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Spoiler: Eleventh Grade Burns by Heather Brewer

This was an amazing book in the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series. Heather Brewer truly out did herself. I didn't think she would come back to such a great book, after the last two books disappointed me. I loved this book. It made me laugh and cry just like a 10/10 book should. It also had me shocked by the end. I honestly thought that Vlad's father was dead. And when it said he was there, alive (possibly) I gasped loud enough to wake up most of my house hold and then... I swore like I've never sworn before. My grandmother would be so disappointed, but isn't that how you know its  a good book, when you swear at the end because its so frickin' shocking? Maybe that's how I should start rating things... Naw. I have never been so happy while reading a book and I truly enjoyed it, now let's talk about characters.

Vlad has grown so much during this series. When we first met him he was this innocent 8th grade boy and now he's going to be a high school senior, finally a man. He now thinks what is right and doesn't let his mind jump to conclusions. He gave Meredith and realized it was for the best. I was so proud of him for releasing Snow. That took a lot of guts. I hope Vlad doesn't die, but then why would the series end at 12th grade? Shoot.

Otis: Otis has been beside Vlad since the start and is always there for him. I was worried about him dying and so happy when he didn't. He is a lovely man, and with his purple top hat, my dream uncle. In this book we see Otis take on the role of dad. He works to protect Vlad at any costs.

Nelly: I can hardly wait for her and Otis to be married :)

Henry: Henry has stepped back as a drudge, he's there but we don't hear as much about him anymore. I'm happy that Vlad didn't "free" him. I think that would have only hurt Henry's feelings. But what's the deal with ditching Melissa? Men *eye roll*

Joss: I really did think that Joss and Vlad could be friends. I thought Joss might realize that Vlad isn't some prick, but just an overall nice guy.

Vikas: This man always makes me smile, his accent and the way he carries makes him humorous.

Dorian: Suprisingly, I cried when he died. I could hardly believe that the frightening and oddest character I have ever read of dies by a simple stake. He was all in all strange but a friend of Vlad's near the death and I'm sure his death will be avenged.

Favorite Lines/ Moments:
♥Pg. 7
" 'Look man, I din't want to get all chick-flick on you or anything, but you're my best friend and I almost lost you last time. I can't go through that again. I won't.' "

♥Pg. 35
"It was really annoying how Mr. Kiss Every Girl with a Pulse had morphed into Dr. Phil ever since he and Melissa had gotten serious. Clearly, a monthlong relationship was enough to fill Henry with an abundance of romantic wisdom. Riiiiight."

♥Pg. 75
"Vlad glanced over at Meredith, who was chatting friendlily now with his mortal enemy (well, kinda mortal- Vlad was a vampire, after all.. well, half vampire, anyway."

♥Pg. 129
" 'You're father was not the first vampire to love a human. Roughly two centuries ago, in Paris of all places, I met and fell deeply in love with a woman named Nadya. She was a good, Russian woman. Fair hair, hazel eyes. She was lovely, striking for a human, with a figure that --' Vikas's lips spread into a smile and Vikas shook his head, realizing he was getting into the TMI area."

♥Pg. 169
" 'I'm not sitting by Joss. She can't make me forgive him for all he's done. Why would she even want that?'
'I don't think that's what she's trying to accomplish, Vladimir. I believe she's merely looking for a sense of family around the holiday season. And we... not to mention the McMillans... are her family. No matter how dysfunctional that idea might be to you, Joss or me. Blood doesn't make family, Vladimir. Love does.
'So what do we do?'
'We do what all families do. Grin, bear it, and pass the mashed potatoes.' "

♥Pg. 250
"Then she did something that no words could defend against. She gave him that look. That mom look. The one that said if Vlad didn't get his butt out the front door and fast, she was going to bury him in the backyard and plant daisies of his remains."

♥Pg. 266
" 'Think he's working on some sordid plan to do you in?'
'Count on it. I'm that guy's favorite hobby.'
'Maybe he's changed.'
They exchanged looks and burst out laughing."

♥Pg. 269
"Vlad was still blinking at Otis's casual tone when Otis when Otis stepped into the bar. He'd said it like it was an afterthought. Pick up some milk on your way home, don't forget to pay the electric bill, and oh, be a dear and avenge my death for me, would you?"

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