Sunday, January 17, 2016

Spoiler: Crossed by Ally Condie

To recap, this second book in the Matched Series takes place on a journey on the outer rims of Society, where nothing as it says in the description, is as it seems. All the characters we knew are evolving with the addition of information and the forthcoming of secrets. The fact that they sent the noncitizens out to die is crazy. And I have the idea that it’s not an Enemy killing them of either. If anything,  they’re getting rid of all the people who refuse to conform, or who show any sign of rebelling. I guess now that we know the Rising is really that close it makes a sad amount of sense. The characters have also really started to expand, and we’re starting to understand where all the different groups are. The Farmers are the most interesting to me, living how they lived in a completely different way from the Society.

♥Cassia: She’s starting for herself which is awesome, but I also think she’s doing it for herself to better fit in with one group of people. She’s not really part of the Rising, but she can’t be a part of the Society. I’m getting frustrated because she keeps deliberating between the two men. I thought we made our choice, but really she’s still pondering, so going back to Xander is a horrible idea!!!

♥Ky: I love Ky. I wish he didn’t lie, but I mean I see why he did. He’s a big teddy bear, and trying to protect everyone especially after what he’s been through. Still she wouldn’t be deliberating if she should chose the more straight laced guy. I hope that he pulls it together, but he’s lied too much to make it through. Also quit patronizing yourself for everything you do to survive Ky.

♥Xander: I think Xander’s a good guy. I’m surprised he’s involved in the Rising, but what if he’s playing both sides, waiting for a good deal. He’s not trustworthy either. I just don’t trust these men. I’m interested to see how he explains the blue tablets.
♥Indie: The least trustworthy person in this whole series. Lies, steals, displays all the jealousy. How are you in love with Xander, when you’ve only seen a microcard with him? I’m interested to see how she does in the rebellion.

♥Vick: I loved him. He was a hard ass, but his story was so damn beautiful. To fall in love with someone who might risk your whole future is crazy but also really romantic.

♥Hunter: Another sad story, but he was necessary in our story to better understand all the people who live outside the Society. The farmers were so peaceful and incredible, to have such a sad end to their lives as they knew it. Where did they all vanish to.

Moments to Remember:
♥Final Line: “It looks, I imagine as if someone painted stars or flowers at exactly the right time; a momentary capture of beauty that will too soon vanish.”

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