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Book Review: Ninth Grade Bites by Heather Brewer

Title: Ninth Grade Slays Author: Heather Brewer Pages: 278 Publisher: Penguin Group Year Published: 2008
"High school totally bites when you’re half human, half vampire. Freshman year sucks for Vlad Tod. Bullies still harass him. The photographer from the school newspaper is tailing him. And failing his studies could be deadly. A trip to Siberia gives “study abroad” a whole new meaning as Vlad connects with other vampires and advances his mind-control abilities, but will he return home with the skills to recognize a vampire slayer when he sees one? In this thrilling sequel to Eighth Grade Bites, Vlad must confront the secrets of the past and battle forces that once again threaten his life. Find out why author D. J. MacHale calls The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod “Gruesome, heartwarming, spellbinding.” My Rating: 9/10 In this book, Vlad is entering High School, scary I know ;), and basically it follows him through this years struggles and successes. I enjoyed this book, but it wasn't all I hoped it would be. The characters from the first book, we get to see develope which is the wonderful thing about any book series. I just don't enjoy the way that new characters are introduced. I find that personally I find the first book in a series hard to follow up, Heather Brewer did a good job, just not a 10/10 job. I didn't like how fast the time passed in this sequel. I found myself having a little trouble keeping up with how quickly time was moving. I still love Vlad :) He's a cutie. So basically that's my take on it. THANK YOU HEATHER BREWER FOR GETTING INSIDE THE TEENAGE WORLD! Hope you guys had a wonderful Tuesday. Love, Sidny♥♪♫

Spoiler: Ninth Grade Slays by Heather Brewer

So as usual, I found that the sequel to a book is never quite as good. Maybe that's because I'm still thinking about how great the first book was, or maybe because it's true. I'm not specifying, just opinonating. Some thing in this book were a little different, such as the way that Joss was introduced. I guessed he was the slayer sinc eabout 1/4 into the book. That kinda kills the suspense. It would have shocked me if Edgar Poe was the actual slayer, wouldn't you be more suprised? Let's talk about the characters some more: Vlad: Oh how our little vamp has grown and into a high school boy. He's an amazing main character who makes me laughed and cry. But mainly laugh, what a goof. He reminds me of one kid in our school, the muse? Perhaps (JUST KIDDING)! I thought Vlad's best moment was when he went to Siberia with Vikas. Henry: Henry kind of disappeared a little in this book. High school made him popular and Vlad wasn't so he bailed slightly. Joss: What a guy?!?!?!?! He was the freaking slayer, DUH! Sorry I'm just a naturally suspicious and I like to guess. I love guessing right, but in a way it is a disappointment when you guess to early in the book. This is one of those times. Otis: I wish he was my uncle! Amazing, caring and wear a top hat? Be jealous guys, be jealous. Vikas: The oldest vampire who is funny, and makes a pretty good blood wine from what I've heard. Jasik: This vampire was an unexpected twist. Favorite/Memorable Lines and Moments: ♥Pg. 7 "One big plus of living with Nelly- who was actually no relation to him at all, but his mother's best friend fro years and years before his parents had passed on - was that she could bake cinnamon rolls so sweet and delicious that if she had the determination and funding she could easily give Cinnabon a run for their money. Just stay away from her meat loaf." ♥Pg. 11 "Vlad had no idea Otis was his uncle at the time, instead believing him to be a maniacal substitue teacher, out to expose Vlad's secret and quite possibly kill him. It was a simple mistake- anyone could have made it." ♥Pg. 12 "I'm sorry, Vladimir, but the rumor that vampires are able to charm women with a leering gaze is utterly ridiculous and completely false. have you tried simply askign Meredith if she likes you? In my experience, the direct approach works best. Calling a girl and breathing into the phone never got anyone a date. Whatever you decide, remember to be a gentleman." ♥Pg. 80 " HIs fangs elongated at the scent of blood, and he did nothing to will them back inside his gums. Sometimes, you gotta let it all hang out." ♥Pg. 120 " 'It's nice to meet you. Otis says you're the oldest vampire he knows.' Vikas smiled warmly. 'He speaks the truth, young one. But he forgetsthat I am also the best looking, most charming, and-' 'Humble. You forgot humble.' Otis was wearing a smirk." Hope you all have a wonderful week if I don't talk to you before the end of it. Love, Sidny♥♪♫

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Kate's Choice: The Accidental Cheerleader by Mimi McCoy

