Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Spoiler: It Wasn't Always Like This by Joy Preble

So this book is a perfect weekend read. I think that the author did a tremendous job of completing a story about lovers, time travel and mystery all in under 250 pages. The interesting part of this novel for me was how many time jumps their are as well as, perspectives.  The setting was ever changing and completely interesting, it really helped to keep the story flowing throughout the time jumps.

Emma: I found her character to be frustrating near the middle of the book. For some reason her attempts to play at real life, and then her diving into her life as a PI made me wonder about what else someone might do in her scenario. It just seemed like some things she got to easy,,, that is other than Charlie. I enjoyed that the author didn't make her seem pure, and holding on for Charlie 100%. Because she does find company, and people she can spend time with, but she always has him on the mind.

Charlie: This ass hole left her on her own. After losing her family, and being scared half to death of what was happening to her, he decided that she would be better on her own. The didn't take the time to think it out (oh to be 17), or to talk it over (damn angry mobs). I did think that his life took a far more interesting turn than hers though, overall. What with the wars and what not.

Pete: I liked this guy. He was a real trooper, and believed the unbelievable, which is really expecting a lot from a guy.

Kingsley: Makes you wonder how many cons he pulled on how many innocent people. What a sick freak?

Frank: Kind of creepy, but overall good.

Art: Kind of naive, but cared for his family overall.

Moments to Remember:
Final Lines: "Charlie held out his arms, and she closed the distance between them."

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