Review: #16ThingsIThoughtWereTrue by Janet Gurtler

Title: #16ThingsIThoughtWereTrue
Author: Janet Gurtler
Series/Novel: Novel
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
Pages: 278
Publisher: Source Books, Inc
Year Published: 2014
First Line: “1. Working in an amusement park should be amusing. #16thingsithoughtweretrue”

Heart attacks happen to other people #thingsithoughtweretrue
When Morgan’s mom gets sick, it’s hard not to panic. Without her mother, she would have no one- until she finds out the dad who walked out on her as a baby isn’t as far away as she thought…
Adam is a stuck-up, uptight jerk #thingsithoughtweretrue
Now that they have a summer job together, Morgan’s getting to know the real adam, and he’s actually pretty sweet… in a nerdy-hot kind of way. He even offers to go with her to find her dad. Road trip, anyone?
5,000 Twitter followers are all the friends I need #thingsithoughtweretrue
With Adam in the back seat, a hyper chatterbox named Amy behind the wheel, and plenty of junk food to fuel their trip, Morgan feels ready for anything. She’s not expecting a flat tire, a missed ferry, a fake girlfriend… and that these two people she barely knew before the summer started will become the people she can’t imagine living without.”

My Rating: 3.5/5

So I finally finished a book! Yay! This book was ok, but not what I thought it would be. It did show how obsessed the world has become with things on the internet. I’ve never been a huge fan of Twitter, but I can definitely see the point of this book.
This book follows Morgan’s journey through life after embarrassing moments that found their way to the internet. As well how she finds her father.
Now, I’m not saying this book is bad, I’m saying it was ok. I just feel that it could be so much more. I didn’t feel very close to the characters. As well, the story just didn’t seem to be real enough for me. Everything that happened seemed obvious to me.
I did like the idea of deserting the internet for a while.

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Spoiler: #16ThingsIThoughtWereTrue by Janet Gurtler

Hey guys! So this book follows Morgan’s journey through the summer before her senior year. It shows how she finds her father, makes real friends and deals with ‘haters’. I thought it was an interesting pull to young readers, but it just wasn’t for me. Twitter has never really held much for me. I don’t really find it interesting and I think it’s kind of creepy to be honest. I didn’t think it would ever become the thing for people to use, but slowly it has. I think the reason I didn’t really enjoy this book though was that all the events seemed obvious way before they happened.

♥Morgan: She seemed to be really na├»ve about life. She thought that everything revolved around her and I admit having a video like hers posted online would make you think that, especially when people make fun of you at work. But if it wasn’t for the video she would have never met Amy, or talked to Adam so really that video helped her out. It’s awful that she had to go all the way to BC to find out that her dad didn’t know about her all along, actually it’s awful.

♥Adam: Ok, lying about a girlfriend is probably the worst thing to do in these scenarios. Seriously? I think that Adam fell for Morgan instantly after he saw the real her and that it scared the crap out of him. I loved that they ended up together, but it would make work more than a little bit awkward.

♥Amy: She was awesome. I liked that she just was who she was and didn’t try to be anything else. The only thing she really hid was that she had had cancer previously and do you blame her? You wouldn’t want someone to treat you different. I wasn’t all that surprised when she passed away though. It just seemed like the direction the book would take.

♥Morgan’s Mother: I can’t imagine hiding from your child that her father didn’t desert her but rather he had no idea she existed. That seems pretty harsh. I can see why she chose not to tell Bob but the least she could be was up front with Morgan as she got older.

♥Bob: I think he really missed the prime time he could have been in Morgan’s life. Not that it was his fault. But he also could have reacted better when he found out. It was completely rude to just literally run off like he did.

Moments to Remember:
♥Pg. 46
“’I guess you don’t have a future in medicine.’
‘Not unless I become a drug addict.’:

♥Pg. 82
“’How about we don’t want a bunch of male junk in the car?’ Never mind a room,’ I tell him.
‘My junk?’ He glances down at his crotch.
‘God. Not that junk. Gross. Just, you know, junk. Boy junk.’
‘I like boy junk,’ Amy says.”

♥Final Line: “And then I wiggle my ass.”

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Book Review: The Goddess Legacy by Aimee Carter

Title: The Goddess Legacy
Author: Aimee Carter
Series: Goddess Test (Book #2.5)
Genre: Fantasy, Mythology, Young Adult, Fantasy
Pages: 395
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Year Published: 2012
First Line: “In all the years I’d existed, I’d never expected to be free.”

