Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Spoiler: Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

I didn't honestly enjoy this book. I can't say that I loved it because that would be a lie; I didn't hate it but I didn't love it. I think that this new series is based on Richelle Mead's last vampire series, Vampire Academy (haven't read it) and I don't enjoy that. Start a new series, but don't make me guess about the first series. Wow a pet peeve has been spotted. I did enjoy on the other hand certain characters, such as Adrian. I also liked the shocking ending. I never would have guessed that Keith was so horrible, I guess I knew that he did something wrong to a young girl, but selling drugs man that's harsh. Also the fact that Lee was evil, WOAH! Anyways, let's talk about the characters.

Characters:Sydney: Although she has the same name as me, I could not relate to this main character. In a way she reminded me of a Sheldon Cooper, spewing randrom information and being completely unaware of normal social habits. Sydney is a follower and does orders without questioning. She doesn't question her father, the Alchemists or even Abe. Grow a back bone!

Keith: I honestly thought that Sydney and him would become a couple, misguided but it's what I believed. To find out at the end that he was not only a rapist but also a drug dealer, wow mind blowing! He doesn't deserve to a place in any group, much less the Alchemists.

Jill: I can't really describe her except useless. She doesn't fight her own battles and she just runs off. A waste of time, but she gives the book a purpose.

Eddie: I don't blame him for loving Jill but maybe Jill should stick her head out from the sun and realize that her dream man is right there guarding her!

Adrian: By far my favorite character! Funny, sarcastic, screwed up and sweet underneath makes him a dream guy for this girl :) In the end I think he realizes that he should go after Sydney. May I just add that my name is Sidny???

Lee: Who would have thought Lee was evil? Not me I'm just naive I guess.

Micah: I really think that he is that Mason guy awakened into evilness.. or is it evilhood. Anyways i thought he was the guy slitting the throats. The real question is, am I wrong?

Favorite Lines/Moments:♥Pg. 20
"Unlike me, I suspected Stanton had smacked a few people in her day, and I think she wanted to do that to keith now."

♥Pg. 47
"'They're waiting for you. Go on in.' Adrian leaned close to Keith's ear and spoke in an ominous voice. 'If. You. Dare.' He poked Keith's shoulder and gave a 'Muhahaha' kind of monster laugh.
Keith nearly leapt ten feet in the air."

♥Pg. 73
"Eddie eyed the dorm matron, a tout, gray-haired woman who supervised the lobby from her desk. 'Do you think she has any kind of combat training? Do you think she could subdue an intruder?'
'I bet she could wrestle down a guy sneaking into a girl's room,' joked Jill."

♥Pg. 106
" 'If it makes you feel any better, you're not as bad as keith. he was here earlier today and was so nervous, he literally kept looking over his shoulder.' Lee paused thoughtfully. 'I think it might have been because Adrain kept laughing like a mad scientist at those old black-and-white movies he was watching.' "

♥Pg. 138
"I had a feeling that there was really no good way for Lee to answer at this point. If he expressed interest in her, Adrian's bizarre chivalric instincts were going to kick in. If lee wasn't interested, Adrian would no doubt demand to know why Lee didn't want to marry her then and there. It was one of those fascinating- but weird- quirks of Adrian's personality."

♥Pg. 145
"As I drove away, I decide the Alchemists needed an entire department devoted to handling Adrian Ivashkov."

♥Pg. 208
" 'Put those on. We're leavng.
'You aren't my mom.'
'No, yours is serving a sentence for perjury and theft, if memory serves.' "

♥Pg. 234
" 'Can't you... I don't know. Find a hobby or something?'
'Being charming is my hobby,' said Adrian obstinately. 'I'm the life of a party- even without drinking. I wasn't meant to be alone.' "

♥Pg. 239
" 'I have to get back there,' I said to Adrian. 'Into that door.'
He arched his eyebrow. 'What, like sneaking in? How very black ops of you. And oh, you know- dangerous and foolish.' "

♥Pg. 333
" 'Of course they didn't give us this much, Sage. But I had to make sure I nailed my first assignment. Takes a lot of tries before you hit perfection.' He paused to reconsider that. 'Well, except for my parents. They got it on the first try.' "

♥Pg. 409
" Adrian shrugged. 'My earlier point remains. You're a solid person, Sage. You're easy on the eyes, if a little skinny and your ability to memorize useless information is going to totally hook in some guy. Put Keith and Lee out of your head because they have nothing to do with your future." 

Hope you enjoyed this Spoiler.
The next book I plan on reading is Summer Boys by Hailey Abbott

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