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Spoiler: Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

So as I mentioned previously, in other reviews as well as the one above, I have read this book before. So I'm coming into the book already know what it's about for the most part, and refreshing my mind. And let me tell you, my 13 year old self missed many jokes and over time I had forgotten many aspects of this first instalment in the Inkworld series.
I loved this book the first time I read it and loved it just as much this time. The characters are well written and make decisions that correlate with their traits. The plot is interesting and unique. Finally the setting is magical and fantastic. 
Let's be honest, if you enjoy reading, you have though out about reading out a character, or what your life would be like if you were either in the book or the character was in your world. And if you haven't, it's just me over here.... being strange.
This story follows Meg, Mo and Dustfinger three unique characters whose stories line up to interact. Throughout the novel we see a bringing together of two stories, one from which Dustfinger rose and the story that Mo and Meg are living. I found it very interesting to see how they align, along with the addition of different characters both villainous and otherwise.

Mo: A protective father, who is so brave in the face of Capricorn. That being said, I wonder how long he was lost without his wife, as we see Meggie starts to notice. I do enjoy his character and the way he is so resilient in the face of someone who calls himself the devil. His voice is also described so beautifully.

Meggie: Being a preteen is already so hard, imagine having strange villains and a whole world thrown into that. Also not knowing who to trust with everything going on. Finding out that your mother got sucked into a book isn't scary enough, but the idea that your father can read things right out is just as scary. I do love this idea and the way she handles all the craziness.

Dustfinger: Oh Dustfinger, you give me the feels. You're homesickness is crazy sad. I totally get it though why he needs the book and doesn't want to know how his story's end. I'm so excited to see how his character reacts to being in the world longer. I like him which seems to be an unpopular opinion.

Elinor: Girl, you so sassy. Also your library scene was the so horrible. I hope that we get to continue reading more about her.

Farid: You and Meggie. It's only a matter of time. Also tell me about your past.

Capricorn: He was a great villain. He had minimum fear and a huge following. I was pretty afraid of him. I won't lie. The description of him as well was horrifying. I'm excited to see how his death continues to impact the story.

Basta: What is going to happen to you? Where did you go? Superstition will always follow this guy.

Resa: Excited to have her back in the story, but wondering to see how it affects the story. Also will she get her voice back.

Moments to Remember:
Pg. 243
"'He might tell me how my story ends,' he murmured.
Meggie looked at him in astonishment. 'You mean you don't know?'
Dustfinger smiled. Meggie still didn't particularly like his smile. It seemed to appear only to hide something else.
'What's so unusual about that, princess?' he asked quietly. 'Do you know how your story ends?'"

Pg. 428

"She wasn't sure which she wanted to do most, fling her arms around his neck or hit him hard enough to hurt."

Final Line: "As Mo had said: writing stories is a kind of magic, too."

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