Saturday, March 10, 2012

Book Review: Almost Home by Jessica Blank

Title: Almost Home
Author: Jessica Blank
Pages: 245

"For seven teens in Los Angeles, the street is their home.
There's Eeyore, just twelve years old when she runs away from her privileged home, harboring a secret she's to ashamed to tell anyone. Rusty winds up alone and broke when his older boyfriend ditches him in Hollywood. Squid has gone through too many foster homes to count- now he's determined to create his own 'sidewalk family' out on the streets. There's Scabius a rough, delusional punk from Utah; and Critter, a herion dealer with movie-star looks and a vulnerable heart. Laura, smart and restless, has run to L.A. looking for something bigger than the tiny town she comes from. And then there's Tracy, the charismatic damaged thread that ties them all together, irrevocably changing each person's life she touches."

My Rating: 7/10

This was an ok book to read if you can relate. I had alot of trouble relating to the characters, it was sad and possibly realistic. But I wasn't sure how real that is, the fact that the many of the characters had left for the same sort of reason. I didn't enjoy the way that it changed characters just when I was starting to enjoy the way that one character described things. I think what kind of redeemed this book, was the fact that Tracy is a very unique character. She was the most interesting part of this book for me.
Honestly, this book wasn't horrible or anything, it just wasn't great. I built it up in my mind bigger than it was.


If you read it or even if you didn't, I'd love to hear your comments :)

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