Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kate's Choice: Little House In the Highlands by Melissa Wiley

Title: Little House In The Highlands
Author: Melissa Wiley
Pages: 271
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Inc.
Year Published: 1999

"The little Hous books have captivated millions of readers with their story of  Laura Ingalls, a pioneer girl growing up on the American frontier. Now travel back three generations before Laura's  and read the story of Martha Morse, a little girl who would grow up to leave Scotland and start a new life in America, and who would become Laura Ingals Wilder's great-grandmother.
It's 1788, and six-year-old Martha lives in a little stone house in Clencaraid, Scotland. Martha's father is Laird Glencaraid, and the life of a laird's daughter is not always easy for a lively girl like Martha. She would rather be running barefoot through field of heather and listening to magical tales of fairies and other Wee Folk than learning to sew like a proper young lady. But between her dreaded sewing lessons, Martha still finds time to play on the rolling Scottish hills."

Kate's Rating: 9/10

1. Did you enjoy this book?
♥ Yeah, I enjoyed this book because it was interesting seeing what it was like so long ago.

2. What was your favorite part of this book?♥ I can't choose! All of it!

3. What is your favorite character and why?♥ Martha is my favorite character because she was energetic.

4. Would you continue reading this series?♥ Yes I would and hopefully will.

5. What was your favorite part?♥My favorite parts were when they were talking about fairies, brownies and mystical creatures.

6. Was this different from other books you've read?♥ Yes, it was very different from other books I've read. They live in Scotland so this book is written with accents. This makes some pages harder to understand.

7. Least favorite part?♥Don't have one :)

8. Why did you pick this book out?♥Someone suggested it to me, two people actually.

9.Who would you recommend it to?♥Anybody who likes fun books, with history, also including a little magic.

10. If you could speak to the author, what would you say?♥ I would say that I really enjoyed this book and I would love to read more from her!

Hope you enjoyed this month's Kate's Choice :)
Sidny & Kate ♥♪♫

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