Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spoiler: Cruel Crown by Victoria Aveyard

Just in case you have not read this prequel, I will tell you that there is a book review above if that's what you'd be more interested in reading, because this will spoil aspects of Red Queen, Glass Sword and Cruel Crown for you. You've been warned in case the title was not enough.
Because of the size of this book I will not have a separate characters area either.

This book comes with two separate novellas: Queen Song and Steel Scars.
Queen Song follows Queen Coriane through her courtship, into her marriage and the birth of her son, up to her death. It does so sparsely which interests me but doesn't drag on so that's awesome. I thought it was interesting to see how she was living before she was courted. To know that her house really wasn't doing well and then to be picked out by a prince who refused the tradition of Queenstrial which must have been the greatest scandal EVER! And then to see that she really struggled with depression. Which is something that many can relate to. I think that was a very important aspect of this novella.

Steel Scars focuses on Captain Farley and how she infiltrates Norta and gains followers for her resistance. I thought it was interesting to see her communication with both her father, the Colonel, and Command. The way she does what she feels is right was important as well the way she feels so strongly about the Scarlet Guard. I hope to see something more about her past in the upcoming books, but I understand if that is kept in the dark for sometime. We all love a good mysterious past. Watching her fall in love with shade was incredible. To see how he interacted before he was a member of the Guard and how he was so easy to smile, and joke even in such a terrible position that he was in, it was impressive. I think that those moments were the saddest to read, because we really got to look at their relationship up close and remember, feeling the pain of them together.

Final Line: "RISE, RED AS THE DAWN."

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