Sunday, April 10, 2016

25 Things About Me

I know that this isn't a book review or spoiler, but I feel like I'd really like to get to know you guys and this is part of it. If you have questions for me please contact me (information on the side) or comment.

1. I am 21, and don't party as much as I did when I was 18.

2. I'm Canadian and yes, I do say sorry and enjoy Tim Horton's beverages.

3. I'm in my final year of college and I'm training to become an early childhood educator, which means a preschool teacher.

4. I'm in a relationship with my best friend from high school who I've known for 8 years. Although we've only been going out for 2.

5. I once tried to make a youtube video channel and failed after realizing how crazy expensive cameras are.

6. I am both introverted and extroverted. I think I get energy to be with people by spending time alone, but if I'm with people too long I kinda shut down.

7. I'm a very anxious person. I am constantly overthinking.

8. Sometimes I look like this:

9. When I'm in a bookstore I look like this:

10. I think people who don't know me, see me like this (resting bitch face):

11. I'm a Pisces.... and I'm running out of things to write.

12. I used to be in band. I played a ton of instruments and love music.

13. I have no set music taste, my spotify goes from Frank Sinatra to DMX to Luke Bryan and it drives my boyfriend crazy.

14. I watched all the Star Wars movies for the first time this year and loved them.

15. I prefer coffee to tea any day.

16.  I've never broken a bone....

17. I cuss a lot which surprises some people who read my blog, but I work hard to keep this area clean.

18. I have one sister.

19. I was born on a farm and my family has owned cattle, pigs, chickens, goats, sheep and horses.

20.  I often think about making a booktube channel, but am unsure if that's something people would be interested in.

21. I once got in a grocery cart race with my friends from high school and was kicked out of our local grocery store #toocool

22.  I am secretly addicted to trash tv (The Next Pussycat Doll...)

23. My emoji is the one with all the teeth because I often say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

24. I once travelled to Prague and areas of Germany on a band trip. We had the opportunity to play in a competition but we lost. Still an incredible journey and hope to travel someday again soon.

25. I used to be a party animal and go out every weekend until I met the friends I have now. We're a little more relaxed.

Thanks for reading,

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