Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spoiler: The Keepers of the Flame by Jennifer Armstrong & Nancy Butcher

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this book, considering the first book wasn’t one of my favorite things to read. I’m overjoyed that the series seems to be getting better as I read. In this book I could visualize everything, and relate with the characters. I loved seeing how other humans had survived the plague; it was interesting to see things from Cory’s perspective.

Mommy: I find it incredible that she has been able to take care of the younger children so effectively. I can understand how she would be upset when the Keepers take away her kids and near the middle we realize she had a right to be. Taking “her” kids and locking some of them up, that’s not right!
Teacher: In this book we see Teacher change from a leader to a frightened child. In The Kindling, I thought that Teacher was the most adult out of the family, but in this installment she seems more uncertain, more childlike. She has a right to be worried about Cory taking her spot, but really this whole Book business kind of creeps me out. It seems more like pretend than the real deal.
Hunter: Hunter seems like sweetheart who, to me, is interested in Mommy. He seems to want to fit in with the Keepers more than the others and is saddest when they leave. I was worried that he would stay behind so he could be part of this group, thank god he didn’t!
Angerman: He only gets crazier! I think that Angerman is either remembering his father or he has a mental illness, such as schizophrenia. I hope that someone notices and gets him the help he needs.
Action Figure: I felt horrible when Action got sick from taking that protein supplement trying to be a man. Poor boy. What a brave thing he did though when he set the horse free, hopefully Action doesn’t return to his wild, unruly ways.
Cory: I really didn’t like Cory in the beginning, but I’m starting to warm up to her ever since she tried to save Puppy and Kitty. I wish that Mommy and Cory hadn’t fought, but really that’s what the story needed to create suspense. Cory seems like a sweet girl, and I hope that she says more about what happens with the Keepers’ culture.
The Keepers: They creep me out! The kind of cult that makes others fear for their lives.
Moments to Remember:
Black heart (cards)Pg. 64
“So what if they thought he was talking to himself? For that matter, so what if they knew he was talking to the mutilated mannequin on his back? Their opinion of him was the least of his concerns.”
Black heart (cards)Pg. 157
“ ‘Do you think they’re looking for us?’
‘Oh, gosh, no, you think so?’ Angerman said in a fake-dimwit voice. ‘Why would they look for us? It’s just a total coincidence.’
Teacher jabbed him with her elbow. ‘All right, all right- they’re looking for us.’”
Black heart (cards)Pg. 225
“The blade whistled. ‘Take that, fire-eaters.’
Oh I’m so scared!
‘This just in!’ Angerman held the hilt of the saber to his mouth, like a microphone. ‘You should be.’”

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