Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spoiler: Ninth Grade Slays by Heather Brewer

So as usual, I found that the sequel to a book is never quite as good. Maybe that's because I'm still thinking about how great the first book was, or maybe because it's true. I'm not specifying, just opinonating. Some thing in this book were a little different, such as the way that Joss was introduced. I guessed he was the slayer sinc eabout 1/4 into the book. That kinda kills the suspense. It would have shocked me if Edgar Poe was the actual slayer, wouldn't you be more suprised? Let's talk about the characters some more: Vlad: Oh how our little vamp has grown and into a high school boy. He's an amazing main character who makes me laughed and cry. But mainly laugh, what a goof. He reminds me of one kid in our school, the muse? Perhaps (JUST KIDDING)! I thought Vlad's best moment was when he went to Siberia with Vikas. Henry: Henry kind of disappeared a little in this book. High school made him popular and Vlad wasn't so he bailed slightly. Joss: What a guy?!?!?!?! He was the freaking slayer, DUH! Sorry I'm just a naturally suspicious and I like to guess. I love guessing right, but in a way it is a disappointment when you guess to early in the book. This is one of those times. Otis: I wish he was my uncle! Amazing, caring and wear a top hat? Be jealous guys, be jealous. Vikas: The oldest vampire who is funny, and makes a pretty good blood wine from what I've heard. Jasik: This vampire was an unexpected twist. Favorite/Memorable Lines and Moments: ♥Pg. 7 "One big plus of living with Nelly- who was actually no relation to him at all, but his mother's best friend fro years and years before his parents had passed on - was that she could bake cinnamon rolls so sweet and delicious that if she had the determination and funding she could easily give Cinnabon a run for their money. Just stay away from her meat loaf." ♥Pg. 11 "Vlad had no idea Otis was his uncle at the time, instead believing him to be a maniacal substitue teacher, out to expose Vlad's secret and quite possibly kill him. It was a simple mistake- anyone could have made it." ♥Pg. 12 "I'm sorry, Vladimir, but the rumor that vampires are able to charm women with a leering gaze is utterly ridiculous and completely false. have you tried simply askign Meredith if she likes you? In my experience, the direct approach works best. Calling a girl and breathing into the phone never got anyone a date. Whatever you decide, remember to be a gentleman." ♥Pg. 80 " HIs fangs elongated at the scent of blood, and he did nothing to will them back inside his gums. Sometimes, you gotta let it all hang out." ♥Pg. 120 " 'It's nice to meet you. Otis says you're the oldest vampire he knows.' Vikas smiled warmly. 'He speaks the truth, young one. But he forgetsthat I am also the best looking, most charming, and-' 'Humble. You forgot humble.' Otis was wearing a smirk." Hope you all have a wonderful week if I don't talk to you before the end of it. Love, Sidny♥♪♫

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