Friday, July 6, 2012

Book Review: Between by Jessica Warman

TItle: Between
Author: Jessica Warman
Pages: 454
Publisher: Walker Publishing Company Inc.
Year Published: 2011

"There were six people on the boat that night... and when they awoke there were five."
"Elizabeth Vlachar -- pretty, popular and perfect-- wakes up the morning after her eighteenth birthday party on her family's yacht, where she'd been celebrating with her five closest friends. A persistent thumping noise has roused her. When she goes to investigate, what she discovers will change everything she thought she knew about her past, her future, and what lies in between.
As Liz begins to unravel the circumstances surronding her birthday night, she finds that no one least of all Liz herself, was perfect-- or innocent. And that some memories never stop following you, no matterhow hard you run."
My Rating: 10/10
I underestimated this book. Not only is this Young Adult book captivating but it also proves a point. While keeping things juicy Jessica Warman has managed to give purpose to the book. The main purpose in this book is live life like you might die tomorrow. And live without regrets. Not meaning that you should do the whole YOLO thing, get wasted and try to drive home but rather be aware of you action and what you want other people to think about when you're gone. Whether you're dead or just leaving the room for fifteen minutes. You have to listen to your gut and do what is right, even if what is right isn't always easy.
Another shocking fact about this book, IT'S A MYSTERY! Something I would have never guess as it's not sherlock holmes obvious that it's a mystery. The fact that you wonder what will happen next with Elizabeth keeps you turning pages when you really should be say, doing laundry or getting ready for work (whoops!!).

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