Sunday, October 4, 2015

Spoiler: Such Wicked Intent by Kenneth Oppel

This book is truly astounding. Every aspect of it caught me off guard, I was frequently surprised, thrilled and consumed with emotion. I feared for the characters I loved, worried about those that I questioned and wondered about the impossible that was slowly but surely seeming more possible. The characters in this installant really rounded out so I could easily see who they were as humans, and the thrill that can be felt throughout the book was evident immediately. I think this novel blew me out of the water and was quite a page turner.

Victor: Although throughout this book he seems a little off his rocker, Victor is a passionate fellow. He risks his life time and time again to save his brother. Is it alright that he's going after his brother's love? Not really but honestly Konrad is dead and if Elizabeth was interested in Victor there is no reason why they shouldn't be together. Slightly creepy, but I'm sure not unheard of. Victor does become obsessed with things easily. This is apparent even before the butterflies appear and offer their "assistance" in the matter. He can't seem to let go of his brother and allow him to rest in peace. Rather he needs him back as he feels he has failed to keep him alive, maybe even fearing that he murdered him. This is a possibility, but it's not like Konrad was getting any better to begin with. I believe that Victor does go mad before things get better, but at least he can say he has given his all for his brother. Pure devotion.

Elizabeth: How sad it must be to live in a world were the one you love no longer exists? Can you blame her for trying to get him back? I can not. I would do the same and fight anyone who got in my way. On the other hand the fact that she was possessed makes me question her actions towards Victor, did she really feel the need to kiss him or was that part of the butterfly act. At least we know that she is truly courageous and willing to do anything for those she loves. I do wish that she would give Victor or even Henry a chance in the future, but I would understand if she did not as how do you repair from such heartbreak at such a young and promising age.

Henry: He is becoming increasingly more bold and feriocious. I was impressed that he was able to act so brave after visiting the spirit world, and I'll admit that after realizing the butterflies were affecting the judgement and personality of the others, I assumed he was covered in them. Perhaps he has realized that he can not live his whole life waiting for something to change, rather he has to change himself. I do hope that he continues this behaviour, although I do not believe he will win Elizabeth's love it is still worth a shot. Also we should applaud that he went after the Pit Monster even though the thing could have likely killed him. Impressive my dear Henry, impressive indeed.

Konrad: Finally the sad truth. Konrad is dead. And he will remain dead. Through the hope and the struggle of building his body, I think he began to realize the one chance he had. After that chance left he resigned himself to his death. I knew that he would not take Victor's life, although I do wish he would have so that he and Elizabeth could have their happily ever after, perhaps it is best that things go back to how they were meant to be. At least me know that he was gathered in the mist and was able to leave that wretched house. Perhaps he found others or at the very least peace.

♥Moments to Remember♥
Final Line: "And I turned back to the storm and thought: Such astonishing power."

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