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Spoiler: 24 Girls in 7 Days by Alex Bradley

This book is a very humorous book. I just thought I'd start out with that. I giggled like crazy while reading it, which is probably why I enjoyed it so much. It was a feel good book, that made a good point. As I mentioned in the book review. This book showed me that you should learn to love yourself not just another person. It's important to find yourself and know who you are. The characters in this book are ridiculous and just all around amazing. So let's talk about them.

Jack: This is the star of this book. He is a lovely guy who wants to have a magical prom night and meet someone and through this whole book he is just a really funny guy. You can tell that's he is really socially awkward. I love the fact that he took Mrs. K to the prom so she could keep up her tradition. It made me smile a huge dork smile :D I think in the end he found who he was and that's all that mattered.

Natalie: She's a good friend, but she seems a little out there. I was dissapointed that she would hurt Dan the way she did by kissing Jack and then not only that she broke Jack's heart. I'm happy they remain friends.

Percy: What a guy! He's just the normal best friend for a dude, I assume. He's funny and teasing but also there for Jack when he needs here I'm mad that Natalie and him set up this whole thing because the first four girls should have had a chance more than anyone else.

Bridget: She sounds like my little sister. She has a huge crush on Jack but who can blame her.

Adrian S.: What a perfect girl to end the story with . ♥

Favourite And Memorable Lines/Moments:

♥Pg. 3
"I feel, to be honest, like a man in a space suit. In space."

♥Pg. 3-4
" 'Luke Percy said,gripping my shoulders too tightly and using his best Darth Vader voice, 'this is your destiny.'
'I'm not Luke,' I said.
'Don't quibble, my son,' he said, still in character."

♥Pg. 5
"he suddenly finds himself at the front of the vending-machine line, and after shakily feeding his coins into the slot, he bumps the Diet Coke button.
In other words, if Pamela Brown remembers anything about me, it's that I drink girl soda."

♥Pg. 7
" 'I've never seen you in the park,' I say. (Lie.)
'I play tennish there.'
'Oh, really? That's cool.' (She plays Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, four thirty to five forty-five, weather permitting, preferably court 3, with her friend Reba. She uses a Prince racket, Wilson tennis balls, Diadora court shoes. Backhands are her strength, serves her weakness. She doesn't sweat.)"

♥Pg. 11
" 'Let's list things that are sadder than Jack's love life,' Percy said.
'In other words, a very short list,' Natalie said.
'Exactly,' Percy said.
'I'm not participating,' I said.
'Good,' Percy said. 'Item number one: little kids getting lost in supermarkets.'
'Oh, that's sad,' Natalie said.
'Item number two,' Percy continued, 'my grandmother losing her glasses on top of her head.'
'Very, very sad.' Natalie said.
'Item number three,' Percy said, 'the fact that Bert and Ernie are still in the closet after all these years.' "

♥Pg. 20
"Jack Grammar would never try to fondle your butt during a slow dance,
Jack Grammar is a gentleman, owns his own tux,
and has superb taste in corsages.
Jack Grammar is looking for a prom date. Could it be you?
Email MyNewPromDate@yahoo.ca "

♥Pg. 29
" 'Who'd you take to your senior prom?" I said.
He took off his reading glasses. 'You know who i took to my prom.'
Of course I did.
'That's right, you took Mom..'
'She said 'no' the first two times I asked her.'
'She did?'
'And then the third time she said that if no one asked her in the next two days, she would think about it.'
'I didn't know that.'
'And the fourth time she said she would think about it. Then she said 'okay.' '
'How'd that make you feel?'
'Like crap, my boy. Like crap. But that's the point of prom, I think. Last time I checked.' "

♥ Pg. 40
"Isn't it great that it's finally warm enough to run at night again?' she asked.
It's so neat,' I said. 'Like fresh ketchup.' "

♥Pg. 42
" 'There's nothing to eat here, people!' I yelled into the quiet house.
Only after several seconds did Mom answer from a distant room: 'There's plenty! I just went shopping yesterday!'
'There's nothing!' I replied. 'No breakfasty stuff.' ..."

♥Pg. 66
" What had happened to the old Jack Grammar, the one that would have flubbed it somehow?
Well, I reasoned: I could still flub it. Let the flubbing begin."

♥Pg. 70
'I don't understand your breasts,' I said. Thiswas not the kind of sentence I thought I would ever say in my life."

♥Pg. 77
"The cake wasn't the kind you could just drive a motorbike over! It was a giant cake, the kind of cake taht songs are written about, the kind of cake that you could fall onto from a great height without injuring yourself. A cake of monumental proportions."

♥Pg. 95
" Now that we were in high school, I was still some kind of teenage mutant turtle (minus the ninja), hiding in my shell,"

♥Pg. 120
" 'Could I feel you up?' I asked.
She laughed. 'No.' "

♥Pg. 122
" 'Our mouths aren't designed for this, are they?' I said 'They're designed for eating and talking, kissing with them is kind of like trying to use a broom to do yard work." "

♥PG. 129
" I remembered last week when I had lost my favorite T-shirt and spent twenty extremely aggravating minutes looking for it only to realize that I was wearing it."

♥Pg. 201
"She was wearing a flapper-type dress. I knew that natalie thought Pamela looked like an ostrich, but to me she was perfect. Perhaps that just meant I liked ostriches."

♥Pg. 222
" Is rain that evaporates before it reaches earth rain? Yes, but it has its own special name: virga. And is a guy who goes to the prom solo really a guy at all? Yes, but he has his own special name: Jack Grammar."

♥Pg. 225
" 'Prom's tonight,' I said.
'Oh, yeah?'
'Yep. And I'm going by myself.'
'Bravo,' she said. 'So you're flying solo. I'll tell you a secret I went to my senior prom by myself.'
'But you're a righteous babe.' "

♥Pg. 232
" 'You know what I think,' Percy said. 'I think you fell in love with yourself this week. That's why you don't want to go with anyone.'
'Interesting theory,' I said. 'And you know what? I do sort of feel like I'm in love, but the funny thing is I'm not in love with anyone.'
'But yourself.'
'My haircut is pretty cool.' "

♥PG. 251
" 'But tell me,' I said, 'how'd you get to be so wise? Your e-mails read like something written by someone twice your age.'
'I don't know,' she said. 'But I do take Flintstone vitamins every day.' "

Hope you enjoyed this spoiler :)

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