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Spoiler: Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Ok this is the area where I can really get into the details of this book. As I mentioned previously, I think that this book was a pretty good follow up to the first book, and only diminished slightly. I think that Veronica Roth did an excellent job of expanding on the world that she created in the first book and showing readers how the factions were set up. We especially got to see this as Tris is on the run so much she visits all the factions in the city. Speaking of expanding on things lets discuss characters…

♥Tris: Tris has changed as a character. While she has grown up, she is also a lot more thoughtful about who she trusts. I’d almost say she has become sceptical. And in reality who would blame her. You are in the middle of a raging war with so many options of who to trust and shown few leads as to who is trustworthy (other than Jeanine). I was impressed that she went against Tobias, and at first I was upset with her about it, but in the end, I couldn’t blame her. How could you not go after something your parents had thought important enough to die for? Hopefully she is not to harshly tried for her crimes and can escape to the outside world, who knows if it will be any better out there though.

♥Tobias: At first, in this instalment in the series I found that Tobias was more loving than ever, but at points in the end I thought he was a bit cold. I understand that he was upset that Beatrice/Tris had decided to side with his father, but in the end he seemed to understand why. Especially when the information they found was so important and life altering. I do wish that he did trust Tris more, but perhaps with time that will be capable.

Jeanine: She is an interesting person that’s for certain. I suppose in her way of thinking, she was really protecting the factions and that’s also probably why so many Divergent went missing, because too many Divergent meant it was time to open the flood gates. I find it interesting that no one took much of an interest previously to what was outside of the gate. Would you not be slightly interested? I was relieved when she died, but also shocked that she died the way she did.

♥Caleb: Ok so what is his deal? Is he really with the Erudite or factionless or someone else? It’s hard to keep up with his decisions. I hope that he hasn’t chosen to stay inside the gates at all costs. I thought he would be smarter than that, but perhaps he is just as brainwashed as those under simulation. Oh my goodness….. WHAT IF HE’S UNDER SIMULATION!?!? (so now that you understand the inner working of my brain whilst reading…)

Marcus: I’m not sure whether or not his is trust worthy yet. I want to say just because of the way he treated Tobias, but perhaps I’m wrong. He might be working towards saving the world, who knows at this point?!

♥Evelyn: I know that I don’t like her. She is just as bad as Jeanine. I understand why she is fighting with the factionless, but did she know about the outside gates and was going to use the factionless to get the information erased?? So many thoughts….

Christina: I still like her. And although she lost Will, I think that her friendship with Tris has changed. Part of her must hate Tris, but another part must think that Tris is someone worth fighting for as she has proven throughout the book. Especially at the end.

Moments to Remember
♥Pg. 399
 “‘I’ll be your family now,’ he says.
‘I love you,’ I say.”

♥Pg. 426
“‘Let me get this straight. So you left the Dauntless compound to get ready for war… and took your makeup bag with you?’
 ‘Yep. Figured it would be harder for anyone to shoot me if they saw how devastatingly attractive I was,’ she says, arching an eyebrow.”

♥Pg. 463
“I step toward the Candor. Maybe they aren’t programmed to shoot. I stare into the glazed eyes of a woman in a white blouse and black slacks. She looks like she just came from work. I take another step.
 Bang. By instinct I drop to the ground, covering my head with my arms, and scramble backward, toward Fernando’s shoes. He helps me to my feet.
 ‘How about let’s not do that?’ he says.’”

♥Final Line: “Then the shouting begins.”

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