Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spoiler: Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James

I was shocked how much I like this book. I’m not usually a person who enjoys smutty things, but this one just caught me up. I loved that this book wasn’t just about sex, it had the mystery of what made Christian Grey himself and while we never do find out. I feel like I feel for Christian as Ana did. It just seemed like he was an intoxicating presence. I can’t wait to read more about him. I liked that he had so many sides it made the book far more interesting.
♥Ana: I think that she is one of the most relatable characters. She’s a girl who is in love with reading (thank God!) and she is clumsy two personality traits that caught my eye of the hope. I think that EL James did a great job of making the reader feel like Ana or like they knew her extremely well. I loved that she wasn’t afraid to give up when her and Christian were discussing something. That while she tried to be submissive she was still herself. I loved that courage. And in the end when she left him I was both in shock and saying you go girl. I think that she’d go back to him without a problem, but the fact that he couldn’t love her back is honestly what did it to her. Rejection is a tough thing to process.

♥Christian: Ok. Super hot, handsome, rich, sexual and mysterious. I can’t imagine turning him down. He’s just too much. But then there is the whole dom/sub thing that was unusual. I have heard of these things but never in such detail. And you can’t help but wonder what would make someone think that that was the only acceptable way to love or be loved. And the touching rule didn’t make much sense to me at all. I can’t wait to find out what he does now without Ana will he just find another Sub or will he decide to go after her. Ahhh, I wanna know.

♥Kate: We all have that best friend who only has our best intentions in mind. I think that Kate does a good job of fulfilling this especially when she attempts to kick out Christian when Ana is in tears. I have a friend like that as well, and I’m so grateful for her.

♥Elliot: So much different than Christian why didn’t Mrs. Robinson choose him?

♥Mrs. Robinson: I think along the same way as Ana that she took advantage of a young boy who had no one else who seemed to care about him and who had a hard life. I can’t wait to “meet” her though. I’m assuming we’ll get to. At least I hope so.

♥Jose: He lost Ana all by himself. He shouldn’t have pushed her especially drunk, sick her. That’s just rude and oh so wrong.

♥Mr. Taylor: I wonder how well he knows Christian Grey. To deal with all his Subs and just do as he’s told you have to wonder how that happened.

♥Moments to Remember: ♥
♥Pg. 35
“’Anastasia Rose Steele. You like him! I’ve never seen or heard you so…so... affected by anyone You’re actually blushing.
 ‘Oh, Kate, you know I blush all the time. It’s an occupational hazard with me. Don’t be ridiculous,’ I snap.”

♥Pg. 51
“I have never been on the receiving end of rejection. Okay… so I was always one of the last to be picked for basketball or volleyball, but I understood that- running and doing something else at the same time like bouncing or throwing a ball is not my thing. I am a serious liability in any sporting field.”

♥Pg. 214
“Making a supreme effort not to bit my lip, I move forward, aware that I, Anastasia Steele of Clumsyville, am in high stilettos.”

♥Final Line♥ “I curl up, desperately clutching the flat foil balloon and Taylor’s handkerchief, and surrender myself to my grief.”

Thanks so much for reading,
Sidny xoxo

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