Sunday, September 16, 2012

Spoiler: Out of Body by Stella Cameron

This was a different book than I usually read, not only is it an adult novel, but also it’s a romance. All in all this book is good if you can get past all the sex, I understand the attraction between Gray and Marley without hearing intimate details, that just makes me blush. I loved the fact that the setting was New Orleans, a city I’ve always dreamed about visiting. I also feel for the characters.

Marley: The female main character who is very in tune with her psychic powers (she has to be, she’s a Millet after all) and who is very adventurous. I love her spunk and how she doesn’t back down from a fight, even with Gray.

Gray: A cop-turned-writer who falls instantly for Marley. Nothing like love at first sight *sigh* I was happy they got together, but really… shouldn’t they be focusing on the dead body and missing singers? Come on guys, you can always have sex to celebrate after. I love this man though. I feel horrible that he was treated so badly as a child L that was awful, but he came out well ;)

Sidney: I thought at first this was funny that I shared a name with this character but as I figured out she is evil, I was far less entertained. I figured out she was getting rid of people for her own profit, but I never would have guessed she was related to the beast doing the killing

Bolivar / The Monster: What a scary mental image Stella paints of it attacking the prisoners. I felt scared, but also interested in what the heck this thing was!

Moments to Remember:
♥Pg. 24
“Marley scratched the dog’s head. ‘You’re the best. You’ve got the prettiest ugly face I know.’”

♥Pg. 31
“The autopsy should be going on now, if Blades got to it.’
  Fisher grinned with half of his mouth. ‘Blades is a first-rate M.E. I still say he chose the profession to fit his name.’”

♥Pg. 59
“So she stuck out like a nun at a Chippendale show.”

♥Pg. 207
“‘I’ve got your dog and she like me. Run away and she’s mine.’”

Thanks for reading this spoiler.
Sidny xoxo

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