Title: The Accidental Cheerleader Author: Mimi McCoy Pages: 160 Publisher: Scholastic Inc. Year Published: 2006 "Sophie and her best friend, Kylie, are the perfect team. Kylie has a wild side while Sophie is thoughtful and shy. Together, the two of them can do anything. But when Kylie signs them both up for cheerleading tryouts, it's Sophie who lands in the spotlight- and Kylie ends up on the sidelines. Soon, Sophie feels torn between her best friend and her fellow cheerleaders. Can Sophie and Kylie rediscover how to root for each other... before the clock runs out on their friendship?" Kate's Rating: 9/10 The Interview: 1. Did you enjoy this book? Why or why not? What would you improve? ♥ I enjoyed this book because it was interesting to see from a different girls point of view and what her life was like. I wouldn't make any improvements. 2. What was your favorite part of this book? ♥Characters, definitely! 3. What is your favorite character and why? ♥I like Kylie because I think it would be fun to hang out with her. 4. Why do you enjoy Candy Apple books? ♥ Its fun seeing what other girls' lives are like. 5. What was your favorite part? ♥ My fave part was the cheerleader tryouts! 6. Was this different from other books you've read? If yes, why? ♥ It's similar to other Candy Apple books I've read, but not exactly the same. 7. Least favorite part? ♥ When Sophie and Kylie were fighting 8. Why did you pick out this book? ♥ It looked interesting. 9. Who would you recommend it to? ♥ Girls around the ages of 10-12. 10. If you could speak to the author, Mimi McCoy, what would you say? ♥ I enjoyed this book. It was very, very intersting! Thank you. Hope you enjoyed this Kate's Choice, and I hope to write another book review & spoiler from my point of view (Sidny) soon. Have a good one :) Love, Sidny & Kate ♥♪♫

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Book Review: Wild Orchid by Beverley Brenna

Title: Wild Orchid
Author: Beverley Brenna
Pages: 156
Publisher: Red Deer Press
Year Published: 2006

"Taylor Jane Simon is 18 years old and spending her summer with her mother in Prince Albert National Park. The holiday has been planned so Taylor's mother can spend time with her latest boyfriend, Danny, and work in a pizza restaurant that he runs. Taylor would just as soon stay at home, but because she suffers from an autistic condition, she can't stay on her own. Taylor's mother encourages her to explore the park's possibilities on her own. For Taylor, whose life experience has been limited by her condition, this means facing the test of meeting new friends, a test she has never faced alone. Summer also holds the possibility of finding her own boyfriend, though Taylor isn't quite sure how that might happen. The one thing that is certain is that by the end of the summer, Taylor will have to find the courage to be her own person and make her own path in life."

My Rating: 7/10

This was a so-so book. It was confusing and in my opinion, dragged on more than a little. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either. It was kind of mah. I was hoping for some suprises but basically the book goes exactly as the description does. Not enough suprise and a lack of climax lead for a dull read. I hoped that Taylor would be more intersting than she was and she rarely told details of things that had to do with the story line. I don't feel like I know here at all.
The setting on the other hand was far more enjoyable. I did enjoy the park and the nature centre. Another redeeming quality was the way that Taylor thought of the future. She was scared and I think that in some point of our lives we all feel this scared feeling. Frightened by the unknown was something that was relatable.
All in all, this book was ok.

Hope you enjoyed this book review. The next book on the list is Ninth Grade Slays by Heather Brewer.
Have a good weekend,

Spoiler: Wild Orchid by Beverley Brenna

This book was not as good as I anticipated. Between the use of language and the characters I got bored easily. One of the things I liked was the way that Beverley Brenna talked off the future, black and foggy. I love that.
The characters did not appear to play a great part in the story, but let's talk about them anyways:
Taylor: I did learn quite a bit about Autism. It bothered me that she wasn't well described.
Her Mom: She seemed confused, and didn't think that her daughter was competent. She didn't understand Taylor at all.
Danny: He was shown kinda as a jerk. Didn't learn much about him.
Paul: He was one of the nicest in the story, but he shouldn't have kissed Taylor though. That's just weird. And then Taylor just let it go. WTF!

Favorite/Memorable Lines and Moments:

♥Pg. 7
"Maybe she isn't mad. Maybe she's thinking about something else... Maybe she saw a spide and is trying to disintegrate it with a broom. Or she could be tired and trying to decide wheather to shatter the dishes instead of washing them."

♥Pg. 25
"This file is to share my thoughts and feelings, like my English teacher said, but more importantly, it's to help me sort things out. Preferably before I do something dumb. However, i know that being dumb is human. So I don't mind being dumb. With the following qualifiers:
1.I don't want to look dumb around my mother's boyfriend because he is dumb and that would make two of us.
2. I don't want to look dumb around my mother because she'll say, "I told you so."
3. I don't want to look dumb around boys."

