Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spoiler: Almost Home by Jessica Blank

As I said in the Review, I didn't love this book, I didn't hate it either. It was kinda ahn. So-so. I guess I still imagine Hollywood as a place full of lights and celebrities, and being me it's hard to get around that. The characters played a big part in this story, but I wish that we would have learnt more about them. So let's chat about some.

Eeyore: She is so young, but she ran away because of her disgusting older brother. What a dick face! She ends up with Tracy, which i think is a pretty big mistake. I suppose I'm happy she went home, but I wish I knew how she got to that Rob guy's. I wish she hadn't had to go home, but it made sense. I hope that her dad believed her, but her step mom was such a terrible woman.

Rusty: I feel horrible for this kid, but he was kinda deluded. I mean there is no way that his boyfriend/ aka older teacher was gonna show up. He was using him for sex, and was scared someone was going to find out so he shipped him off. He was just so full of bs. Not Rusty but the teacher. And then he met these guys, but you never find out if he's happy or not. He just sticks with Squid.

Squid: Seems nice enough. I don't really have much to say about him. I understand his reason for running away. he was always being shipped somewhere else, so I imagine he felt that it didn't matter where he was.

Scabius: I hate his guts. With all my being I hate him, and he's fictional. I think he has mental problems though. He was beaten and maybe he thought it was exceptable. But it's not he hurt Eeyore, and she was only twelve, it doesn't matter if she had "tits" that is unacceptable to do that to a 12 year old. And he hurt Tracy! HATE HIM!!

Critter: I kinda love him.. a little. He really loves Tracy but he screws up when he hits her. There were better ways to deal with that. I think he only does drugs to drowned out the pain of his life.

Laura: What the hell happens to her? Does she seriously just go home? I didn't really understand why she left.. i guess because of her mom's boyfriends but they didn't really hurt her, they were just creepy. I wouldn't have gone home though.

Tracy: She is the main character in these stories and it makes sense. She is spunky and doesn't really let anyone get the best of her. It's awful that she's addicted to drugs and I definately blame Critter. I wish that she didn't do those things for Rob. He was just gonna use her until she died. I wish that she could have gotten help. I guess the part I loved was when she told off Scabius in front of EVERYONE! You tell 'em.

Favorite/ Memorable Lines and Moments:

♥Pg. 3
"Loneliness islike a vacuum: it's supposed to suck the other lonely people in like dust till finally it fills up and you're not lonely anymore."

♥Pg. 80
"The hookers scream at each other half in Spanish, voices screechy like a girl's but loud and deep like guys. You can never tell if they're laughing or about to stab each other."

♥Pg. 111
"Stretch Humvees with blue neon on the bottom, mansions big as Marriots, the same twenty faces pasted on seven hundred billboards posters magazines: they narrow down what you can look at till the part of your brain that know how to survive shrivel up and you're left driving from Staples to Rite Aid to Vons, feeling really fuckin' concerned about Cameron Diaz's love life. I mean, not that I'm concerned with Cameron Diaz's love life. I could maybe help her out with that."

♥Pg. 151
"So much of the time I wish everyone would just fuckin' disappear, and the only reason why I don't really wish it is that then I'd be alone. But now all those fuckers could die and I wouldn't be lonely. "

♥Pg. 193
"Nobody's ever sworn for me before, let alone changed size."

Sorry about the lacking of lines, wish me better luck next time,
Have a good one :)

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