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Spoiler: King's Cage by Victoria Aveyard

As always I am total Victoria Aveyard trash. So that's just my life now. I've already called my boyfriend and cried a bit. I'm sort of fine now. Good enough for me.
So this book i wasn't sure what the hell was going to happen. After the ending in Glass Sword I was dying to know which direction the author was going to take this book. And I loved it. I really thought that the characters were far more interesting to learn about the characters. We found out so much more about most of them. Not to mention the changing of perspectives which freaked me the f@ck out, because I thought we were pulling a Veronica Roth her and I wasn't ready for that! I also thought that the plot became very politically intriguing we found out so much more about the surrounding countries: Piedmont, Monfort, The Lakelands, etc. 
I really appreciated the way the author made sure the captivity was long, I was worried it would be a quick rescue and it being to easy but it was a long time. Enjoyed it, sorta.
Also the changes in some of the writing to make this appear more dystopian than fantasy. Adding water bottles, and origins to the silvers was an amazing touch!

Mare: She really changed alot as a character, instead of pushing away she pulled in when she got her loved ones back. But it did break my heart to see her sort of open up again to Maven just to realize how truly twisted he was/is. He's a screwed up dude. But she also let Cal in only to get hurt. Which I mean like we'll get to that. My heart completely broke for her in the end of the book, but we all should have known things were going too fast.

Cal: I was on your team Cal when no one else was there. I was there. But then you pull this garbage. I can't believe you would work so hard just to run away. I was really loving your banter and how you were opening up to her and loving her. It was beautiful. I thought you made a choice, ya idiot. 

Maven: My heart broke when he told the story about Elara making him walk and taking away his memory. I thought that he might try and change, but that's just my wishful thinking. Anyone else thinking he dug his own grave though?

Cameron: Seeing her perspective was very valuable. I thought that the way she thought of her brother reminded me so much of Mare in the first book trying to get back to her family. I also thought meeting her brother was interesting, to see his reaction to the propaganda. Jeez 

Evangeline: Another interesting perspective. I mean I didn't know that she preferred female companions and that she wasn't interested in the crown for herself. But looking in to some things that makes sense. I was hoping right there with her when she was hoping that Cal would say no. 

Farley: Not surprised that she was pregnant, but that she chose to fight after giving birth so soon. Badass.

Kilorn: He's calmed down a lot which I can appreciate, but please find love. Please my little fictional baby.

Iris: I wonder about her reaction to losing her father and why she was so calm when she was pretty much given to a mad king losing power.

Moments to Remember:
Pg. 198
"'You think I would lie?'
I can't help but laugh darkly. In the back of my mind, I wish for a knife. I wonder if he could incinerate me before I slit his throat. 'You? Never.'"

"'A schedule,' I snort, stepping into the sunshine. 'You sound like a Silver lady.'
'Well, when you're as good-looking as I am...,' he sighs.

Final Line:
"We're going to let them kill each other."

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