Sunday, November 18, 2012

Spoiler: Tilt by Alan Cumyn

This book is kind of weird. It’s not something I’d usually read and so I had trouble rating it. This book mainly follows Stan’ journey to finding out who he is. We see that he is, like most 16 year old boys, interested in sex. His family situation is insane and ever since his dad left he has trouble coping with who he is.

Stan: I love the fact that he’s not a hidden male character. He thinks about sex, and that’s normal. Alan Cumyn doesn’t try and hide that, he just puts it out in the open. I love that he is so passionate about basketball, but I’m sad that he doesn’t follow his dream. He is crazy passionate about his family, although he doesn’t know how to deal with his mom, he is an amazing brother. I don’t like him and Janine together, but that’s a personal thing.

Lily: I have this idea that she’s not actually imaginative, that she’s schizophrenic. And how would we know? There must be a fine line between gifted and crazy. I kinda think she’s crossed that line. She’s a cute little girl though and I can’t help but wonder how old she is.

Stan’s Mom: She is a weird woman. She seems to blame her children for Ron’s leaving which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Stan says repeatedly that they fought, and so I don’t think that they were really in love, not a true love. I think she can do better than Gary though. 

Ron (Stan’s Dad): What a jerk? He blames everyone else for everything when in reality it is usually his fault. He runs out on both of his women and he doesn’t deserve to have such wonderful children or two women at all. Hate him!

Gary: I thought he was a sleaze at first, leading on Stan’s mom, but he turns out to be a decent guy.

Feldon: So cute, I feel sorry that this kid gets taken from his mother, he doesn’t deserve it.

Janine: I don’t understand her character. She’s bisexual, and sneaks around on Stan at the dance, still she has sex with him. I wonder if that was just an experiment or if it was because she actually likes him. I don’t agree with what they did, but it seems like the normal high school thing now. She’s such a big thing to Stan, but really I don’t think that if it were reality that they’d last at all. They just don’t make sense together.

Moments to Remember:

♥Pg. 111
 “ ‘What was his name?’ Stan felt like he was learning more about his mother in just a few minutes on this freezing back porch than in his whole life so far.
‘I think it was Pete.’
‘You think?’”

♥Pg. 149
“ ‘Contractors rip you off,’ Joe said. ‘No offense to your father, Stan. But if it’s at all possible to do the work yourself…’
Gillian snorted. ‘Two words, dear. The bathroom. And three more. Lest we forget.’”

Hope you enjoyed,

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