Friday, June 7, 2013

Spoiler: Son of the Mob by Gordon Korman

As I mentioned above, it’s been a while since a read a book that doesn’t directly relate to me so it was about time. I think this book is hilarious in it’s own, somewhat confusing way. I like that Gordon Korman updates the look of a mob boss, but doesn’t take away the total image, just builds off of it. I also liked that the characters were interesting, at least the names. The worst part for me would have to be the predictability that a) Alex was making the posters b) Ray was the inside man and told Kendra’s father and lastly c) that Vince and Kendra would get back together again.

Vince: I like that he’s not involved in his father’s business but you’d think he’d be less naïve than he was. I mean he’d find a way to figure out who put up the posters, to tell all about what rats Ed and Jimmy were but he just likes to see the good in everybody. That’s kind of sweet I guess. I think the best part is that he just stays out and doesn’t really do what everyone expects of him. That takes the most courage to not do what’s expected.

Alex: I find this kid extremely annoying. No it’s not your love life just cause you’re best friend got a girlfriend that’s a load of it. And to do the poster thing because you’re jealous? Horrible friend move.

Kendra: She has a right to be mad at Vince for not being straight with what was happening with Jimmy and Ed, but really what did she expect? HIS DAD’S A MOB BOSS!

Vince’s Dad: I think he wouldn’t do this job if it wasn’t too late. I mean he’s pretty deep in it and if he just gave himself up, I’m sure that he would be in jail for the rest of Vince’s life without a doubt.

Jimmy and Ed: Slime balls. I think that they don’t even close to understand that what they did with Vince’s Dad was not only illegal but high dangerous. I’m surprised they didn’t just end up dead.

Vince’s Mom: Who would have thought she ordered that hit? What an incredibly secretive woman!

Tommy: What jerk? To use your brothers school project for The Business is way to low for me.

Moments to Remember:
♥Pg. 62
“Your brother-sometimes I wonder whether he’s got brains or coleslaw in there. But his heart- that’s pure gold.”

♥Pg. 99
“‘She says she has a boyfriend in Canada,’ he moans. ‘What a crock. Whenever chicks make up a boyfriend, he’s always Canadian. Nobody put the fake boyfriend in Uzbekistan.’”

♥Pg. 262
“‘What did Romeo and Juliet do?’
 ‘They died,’ I remind her gently. ‘Some mix-up with poison—‘
She cuts me off. ‘But if they’d lived?’
I think it over. ‘Same as us, I guess. Stay cool, and never bring the folks together for a meet-and-greet.’”

Thanks for reading,
Sidny xoxo

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