Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Spoiler: Darkness by Ciye Cho

As mentioned above this is the third instalment in the Florence Waverly Series that has just come out this year. I was impressed by the self-published author Ciye Cho, as it must take a lot to go solo on a series such as these. I was even more impressed with how he created a world and a way of life through his words. His characters have grown and changed and I couldn’t be happier with it. I do have a few questions, as always, but all in all this was a good book.

♥Florence Waverly: The main character of these stories has truly changed. She is no longer timid and afraid to show who she is, in fact she shows who she is proudly and steps into the role of hero in this third book. I was impressed by the fact she walked into the Shadow Fyre. She did what had to be done to save those she loved, although she knows it could change her forever. Although I never found Florence very relatable, although this could be because she is so wishie washie about every decision she makes and I’m more the type of person who leaps in. All or nothing.
♥Rolan: He has also changed. He is more willing to show himself for who he is as well as able to confess his love for Florence without thinking he is “stealing” her soul. In fact, it takes two to tango, and Florence and Rolan dance this dance quite well. I wish them all the best in the future although I don’t think that all in Nimelia will be impressed with this changed Florry.
♥Mara: Mara has also changed. Although she gives it her all, she isn’t afraid to care for people around her (Wynn, Florence, Rolan). She fights truly till the end. Even though she finds out her father is a traitor she carries on like a true warrior.

♥Wynn: At the beginning I was questioning Wynn’s loyalties, but I believe once again her remains loyal to Florence and Rolan.
♥Kiren: Where did you go again????

♥Malor: I don’t know if he’s crazy, or if his madness stems from the beginning of his kind. Could it be possible that this is the colony Cornelius found? Did the darkness that affected Cornelius’s body also affect his mind and affect the leadership found here?

♥Moments to Remember♥
♥Pg. 114
“‘You’re holding me to tight,’ I whispered.
‘Maybe I’m trying to make sure you don’t slip away.
‘I’m not going anywhere.’”

♥Final Line: “It’s not over…”

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