♥Pg. 55
" 'What do yu eat a crow asked a black bear.
'Berries and seeds. And kangaroos,' said the black bear."

♥Pg. 59
"I don't mind thinking about the past passing, but I don't like thinking about the future coming. The Future. I can see myself standing on the edge of a cliff that drops off into night."

♥Pg. 113
" I don't want wine again because of it tasting like fish."

♥Pg. 148
" 'It's ok. You did not behave badly even though my mom wanted to put you in jail. You are my friend.' "

Thanks for reading guys and sorry for the depressing review and spoiler.

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Book Review: Eighth Grade Bites by Heather Brewer

Title: Eighth Grade Bites
Author: Heather Brewer
Pages: 182

"Vladimir Tod. Normal eighth-grade student? or powerful vampire?"
"Junior high really stinks for thirteen-year-old Vladimir Tod. Bullies harrass him, the principal is dogging him, and the girl he likes prefers his best friend. Oh, and Vlad has a secret: His mother was human, but his father was a vampire. With no idea of the extent of his powers and no one to teach him, Vlad struggles daily with his blood cravings, and his enlarged fangs. When a strange substitute teacher begins to question him a little too closely, Vlad worries that his cover is about to be blown. But then he realizes he has a much bigger problem: He's being hunted by a vampire killer who is closing in... fast!"

My Rating: 10/10

I loved this book! I started reading it last night and couldn't put it down until I was yelled at. The way that Heather Brewer tells Vlad's story, is both funny and full of action. I think that she uses both of these things the best way possible. I laughed and gasped in horror in this book, sometimes simultaneously. I love when I book can change moods quickly and effectively. I think this book shows a different side to vampires, it didn't really mimic anything else I've read. It's individual and I believe that it helps all those kids who have at one point been picked on (me included... hard to believe i know :P ). I hope that you all take the time to read this action packed book.

Thanks for reading, please feel free to leave any comments below or email me at sweetgirlsid@hotmail.com
Next book on the list is............... Wild Orchid by Beverley Brenna!

Spoiler: Eighth Grade Bites by Heather Brewer

This book possibly made my weekend! I loved the way that Heather Brewer switched quickly from funny to sad to action filled. This kept me interested constantly, so much that I denied my homework (sorry Shakespear). I haven't been hooked to a book like this one for along time. I loved the fact that Vlad wasn't really popular or sought after. He was kind of an outcast except for his best friend. I think it's time to talk about the characters:

Vladimir Tod: This guy is funny and handles most situations with humor. I feel awful that his parents died and are not there to help him go through the teenage years. He is bullied but he doesn't let it get the best of him. He also has a wonderful way of eating, thanks to his Aunt Nelly. I think he is a wonderful vampire and main character!

Henry: He seems like a pretty good bestie. I laughed when I read that Vlad had bitten him and I love how Henry brings it up to bother him, just enough though not to the point of being a pain in the bum.

Nelly: She seems like a great lady to take Vlad in and it seems like she really is his aunt even though she isn't biologically. She takes good care of Vlad and I believe will be there for him in the next book just as much as this one :)

Meredith: What a sweetie :) Meredith + Vlad= ♥

Otis: He is a very funny man. I thought that for sure he had betrayed Vlad when they went to see the council. I was jumping for joy when he turned out to be a good man and not the villian that he pretended to be! He is an amazing uncle, wish that I had one like this :) I mean a vampire of course.

D'Ablo: Ha he died :D

Favorite/Memorable Lines and Moments:

♥Pg. 6
"She handed it to him and widened her eyes in disgust as he bit through the Saran Wrap and slurped. 'Use a spoon! You'll get it all over the rug and I just had it cleaned. between the rug and your T-shirts, the dry cleaner think we're either accident-prone or ax murderers.' "

♥Pg. 12
"The urge to wet his pants was undeniable, but what would Mark and Todd think if they saw? But then why should he care what they thought. They were mean jerks and had run away without him. And when they found out he was dead the next day, they'd feel awful and deserved to."

♥Pg. 15
"He was kidding himself if he though he'd be able to ask Meredith to dance. Girls like Meredith Brookstone didn't date boys like Vladimir Tod.
Besides, they hickeys would be a nightmare.''

