Friday, April 13, 2012

Book Review: Wild Orchid by Beverley Brenna

Title: Wild Orchid
Author: Beverley Brenna
Pages: 156
Publisher: Red Deer Press
Year Published: 2006

"Taylor Jane Simon is 18 years old and spending her summer with her mother in Prince Albert National Park. The holiday has been planned so Taylor's mother can spend time with her latest boyfriend, Danny, and work in a pizza restaurant that he runs. Taylor would just as soon stay at home, but because she suffers from an autistic condition, she can't stay on her own. Taylor's mother encourages her to explore the park's possibilities on her own. For Taylor, whose life experience has been limited by her condition, this means facing the test of meeting new friends, a test she has never faced alone. Summer also holds the possibility of finding her own boyfriend, though Taylor isn't quite sure how that might happen. The one thing that is certain is that by the end of the summer, Taylor will have to find the courage to be her own person and make her own path in life."

My Rating: 7/10

This was a so-so book. It was confusing and in my opinion, dragged on more than a little. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either. It was kind of mah. I was hoping for some suprises but basically the book goes exactly as the description does. Not enough suprise and a lack of climax lead for a dull read. I hoped that Taylor would be more intersting than she was and she rarely told details of things that had to do with the story line. I don't feel like I know here at all.
The setting on the other hand was far more enjoyable. I did enjoy the park and the nature centre. Another redeeming quality was the way that Taylor thought of the future. She was scared and I think that in some point of our lives we all feel this scared feeling. Frightened by the unknown was something that was relatable.
All in all, this book was ok.

Hope you enjoyed this book review. The next book on the list is Ninth Grade Slays by Heather Brewer.
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