Friday, April 13, 2012

Spoiler: Wild Orchid by Beverley Brenna

This book was not as good as I anticipated. Between the use of language and the characters I got bored easily. One of the things I liked was the way that Beverley Brenna talked off the future, black and foggy. I love that.
The characters did not appear to play a great part in the story, but let's talk about them anyways:
Taylor: I did learn quite a bit about Autism. It bothered me that she wasn't well described.
Her Mom: She seemed confused, and didn't think that her daughter was competent. She didn't understand Taylor at all.
Danny: He was shown kinda as a jerk. Didn't learn much about him.
Paul: He was one of the nicest in the story, but he shouldn't have kissed Taylor though. That's just weird. And then Taylor just let it go. WTF!

Favorite/Memorable Lines and Moments:

♥Pg. 7
"Maybe she isn't mad. Maybe she's thinking about something else... Maybe she saw a spide and is trying to disintegrate it with a broom. Or she could be tired and trying to decide wheather to shatter the dishes instead of washing them."

♥Pg. 25
"This file is to share my thoughts and feelings, like my English teacher said, but more importantly, it's to help me sort things out. Preferably before I do something dumb. However, i know that being dumb is human. So I don't mind being dumb. With the following qualifiers:
1.I don't want to look dumb around my mother's boyfriend because he is dumb and that would make two of us.
2. I don't want to look dumb around my mother because she'll say, "I told you so."
3. I don't want to look dumb around boys."

♥Pg. 55
" 'What do yu eat a crow asked a black bear.
'Berries and seeds. And kangaroos,' said the black bear."

♥Pg. 59
"I don't mind thinking about the past passing, but I don't like thinking about the future coming. The Future. I can see myself standing on the edge of a cliff that drops off into night."

♥Pg. 113
" I don't want wine again because of it tasting like fish."

♥Pg. 148
" 'It's ok. You did not behave badly even though my mom wanted to put you in jail. You are my friend.' "

Thanks for reading guys and sorry for the depressing review and spoiler.

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