♥Pg. 18
" 'Morning, sunshine.'
Vlad blinked at her. 'Morning, sulfuric acid.'
'Pardon me?'
'Well, isn't it just kinda wrong to call a vampire 'sunshine'?' "

♥Pg. 23
" 'When's it due, anyway?'
'Friday.' Henry dropped a clean bone on the plate and looked at vlad. 'How much have you done?'
Vlad raised his eyebrows and smirked. 'Does writing my name at the top of the page count?'
'I don't think so.'
'Doesn't matter. i haven't done that yet anyway.' "

♥Pg. 74
"Not that being a vampire was bizarre or anything, certainly not abnormal. But sometimes, when he was putting on his sunblock in the morning or when Henry would describe the incredible lasagna his mom made, he felt a small pang of jealousy for humans. They had it so easy. Try worrying about your fang popping out at inopportune moments or having to avoid garlic because one taste could make you deathly ill or forcing yourself to stay awake all day even though down to your cellular level, you were more of a night person. Oh yeah- humans had it way easier, as far as Vlad was concerned."

♥Pg. 90
"I never intended to fall in love with Mellina. She was to be a meal, a taste of human blood, nothing more."

♥Pg. 98
" The classroom looked like Cupid had thrown up all over it."

♥Pg. 150
" 'Are you saying vampires invented cities?'
'Quite. What better place for a superior race to hide then at the heart of an enormous population, where the buildings are always busy despite the time of day, where large numbers of people live in realitvely small are, and a dead body is discounted as just another victim?' He smiled, obviously proud of his heritage- of their heritage. 'We also invented latin, chess and PlayStation.'
Vlad shifted in his seat. he could believe Otis's story about old stuff like Latin and chess, but PlayStation? Puh-lease. 'I thought that was Sony's idea.'
'Who do you think runs Sony?' "

♥Pg. 178
"The sky was bright pink and gold. Vlad watched Otis drive off into the sunrise, like some sory of vampire cowboy."

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter (if you don't celebrate Easter, I hope you had a wonderful day or night).

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Book Review: A Good Woman by Danielle Steel

Title: A Good Woman
Author: Danielle Steel
Pages: 327

"Nineteen-year-old Annabelle Worthington was born into a life of privilege, raised amid the glamour of New York society, with glorious homes on Fifth Avenue and in Newport, Rhode Island. But everything changed on a cold April day in 1912, when the sinking Titanic altered her world forever. Finding the strength within her grief, Annabelle pours herself into volunteer work, nursing the poor, igniting a passion for medicine that would shape the course of her life.
But for Annabelle, first love, and a seemingly idyllic marriage, will soon bring more grief- this time caused by the secrets of her husband. Betrayed, and pursued by a scandal she does not deserve, Annabelle flees New York for war-ravaged France, hoping to lose herself in a life of service. There, in the heart of the First World War, in a groundbreaking field hospital run by women, Annabelle finds her true calling, working as an ambulance medic on the front lines, studying medicine, saving lives. And when the war ends, Annabelle begins a new life in Paris- now a doctor, a mother, her past almost forgotten... until a fateful meeting opens her heart to the world she had left behind. Finding strength in the the most unlikely friendships, pulling together the broken fragments of her life Annabelle will return to New York one more time- this time as a changed woman, a woman of substance, infused with life's experience, building a future filled with hope... out of the rich soil of the past. "

My Rating: 9/10

My mom suggested this book to me. I'd just like to start of with a thank you to her for introducing me to such a wonderful author and a heart warming book.
Secondly, this is an adult book so some of the details may be hard for you to take if you are on the younger side.
I really loved this book. The way that Danielle Steel describes the people, places and events in Annabelle's life is mesmerizing. I could close my eyes after reading a chapter and imagine the voices of the characters and the places where Annabelle was.
I think this book is another good teacher. It taught me that no matter what gets in your way, you have to live through it. Taking one day at a time and being yourself is very important. You shouldn't have to lie to anyone to get them to like you or even talk to you for that matter. Your true friends will love you for who you are!
I think the most important lesson in this book is not to run from your problems but rather face them.
I believe this is a book that many young adults should read. It might just enlighten you slightly or possibly not at all, but it's worth a shot... right? I think so :D


Hope you enjoyed this one guys,
Next book is Eighth Grade Bites
Have a good one,
Sidny ♥♪♫

Spoiler: A Good Woman by Danielle Steel

This is an amazing story of a woman who is handed many horrible fates in one life time. The characters, places and events in this book are both horrible and yet amazing. I love the way that the author describes these so that you can see them clearly in your mind with a little touch of imagination. The characters play a major part in this story let's discuss them:

Annabelle: An underdog for sure. Well not at the beginning. Annabelle grew up with a rich and privilleged life. Everything changes when her father and brother die on the Titanic, her mother on the other hand survives and in some ways controls Annnabelle's life. I love the fact that although she marries Josiah and get's divorced she can still handle herself. She has alot of guts to leave everything she knew in New York and go to France for her passion. To fight a war that isn't yours takes heart! I love the end of the book the most. It leaves a mystery but not to much, a perfect amount to leave you wondering, but not needing more.

