Monday, October 15, 2012

Spoiler: Revenge of the Wannabes by Lisi Harrison.

I really enjoy these books. It’s sad but they’re better than most tv shows on at the moment and they capture my interest! I loved how in this book we get to see things from Alicia’s perspective. We find out what’s going on with her and Olivia, learning her feelings and moods along the way. There is no way that Claire is going to move though, that’s just stupid L

Alicia: As I said above, we see a lot more of Alicia in this book. I really like her. She’s not to full of herself and although she’ll do just about anything to get what she wants she’s still a generally good person. I’m upset that she went back to the group in the end, but she learned that being a leader is harder than it looks.
Massie: Massie appears generally shocked when Alicia strays away from the pack. I thought this would be noticed a lot earlier. I also don’t like how she got rid of Alicia, but I have to admit, it was creative. She has a lot of guts, but deep down I think the stress of being “Alpha” is getting to her. I’m happy she found her own crush so she doesn’t have to steal anyone else’s.
Claire: I don’t feel as sorry for Claire anymore, especially when she dumped Cam for Massie! Real friends support your decisions and help you anyway you can, they don’t tell you to dump people that you truly like. I hope that she realizes that being part of the Clique isn’t worth life or death.
Dylan: I feel sorry for Dylan because she has such weight issues, I’m pretty sure she’s below the average weight though. I feel horrible when skinny girls feel the need to be even skinnier. Be who you are!!!!
Kirsten: I love Kirsten and I’m so happy she told everyone that she didn’t have the same money as they did. That’s a big deal when you are able to tell your friends that stuff! Go girl!
Olivia: What a ditz!? I can’t believe that she is quite that stupid, but I guess I’ve met people like that in real life.
Cam: What a sweetie, thank god he got back with Claire.
Moments to Remember:
Black heart (cards)Pg. 70
“ ‘Get your hands off my present, you big molester.’ Dylan said, pinching Massie’s hand.”
Black heart (cards)Pg. 147
“ ‘Thanks to that workshop on surrendering control, I have learned to apologize.’
‘What if you didn’t do anything wrong?’
‘Honey,’ Kendra said, ‘it’s never my fault, but I still say I’m sorry.’
‘Because if I waited around for him to say it, I’d be a very hostile woman,’ Kendra said. ‘Besides, it takes strength to apologize. It’s a power move.’”
Black heart (cards)Pg. 164
“You’re showing just as much leg as I am,’ Derrington said.
‘Yeah, but I’m wearing tights,’ Massie said, though she was somewhat impressed by the grain of truth in his argument.
‘Well, then, honey, next time you’re at the mall, you just must pick up a pair for me,’ Derrington said in a flamboyant voice.”
Black heart (cards)Pg. 168
“Cam had left a CD on her chair called The Clair Doesn’t Have a Boyfriend in Florida Mix.”
Black heart (cards)Pg. 167
“‘Puh-lease, Claire,’ Alicia said, pushing up the sleeves of her navy velvet blazer. ‘Do you really buy that?’
‘I believe her,’ said an older woman with a neat gray bob and thick glasses. ‘Now settle the rest of this on Ricki Lake and let me pee.’”
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