“Calliope/Hera represented constancy and yet had a husband who never matched her faithfulness…
 Ava/Aphrodite was the goddess of love and yet commitment was a totally different deal…
Persephone was urged to marry one man, yet longed for another…
James/Hermes loved to make trouble for others- but never knew true loss before…
Henry/Hades’s solitary existence had grown to wearisome to continue, but meeting Kate Winter’s gave him a new hope…”

My Rating: 5/5

It’s been a long time coming but here it is. A review! And for a fantastic book as well. This book really blew me out of the water. This book follows short parts of other characters lives. And it did an incredible job on perspective. I didn’t expect to have such a large connection with the characters and to grow attached to the characters I once thought to be crazy. And now I understand a lot more about why the characters act the way they do. I did enjoy the fact that it lead to so many different perspectives, I’d have to say that this is one of my favourite books in this series yet. It really helped with my curiosity. Well not all of it but an impressive amount. Can’t wait to read the final book in the series.

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Spoiler: The Goddess Legacy by Aimee Carter

This was my favourite book in this series. So there’s how I feel about it. I’m sure someone will manage to poke holes in it. I think that this book brought a lot to the Goddess Test. I felt more in tune with the characters. I’m not saying that I agree with everything all the characters do, but at least I understood what had happened in their lives to make them view things a certain way. I also have found that when used right this kind of novella helps readers understand so many things.

♥Calliope: I felt awful when I found out about her life, but there’s not much you can do when someone doesn’t love you in return you just have to move on. It’s really to bad that she chose to move on with the wrong guy. Man Walter is just a player. I knew that he had many affairs and everything, but I never would have thought he would have made Calliope stay through it all. And after he threw Hephaestus of Olympus? That would have been it. I would have been done. Without a doubt. This doesn’t mean it’s ok what she did to those 11 girls and tried to Kate, but it explains a lot.
♥Ava: I liked Ava a lot more before I read this than after I read it. Maybe that’s because I didn’t understand the bond that she had with Ares and Hephaestus. In my books that’s wrong, but I guess it makes sense that Aimee Carter tried to keep true to the myth. I do feel bad for Hephaestus though to have to put up with that. It doesn’t make sense to me but hey whatever works for them I guess. How she acted with Persephone though was just silly and very spoiled.
♥Persephone: I was very interested in this story. We don’t get to see much of her because of how she and Henry ended. You know how she died and everything. But I can see why she didn’t want to be with Henry. She didn’t know who she was yet and who she wanted to be. You shouldn’t force someone… period. But what she did with James was wrong. Hopefully she made the right choice.
♥James: I was pretty upset with him about the whole Persephone thing but it’s not his fault that she was forced to marry someone she didn’t want to be with. Not one bit. And for them to try to discard him just for that? That’s ridiculous! He deserved to be with someone like Tuck.
♥Henry: I can understand why he would want to fade, especially after what happened with Ingrid. But it’s a good thing he stuck around! Hopefully the deaths of the others don’t haunt him forever.
♥ Walter: Surprisingly a huge jerk!!!
♥ Ares: I think that he and Ava were cute. WERE but he was just too hot and cold for her.
♥ Hephaestus: He is a much better match for Ava he had patience and cared enough to try and win her affection. Although the way he did it was not the best thought up plan.
♥ Tuck: I loved Tuck. Even though we didn’t get to know her character long she was a very strong emotional tie to the book. I cried when she died and then just sat there with my jaw open like I was catching flies.
♥Ingrid: I think that Ingrid would have certainly been the one for Hades if it wasn’t for Calliope.

♥Moments to Remember♥
♥Pg. 101
“See, secrets mean someone wants to keep something hidden, and the things people keep hidden are usually the most interesting parts of who they are. Afraid of the ocean? Totally telling. Six toes? All kinds of brilliant. Lusting after your niece? Majorly creepy.”

♥Pg. 274
“’Unless…’ Her fingers danced over the parchment, an inch from my knee. ‘Someone kind, generous, thoughtful and extremely beautiful covered for you.’
I raised an eyebrow. ‘Do you think someone like that actually exists?’”

♥Pg. 323
“A shuddering sob escaped me, and I gently cradled her body. I’d failed her. Because of me, she was dead, and I’d lost the one friend I’d had in a very, very long time. That agony and guilt swirled around inside me, compounding my grief for a girl I’d barely known two days. But time didn’t’ mean a damn thing when it came to love….”

♥Final Line: “And when she was ready for it, he would be, too.”

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