Josiah: What a man? I could hardly believe that he was gay, but in some ways it makes sense. What man doesn't have sex with his wife in 2 years at all! I think he hated himself for what he had done to Annabelle and he was right to do so.

Hortie: She seems like a really sweet best friend... untillll she judges Annabelle and won't believe her. She doesn't deserve such an amazing friend as Annabelle! I don't like Hortie at all anymore!

The man that got Annabelle pregnant: I can't remember his name because everytime I read it I was filled with hate. Anyone who rapes a woman does not deserve to live. I'm happy he died.

Consuelo (Annabelle's Daughter): What a sweetheart and gift to her mother. I thought that Annabelle would hate her for the way that Consuelo was conceived but Annabelle appears to love her more than anything on earth :) Yay mother and daughter bond!

Antoine: What a jerk! Can I please punch you in the face monsiour? I called him many names while he was insulting Annabelle and poor little Consuelo.

Callam: What a future to look forward too ♥

Favorite/Memorable Lines and Moments:

♥Pg. 26
" 'I wonder why he didn't take his houseguest to the party,' Consuelo mused, as she left their glasses and pitcher of lemonade in the pantry.
'Maybe they're unsuitable,' Annabelle teased, 'a shocking, unsuitable woman. Maybe he has a mistress,' she said, chortling as her mother guffawed."

♥Pg. 32
"I had a picnic with a young lady who wants to dissect a human cadaver,' Josiah said, grinning, and Henry laughed out loud.
'Jesus,' Henry said, looking amused and impressed, and pretending to be frightened. 'She sounds dangerous. Stay away from her.' "

♥Pg. 61
" 'Other than Hortie he had become her best friend ind the world, and he was better comapny now since he wasn't pregnant, and feeling sorry for himself all the time."

♥Pg. 64
" 'Are we celebrating something?' she asked naively, feeling a slight buzz from the champagne.
'I hope so,' he said softly. 'That depends on you. It's up to you to decide. What I've wanted to tell you since last summer is that I'm in love with you. I don't mean to upset the applecart of our friendship, or startle you. But somewhere along the way, I fell in love with you, Annabelle. I think we're wonderful together, and I can't stay single forever. I've never met a woman who made me want to settle down. But I can't think of a better foundation for doing that than being best friends, which we are. So I would like to ask you to do me the honor of marrying me, if you will.' As he said the wrods, he saw Annabelle staring at him in complete amazement. Her mouth was slightly open and her eyes were wide.
'Are you serious?' "

♥Pg. 80
" 'Well, you did it,' he chuckled, 'you've civilized him. They said it couldn't be done,' he said to Annabelle.
'You're next,' she teased as she kissed him. 'Now we have to find someone for you.' He looked nervous as she said it and pretended to shake with fear.
'I'm not sure I'm ready for that,' he confessed. 'I think I'd rather hang out with you, and enjoy the thrills of marriage vicariously. You don't mind if I tag along, do you?' "

♥Pg. 253
"She finsihed with her patient, and walked out, puzzled. She couldn't imagine who it was. And there was Antoine de St. Gris in a handsome blue topcoat, creating havoc in her waiting room, entertaining the patients, most of whom were laughing. He had been telling them jokes, and she took him into her office for a moent.
'What are you doing here?' she asked with an embarrased smile. It pleased her to see him again, but she was working. 'I'm seein gpatients.
'I'm very impressed. I think I caught a severe cold last night. I have a very bad sore throat.' He stuck his tongue out for her to look at when he said it. And she laughed at him. He was outrageous, irreverent and embarrasingly charming.
'It looks fine to me.'
'How's your leg?' he asked.
'My leg? Fine. Why?'
'It look broken to me. let me have a look at it.' He amde as though to reach for the hem of her skirt, and seh stepped away from him laughing."

♥Pg. 256
" 'I shouldn't be taking you out at all. I'm spoken for. I've fallen madly in love with your daughter. She must be the most adorable child I've ever seen.' Annabelle smiled at what he said.
'You have a nice way with children.'
'I was one, a long time ago. My mother insists that I still am and never grew up.' "

♥Pg. 323
" 'What kind of doctor are you?'
' A good one,' she said with a smile, and he laughed in response."

I hope you enjoyed this spoiler :)
Have a good evening/ day whenever you read this and please feel free to comment or message me at sweetgirlsid@hotmail.com