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Spoiler: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

As I mentioned above, this book is a historical novel and since a friend gave it to me, I couldn't very well not read it. I'm so glad that I picked it up off my shelf because this book is a life changer.
After learning about WW II, which ever way you did learn about it. I think we all wonder how an entire nation can stand by while tragedy stuck. This book helps explain the  use of words during Hitler's rise to power. That's how Hitler operated, using the power of words. we also see many of the things seem wrong (parade of Jews, lack of freedom, constant fear, etc.) no one wanted to put themselves at risk. The Nazis lifted people at first, making them feel like they were someone special, important and later made them fear for there freedom.

♥Liesel_ We see this helpless girl grow into a strong young woman throughout the course of this book. Although she loses so many people, from each person she learns an important lesson. I won't lie, I cried as Liesel lost her parents and so many others in the bombing that flattened her home. But when she found Max, now that was truly unexpected and heartwarming. A fantastic main character who goes from not knowing the tortures of the Jews, to helping them. Gives me hope in the world.

Papa(Hans)- a great father, although not her real one, he does a fantastic job of raising Liesel, especially during such difficult times. He teaches her love and the difference between right and wrong. Not to mention the important of keeping your promises. I also thought it was strange that he was so lucky during both world wars, but died in a bombing when he was not in battle. I suppose you can only out run death for so long.

Mama(Rosa)- Although she has an unusual way of showing it, you can tell she truly loves Liesel. As though she was her own daughter. This character really grew on me throughout the story.

Rudy-A best friend like this is what every girl needs. Reliable, funny, and agreeable. I'd say for years he felt more than just friendship towards Liesel and if it hadn't been for the times, and his unfortunate death, it is likely they would have married.

Max- My heart goes out to those who suffered so greatly during Hitler's reign. Max was lucky to live and mainly because of Hans Hubberman (Papa). He also left his mark on Liesel, showing you can't always go with the flow. And that although there is good, humanity can do awful things.

♥Rudy's Father- Hopefully he is there for Liesel and she is there for him in such a devastating time. I imagine in a way, they would grow to need each other.

♥Moments to Remember♥
♥Pg. 52
"                                           ***THE ONLY THING WORSE THAN***
                                                         A BOY WHO HATES YOU
                                                              A boy who loves you.                                                             "

♥Pg. 144
"'Saukerl,' she laughed, and as she held up her hand, she knew completely that he was simultaneously calling her a Saumensch. I think that's as close to love as eleven-year-olds can get."

♥Pg. 219
"Liesel held her face in her hands. Once uncovered again,' she asked the pivotal question. 'Did you tell Mama?'
 'Are you kidding?' He winked at Max and whispered to the girl, 'You're still alive, aren't you?'"

♥Pg. 334
"'Liesel?' He moved slightly to the right. 'I'm afraid,' he said, 'of falling asleep again.'
  Liesel was resolute. 'Then I'll read to you. And slap your face if you start dozing off. I'll close the book and shake you till you wake up.'"

Thanks for reading,
Sidny xoxo

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