Sunday, August 2, 2015

Spoiler: Last Summer by Hailey Abbott

This series was a rough one to read. It reminded me of prior years and things that I wished I could have been, I mean who wishes they weren’t as confident as Ella. The Tuttle cousins slowly became my family too. I cried through their struggles, laughed when they laughed and got goose bumps as I watched them fall in love. It was a wild ride, but Pebble Beach became a second home to me, in my mind. That sounds insane, but I’m sure some of you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

♥Ella: I’m happy to see that she’s settled down with Jeremy. They’re made to be together. I understand her jealousy of Taryn. It’s hard to see someone your close to grow close to someone else. It often seems like you’re being left in the dust. But in the end it usually means you’ll find a way to make new friends also. Your sister will always be your sister.

♥Kelsi: The way she acted with Bennett was odd, but I understand that distance is hard. In the long run I don’t see Bennett and Kelsi lasting just because of their different life styles. I’m happy that she realized that she had to let Bennett follow his dreams and had to follow her own; even if that means that they are separate. I hope that she’s happy and has learned to follow her own dreams to her hearts content.

♥Beth: Beth lost so much this instalment. She lost the place where she spent all her summers, the place she fell in love, etc. She lost George, she lost her idea of moving on but in the end she found that people are even more important than materials. I’m happy that she realized that George and her will always have a spark. Whether she wants that spark or not, they can’t go back to being just friends when they’ve loved each other so much. This gave me hope that eventually they will be together.

♥Jamie: I really wish that we had been able see how the private school had changed her love life. It seems incredibly wild that she’ll be taking a year off to go to Europe with a boy she barely knows but hopefully that all works out.

♥Moments to Remember♥
♥Pg. 144
“‘You’ve been sad lately,’ Jeremy said, smiling at her. ‘And you know I hate that. It’s like, my duty to make you smile, and I like that.’”

♥Final Line: “But that didn’t mean that she had to leave anything- or anyone- behind.”

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