Sunday, March 5, 2017

Spoiler: The Jewel by Amy Ewing

So another audio book to start off the month. I started this audio book 8 days ago and I sped through it. I found myself wanting to listen to this rather than reading, which is kind of a reflection of me as a person. I'm trying to read something quickly, but also I'm currently reading King's Cage and I don't want to speed through it to have to wait for the next one.
So what did I think of this book, I really enjoyed it. I thought that it was an interesting premise. The idea that a group of wealthy people would buy someone to have their child to compete to become royalty was interesting to me. And to have these girls trained in a centre to have magical powers, or to train them how to use powers they already possess is a little evil, to say the least. I enjoyed the main character, but she wasn't anything that stood out that much to me other than her eyes which were mentioned about every 40 minutes in the audiobook. I really liked the characters overall but found myself sticking in it for the world-building. I will say that I wasn't a fan of the instalove in this book. It just didn't seem real enough to me I understand that the two characters would have similarities in life but I"m more interested in Ash's upbringing at this point. How was the school for him, are there more like him... what the hell. But here are more thoughts based on characters.

Violet: I thought that this perspective was perfect she was interesting and looked at the end like she was about to get involved in a rebellion, but then she gave that chance to someone else which makes me wonder what will happen. Speaking of which. She and Ash knew that they could have been caught at any minute... maybe be a little bit more careful dumbie. I'm just saying. Be careful. I do wonder what will happen to her now, but especially with who called her at the end. 

Ash: I do wonder about his schooling and his years. I'm sure he's seen horrible things, but it makes me wonder about a spinoff about his early years of life. Is there a novella like that cause I"m interested for sure. I do like that he acts so different with Violet, but they knew each other for what a month and were ready to talk about how sad they are they can't get married... that's a little too rushed, even for me.

Garnett: You are something aren't you. I kinda love it and I have his novella on my list of books to pick up next. Ugh. I just need to know.

The Lady of the Lake: She is certainly something. To treat another person like that is horrible but to know that she will kill her after child birth or that child birth will kill her is perhaps the worst of all. I think that she made a good villain for the first half of the book, and I wonder about her backstory as well.

Raven: She had more than a little bit of a tough go. How did she deal with what she did and what will she do now...? Did she even really get away or was that something that she would forget like she forgot her freaking best friend... ugh.

Julien: Interesting to see him have so much sympathy towards Violet but none for Ash.

The Electress: Evil takes another form in her. Let's just get rid of the girl's brains instead of finding a way to clone ourselves or to have children without the need for humans at all. Genius.... eye rolls are frequent right now... in case you're wondering.

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