Monday, September 17, 2012

Spoiler: Best Friends For Never by Lisi Harrison

I didn't mind this book, it wasn't as good as the first but it wasn't all out horrible. I still love the setting of Westchester and suprisingly I even like the characters even though they're snotty. I didn't realize until this book, that this series is really a comedy for all of us who have gotten through middle school. It makes us look back on that time and laugh when the biggest problem was a misplaced hair, a mean girl or a crush that we weren't sure about. It makes me laugh at the drama but at the same time Lisi Harrison does such a great job with suspense that I'm always wondering what's around the corner. Around the corner for this spoiler is....

Claire: Claire really starts to stand out in this book. She isn't afraid to be herself, but she starts to treat Layne weird. I also didn't like the way she treated the guy on the dancefloor. She's ... BECOMING ONE OF THEM :P

Alisha: It's obvious that she is trying to shy away from the pack, she wants her own even if that includes someone as stupid as Olivia.

Dylan: I feel bad that Dylan really is so physched abot losing weight. I hope she doesn't take it to extremes!

Kirsten: We didn't hear much from her, other than she liked Derrington.

Cam: Seems likes a sweetheart, but almost like he's playing them. I hope not.

Derrington: What a jerk!?!?! I hope that he dies alone with 7 cats.

Todd: I find it ridicoulous when he starts to refer to Massie as, "my pet."

Moments to Remember:
♥Pg. 34
" 'She'z ah prafeshhhanal pahtee planna,' Massie said, doing her best Arnold impresonation.
Claire was shocked. She'd expected massie to rush to Landon's defense.
'She'll be beck when we-ya zixteen,' Claire joined in."

♥Pg. 68
" 'At least I wore a costume. You look the same as you always do,' Layne said. 'Identical to Massie.' "
Thanks for reading :)
Sidny xoxo

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