Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Spoiler: Running The Bases (definitely not a book about baseball) by Paul Kropp

As I mentioned in the book review above I didn’t really have an opinion of this book, it was just kinda so-so. I can’t say that I’d jump to reread it. But I was able to finish it. Maybe because I found it so decent because it interesting to read what guys really think about sex. True that this does not define all boys but rather fills the stereotype. I don’t know if this is true, but I guess we’ll live and learn.

Alan- The stereotypical geeky high school student whose never gotten any. Kinda funny around people he’s comfortable with but clueless around women. Surprise! But all the same I think that he at least wasn’t a complete jerk an wanted or seems to want more than sex.
Maggie- I did not see her going out with Alan. I thought she wanted more than that. Especially when he told her directly he wants to get laid. So hopefully she doesn’t get dreaming about forever and always. I also didn’t really think that she was dating Braden, but was giving him advice as well as Alan. Whoops!
Jeremy- What a loser?!? I could tell from the beginning he’d never been with a girl in anyway. Ass!
Rochelle- Nothing like a cheater compared to a liar. Although Alan lied, she wins the jerk award for cheating with someone else. Someone I might add, who was obviously taken!

Moments to Remember:
♥Pg. 96
“‘And you know there are a lot of diseases you can get from, well, doing it with people you don’t know…’
 ‘I’ve seen pictures,’ I told him, which was true. We had a video in our biology class that was so graphic it would make any sensible person give up sex forever. Of course, teenagers  aren’t all that sensible.”

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