Monday, July 16, 2012

Spoiler: Twelfth Grade Kills by Heather Brewer

This book wasn't what I expected and to be honest i was a little disappointed. I had hoped that this book would be as good as the last and while it was decent it certainly wasn't the best out of the series. The plans of the "group" were just stupid and unguided. I hated the fact that Vlad's dad was part of it but I kinda had that figured by half way through. The characters weren't as developed as they may hgave been. My favorite part was the battles near the end. It gave such another view of Vlad's ever changing world not to mention his power. HOLY MAN (!!!!!) Vlad has become quite the man *wolf whistle*  Let's discuss some characters.

Oh boy! Our little Vlad is all grown up and ready to face the real world. The world filled with Slayers, vampires, blackmailers and lovers. Vlad has turned into the man who knows how to rule, how to tell right from wrong and makes woman love him. I felt a bit distant from Vlad this time around, but he still has a great love for Snow. Sigh love at first bite... literally. He made me proud when he commanded everyone to forget and move on. On an end note thank god he gave up Meredith!

Snow: I didn't believe for a minute she was dead that would be the worst ending ever!

Otis: I felt just horrible when everyone expected Otis to be a murderer. I mean a man who wears a top hat and loves to teach can not be a murderer. No one would take him seriously anyways.

Nelly: I cried quite a bit when she died. At first I was in complete denail. No way someone would kill Nelly, the best cookie maker on earth. And then I just sobbed.

Henry: What a sweet drudge! Him and October are made to be yay!

Joss: At times he stretches everyones patients but he turned out to be a decent guy.

Tomas: What a prick? I can't believe that he used Vlad's mother just in order to become the Pravus. I wanted to constantly yell at Vlad and tell him to stop being stupid for thinking his father was so innocent!

Vikas: I was shocked and depressed by the fact that Vikas turned out to be in cahoots with Vlad's dad. What is this bull? I wished at that moment that I could yell at Heather Brewer, but she did it to shock everyone and boy did that work!

Favorite Lines/Parts:
♥Pg. 17
"Vlad felt oddly hollow. It was almost as if a friend had been stolen from him before he'd had the chance to say goodbye.
A horrible, evil, maniacal friend who wanted nothing more than to see Vlad suffer."

♥Pg. 101
"Vlad wiped her lip gloss from his lips with the back of his hand. Vampries, after all, don't sparkle."

♥Pg. 183
"He and Henry had had a good long laugh about the costumes they were going to wear this year, and not even Principal Snell grove was going to rob them of their good time. Henry was dressed ina cheesy black nylon cape- one he'd borrowed from Vlad- and had his hair slicked back and spray painted black, complete with a widow's peak. He was every bit a stereotypical old-school Hollywood vampire, and Vlad was his companion, his slave, his drudge."

♥Pg. 200
"He was better off not knowing.
Or, more accurately, Joss's face was better off without Henry's fists knowing."

♥Pg. 248
" 'You've been holding out on us, Henry. I had no idea you were so full of great ideas.'
Henry held up his taco- formerly Vlad's- and grinned. 'Little-known fact, gentlemen. Tacos are the food of genius.'"

♥Pg. 252
"It had to work! They had totally faked his own death.
He owed Henry about a zillion tacos."

♥Pg. 317
" 'Absolutely. In fact... I was a priest at that church many moons ago.' Something dark and strangely full of bemusement cross Otis's eyes then, and Vlad thought back to the stories that upperclassmen had passed down to freshman, about the vampire priest in the church who'd  drained his congregation dry years and years ago, before Bathory High was a school. He parted his lips to ask if the rumors were true, but Otis cut him off with a smirk. 'But that's a story for another time.' "

♥Pg. 319
"Whose idea was it that forcing people to wear giant muumuus and cardboard squares on their heads and then parade in front f people was the way to celebrate surviving thirteen years of school anyway?" 

Sidny ♥♫♪

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