Monday, August 31, 2015

Spoiler: This Dark Endeavour by Kenneth Oppel

I found that this book was an interesting Young Adult twist on a classic. Not even so much of a twist as a prequel and an answer to “why”. Kenneth Oppel expands on the world of Frankenstein. He appears to do so while respecting the original story, just adding his own flair where he feels there is need.
The author made me feel for the characters, all of them. All though some of the time I agreed with characters, I didn’t want to. Throughout the novel I found myself agreeing avidly with decisions I never would have in different context.
And how about that ending, the suddenness, the shock and the numbness that could be felt within the last chapter were all emotions that one might feel in the same situation.

♥Victor: I can’t say that I agree with all his decisions. He was easy to trust although so many others seemed to warn him against trusting so easily. Although I found myself rooting for him and Elizabeth more than I wanted to, I’m a sucker for a bad boy. Even though he had no right to claim his love for her and attempt to steal her, I can understand how he would want validation as a human. To be constantly compared to your twin would not be easy. I was impressed that he never turned against his brother though. So truly he was not evil. He never wished illness on his brother, and even when he was trying to steal his girl, he still fought to cure him. So I suppose that that is respectable and loyal.

♥Konrad: As it is pointed out time and time again. Konrad is seen as better, happier, more social and all together the smarter of the twins. Although when it comes down to it, he does not agree with Victor’s image of him as the golden child. He does his best to keep his temper, even when he finds out about the stolen kiss and other’s feelings for his beloved. He even tried his best to keep her safe. His death was truly unexpected, but in the end I suppose we are really reading about resurrection of the dead.

♥Elizabeth: She is strong woman, who holds tightly to her beliefs. I can respect that. She is clearly loyal and would do anything for the one she loves. She is even willing to risk her life. Which is more of a love than some can say they ever find. I do believe that she and Konrad would have made an excellent couple, but she does have a wildness about her that is not unlike Victor’s. He certainly was not wrong about that.

♥Henry: He is cowardly. He consistently stays behind and the one time he is heroic he has trouble continuing his bravery. I hope that this improves in the next novel, as there is no doubt that more bravery will be needed.

♥Polidori: What a fiend. It does not surprise me in the least, but I thought him to be a little better of a man. I though he may mentor Victor but instead he turns against them completely. I believe that he does know who they are though; I think he is just waiting for the right moment to strike. I also strongly believe that Krake is not a lynx but some hybrid he conducted in his laboratory, but that may just be my imagination getting away with me though.

♥Moments to Remember♥
♥Pg. 223
“From the stained-glass windows shafts of coloured light angled through the stillness of the church. My thoughts drifted.
Wine to blood. Lead to gold. Medicine dripped in my brother’s veins. The transmutation of matter.
Was it magic or science? Fantasy or truth?”

♥Final Line: “I promised that I would see my brother again- even if it meant unlocking every secret law of this earth, to bring him back.”

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