Saturday, November 17, 2012

Spoiler: Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz

This book is truly tremendous! Just when I was losing faith in vampire fiction I picked up this book to be pleasantly surprised. I love the idea of the Committee. It just made the mystery far more interesting. The fact that they know which are Blue Bloods and are able to explain what’s happening to them is amazing. I loved this aspect.
 This book isn’t only about vampires though, it also includes the mysterious theory of reincarnation. The collaboration of the two interested me and pulled me through this book. A great page turner.

Schuyler: I suppose she is the real main character and an interesting one at that. Half human, half vampire in a different way. Not like most of the others I’ve read about. I love the fact that she’s not a plastic. She wears what she likes, not what’s popular. I really liked her and Jack together, but I can also see her and Oliver together later on in this series.

Mimi: A popular snot. Can you guess how much I like her? I don’t like the fact that she doesn’t follow any of the Committee’s rules. She doesn’t take care of her familiars. It’s also disgusting that she is interested in her twin brother. It’s just not right! EWW

Bliss: I love that she adds a little bit of country to the big apple. She is a fun character to see in this story. The fact that she’s friends with Mimi ticked me off at the beginning but then she was with Dylan J so I was impressed for a tiny bit.

Jack: I love Jack. He seems like the perfect boy, but really he can’t end up with Mimi because that’s just wrong. They’re freaking twins! He belongs with Schuyler damn it!

Oliver: This guy looks like he’s in the friend zone, but maybe he’ll find someone other than Schuyler. I know for a fact that best friends are really hard to date, so I really don’t think they’ll end up together… at least not well.

Dylan: All I know is that he must be a Silver Blood. I don’t think that he’s actually dead though. He has to be alive, at least I hope he is in the second book.

Cordelia: What an interesting lady? She isn’t truly Schuyler’s grandmother, but I was so sad to see her die. It was like leaving poor Schuyler all alone in the world. I love that she knew so many secrets though, she was almost a messenger. I hope we get to “meet” her husband in the next book.

Allegra (Schuyler’s mom): I was happy to find out what put her in a coma, now if only she’d come out and tell her story!

Charles Force: This man is just plain old suspicious. I don’t like the looks of him and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was in with the Silver Bloods. He just seems like a scumbag.

 Moment to Remember:

♥Pg. 151
“Schuyler shook her head. No. She wasn’t going to fall for this. They might all be drinking laced Kool-Aid in there, but she had a good head on her shoulders.”

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