Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Spoiler: The Promise of Amazing by Robin Constantine

This book followed the story of an awkward young love of Wren and Grayson. I think that while this story is completely believable for the targeted audience, I found it hard to believe. The way that their story quickly progressed and how they just kept meeting each other by “chance” was ridiculous.
Also I would not call their first meeting, “fateful.” I would call it awkward and uncomfortable.
Although I must say that I did enjoy the Camelot. It was an interesting setting, so that made up for me being an old crank.
♥Wren: Wren is the ultimate good girl. She gets average everything. Grades, friends, comments from teacher. She wants an average life from what we can tell. That is until she doesn’t get into the elite society in her school. Way to snap out of your stupor. When she meets Grayson she starts to be a little wilder. Once she finds out about all of his bad boy status, she clearly runs. Only to realize that he regrets his choices and now they can be happy together. Oh la la

♥Grayson: So me being myself, I’m the sucker for the bad boy. They just have that air about them that always takes my breath away. That being said, being a criminal is different than having a leather jacket and a motorcycle. Grayson turns out to be a good guy in the end but I bet that he regrets thieving from all those people as he grows as a person.  I hope that he and Wren stay together, but in reality, doubt it! Already a lack of communication.

Luke: This little ass hole. Clearly has problems. The way that he manipulated Grayson and Wren was ridiculous. But in reality they could have fixed the whole issue by talking to each other instead of just hoping that shit worked out. Clearly he was also pretty jealous about Ava having a thing for Grayson, but mah. Don’t be a dick.

♥Ava: Now here is the real villain. This perky girl is just a straight up jerk to Grayson and Wren. You have a boyfriend back off his best friend. Doesn’t matter if you aren’t labelling the guy you’re seeing, you still should know better than to go after his friend at the same time. And to make fun of the girl he’s seeing just for shits and giggle, or even for Luke, unacceptable!

♥Moments to Remember♥
♥Final Line: “It was time to dance.”

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