Sunday, August 16, 2015

Spoiler: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

This book has taken my breath away. It points out parts of our histories as humans, but other parts are so unreal it’s insane. The ideas of different blood types developing is a wild idea, but who am I to say it won’t happen. Maybe not like this. The painting of the Red villages, factories and slums is depressing. The idea that at some point people decided that other people were lower than others is despicable. Then the difference between how the Reds live vrs. Silvers in their fancy cities and palaces. It’s a bold transition that Victoria Aveyard made, but it works. It did it’s job of helping me fight for the Guard.

♥Mare: To be thrown into such a insane new world, taken away from your family and the only world you’ve ever known is a trial in itself, but then to sign yourself up for a rebellious group that is working from inside the palace you live is a lot of work. And likely terrifying. Mare is strong, and although we know there are times where she is scared, she doesn’t let it break her. She made her mistakes in who she trusted, but in the end how was she to know. She wanted someone to rely on, to understand her and she thought that she had that with Maven, but in reality she would have had that with Cal, if her brain hadn’t been ripped open. Hopefully things all work out in the Scarlett Guard, but it will not be easy.

♥Cal:  He must have loved her to take her from her conscription to the army, and then to try to help her through the hall and keep her safe. To take a chance and kiss her even though you are betrothed to another. He’ll likely die, and it will break my heart.  He’s sweet, really he is.

♥Maven: A despicable, evil genius. Maybe some of the things he had told Mare were true. He felt left behind by his father, living in Cal’s shadow and that could all be true. That being said the things he did were horrendous.  I can’t decide if I hate him or not yet though. I want to, I really do, but part of me believes he’ll turn this around.

♥The Queen: I referred to this character this way in my head. With ominous music, of course, because what would a villain be without horrible music to follow her. We all knew she would cause trouble, but I doubt we thought she’d manipulate her only child to get what she wanted. She’ll be very upset that Cal and Mare have escaped with the Guard.

♥Kilorn: So there is yet another love interest. From what I know he is sweet, but seriously you had all the time in the world to speak up.

Moments to Remember♥
♥Pg. 111
“‘You’re a lot like Maven,’ he says after a long moment that makes my heart race.
 ‘You mean engaged to a stranger? We do have that in common.’”

♥Pg. 306
“‘What do we do now?’
He laughs to himself, eyes glint mischievously.
‘That’s not what I meant.’ But I can’t help but smirk with him.”
♥Final Line: “I will kill him.”

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