Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spoiler: The Right & The Real by Joelle Anthony

I feel like this book strayed from what I originally thought I was going to read about. It made a decent recovery, but I felt that I could relate to the characters. The main character's personality was generic and although her aspiration was not generic, I couldn't take her seriously.

Jamie- I think she's just kind of naive. Just because you makeout with someone in a closet doesn't mean you're in love with them. She should never let Josh act like she's useless. As well she should have told her friends ASAP, oh well. Live and learn I suppose. I hope Trent is a better guy.
Krista- a great best friend for a future actress. Dramatic, but there no matter what.
Liz- Reminds me of tv ballerina, someone who is serious about their craft.
La Von- My favorite character because he isn't afraid to embrace who he is, past and present. Plus, he's hilarious.
Trent- Funny and flirty. Seems like a decent guy. Plus they met in a coffee shop.
Josh- Scum. Seems to think he's all that and so much more, but if you're with someone you shouldn't always talk about yourself.
The Teacher- Crazy, dictatorish man. Gives me the major creeps.

♥Moments to Remember♥
♥Pg. 137
"'Load me up with organic hot chocolate,' he said, handing me a stainless steel travel mug.
 'Sure. With whipped cream?' I chirped.
 'Hell, yeah, I want whipped cream,' he said. 'Do I look like I'm on a diet?'"

♥Pg. 145
"'Hell,' he said, 'if I came to my own door, I'd call the cops. You don't have to be no bigot to be scared of me.'"

♥Pg. 167
"'I know I did the right thing,' I said. 'It just, it just-' I let out a shuddering sigh, 'It just kind of ... sucks.'
 'It does,' Krista agreed. 'It totally does. But that's why they make chocolate.'"

♥Pg. 258
"La Von pulled out a huge pair of pink rubber gloves. 'Don't give me any shit,' he said, when we laughed. 'Only color they had.'"

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