Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Spoiler: Chosen by Ted Dekker

I didn't mind this book, but I don't think that I'll read the second one. I loved the aspect of good vs. evil, but with the Horde being crusty and disgusting it made it more interesting, and gross but mainly interesting. The bats were an interesting touch, I'm guessing that they are in the other circle books that Ted Dekker has written otherwise... they wouldn't make a whole lot of sense. Excellent use of symbolism. The village is a different setting than I expected, I guess to be honest I thought it would be more like in the Hunger Games, not that I want to compare the two. THe game to choose the leaders seems kind of stupid considering when fighting each other they should be going a little easy, because they might be fighting beside these others.

Johnis: He's kind of a chicken in comparison to the others. He doesn't really want to be on this mission, he'd much rather stay at home and hear about the battles from there, but he is a tremendous in the real battle which shocked me. No kidding that he wasn't going to die. There are multiple books after this!

Darsal: A confident woman makes me smile. She doesn't act so confident though after Billos is taken, which was shocking to me. I thought that he drew strength from her but perhaps it is the other way around.

Silvie: I'm shocked that she's attracted to Johnis, but she's smart so she must have her reason. She seems like someone I would be friends with.

Billos: I was so mad when I read that he didn't want to go back for Johnis, that's just plain rude! But in the end he turns out to want what is right. I wouldn't be surprised if at the end of the books he is the reason that Johnis dies.

Thomas: A veryy interesting leader isn't he? He thinks with his heart, which is the way I should start thinking. He is a different leader, because of the way he treats his men. He doesn't seem to walk around acting like he's better than them but rather treats them like he's equal, and grateful to be their leader.

Teeleh: Oh my goodness. I imagined this guys as frightening as possible, and that's pretty freaking scary. I loved the way that Ted Dekker described him being an old bat, who wants his beauty back.

Gabil: What a hilarious bat? I love him :)

Horde: They are just plan old scary. A disease that takes over and deludes you into thinking that trees are bad... hmmm does half the earth have this disease :P

Moments to Remember:
♥ Pg. 108
" 'I don't care whether or not you're enjoying this. The question is whether or not you've lost the few peanuts contained in that container above your shoulders.' "

♥Pg. 124
" 'You'll want a kind woman with spirit,' his father had often advised him. 'Beauty is in a woman's words as much as in her skin.' "

♥Pg. 152
"Darsal blinked. 'You're a ghost?'
'Do I look like a ghost to you?' Gabil demanded.
'No. Well, you are as white as a ghost.'
'But ghosts don't know karate.' "

♥Pg. 249
"Four stallions were in the center of the group, and on these horses sat Johnis, Billos, Darsal and Silvie. But he saw something else now. Two long poles were strapped to their saddles, making a stretcher.
Only this stretcher didn't carry the wounded. It carried four large catalina cacti."

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