Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spoiler: Eighth Grade Bites by Heather Brewer

This book possibly made my weekend! I loved the way that Heather Brewer switched quickly from funny to sad to action filled. This kept me interested constantly, so much that I denied my homework (sorry Shakespear). I haven't been hooked to a book like this one for along time. I loved the fact that Vlad wasn't really popular or sought after. He was kind of an outcast except for his best friend. I think it's time to talk about the characters:

Vladimir Tod: This guy is funny and handles most situations with humor. I feel awful that his parents died and are not there to help him go through the teenage years. He is bullied but he doesn't let it get the best of him. He also has a wonderful way of eating, thanks to his Aunt Nelly. I think he is a wonderful vampire and main character!

Henry: He seems like a pretty good bestie. I laughed when I read that Vlad had bitten him and I love how Henry brings it up to bother him, just enough though not to the point of being a pain in the bum.

Nelly: She seems like a great lady to take Vlad in and it seems like she really is his aunt even though she isn't biologically. She takes good care of Vlad and I believe will be there for him in the next book just as much as this one :)

Meredith: What a sweetie :) Meredith + Vlad= ♥

Otis: He is a very funny man. I thought that for sure he had betrayed Vlad when they went to see the council. I was jumping for joy when he turned out to be a good man and not the villian that he pretended to be! He is an amazing uncle, wish that I had one like this :) I mean a vampire of course.

D'Ablo: Ha he died :D

Favorite/Memorable Lines and Moments:

♥Pg. 6
"She handed it to him and widened her eyes in disgust as he bit through the Saran Wrap and slurped. 'Use a spoon! You'll get it all over the rug and I just had it cleaned. between the rug and your T-shirts, the dry cleaner think we're either accident-prone or ax murderers.' "

♥Pg. 12
"The urge to wet his pants was undeniable, but what would Mark and Todd think if they saw? But then why should he care what they thought. They were mean jerks and had run away without him. And when they found out he was dead the next day, they'd feel awful and deserved to."

♥Pg. 15
"He was kidding himself if he though he'd be able to ask Meredith to dance. Girls like Meredith Brookstone didn't date boys like Vladimir Tod.
Besides, they hickeys would be a nightmare.''

♥Pg. 18
" 'Morning, sunshine.'
Vlad blinked at her. 'Morning, sulfuric acid.'
'Pardon me?'
'Well, isn't it just kinda wrong to call a vampire 'sunshine'?' "

♥Pg. 23
" 'When's it due, anyway?'
'Friday.' Henry dropped a clean bone on the plate and looked at vlad. 'How much have you done?'
Vlad raised his eyebrows and smirked. 'Does writing my name at the top of the page count?'
'I don't think so.'
'Doesn't matter. i haven't done that yet anyway.' "

♥Pg. 74
"Not that being a vampire was bizarre or anything, certainly not abnormal. But sometimes, when he was putting on his sunblock in the morning or when Henry would describe the incredible lasagna his mom made, he felt a small pang of jealousy for humans. They had it so easy. Try worrying about your fang popping out at inopportune moments or having to avoid garlic because one taste could make you deathly ill or forcing yourself to stay awake all day even though down to your cellular level, you were more of a night person. Oh yeah- humans had it way easier, as far as Vlad was concerned."

♥Pg. 90
"I never intended to fall in love with Mellina. She was to be a meal, a taste of human blood, nothing more."

♥Pg. 98
" The classroom looked like Cupid had thrown up all over it."

♥Pg. 150
" 'Are you saying vampires invented cities?'
'Quite. What better place for a superior race to hide then at the heart of an enormous population, where the buildings are always busy despite the time of day, where large numbers of people live in realitvely small are, and a dead body is discounted as just another victim?' He smiled, obviously proud of his heritage- of their heritage. 'We also invented latin, chess and PlayStation.'
Vlad shifted in his seat. he could believe Otis's story about old stuff like Latin and chess, but PlayStation? Puh-lease. 'I thought that was Sony's idea.'
'Who do you think runs Sony?' "

♥Pg. 178
"The sky was bright pink and gold. Vlad watched Otis drive off into the sunrise, like some sory of vampire cowboy."

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter (if you don't celebrate Easter, I hope you had a wonderful day or night).

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