Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spoiler: The Queen of Everything by Deb Caletti

As I said in the book review, this book is pretty strange, but a good kind of strange. The way that the author describes everything makes the story seem intensely real. The setting, Parish Island seems perfect because of the small town feel. It makes the plot of the story that more crazy, because everybody knows everybody. Deb Caletti's writing style caught my attention. The way it seems like the Jordan is writing her own story and acting like we already know what's going to happen interests me. It was a perfect way to grab a readers attention.

CHARACTERS:Jordan: I didn't always connect with Jordan. The fact that she acted the way she did to impress everyone else isn't something I enjoyed. She didn't have to go out with Kale, but I suppose that was her way of rebeling against her father, that or calling for attention. I can understand how she would feel like her father's craziness is her fault. She probably feels like she didn't stop him so it must be her fault, but there's nothing she could have done in the first place.

Vince (Jordan's Father): In the beginning we see that Vince is a normal guy, sort of boring but generally what people consider normal. We see a huge change in his behaviour after he starts seeing Gayle. He doesn't care about anything but her. I'm not sure if he actually loves her or if he just lusts after her. He did many crazy things for her, which I wish he hadn't but that's the point of the story. How to feel to be a murderer's daughter.

Gayle: I hate Gayle. The fact that after Vince kills Wes she says that he should never have done it. She seems to think that she is innocent, that she did nothing to convince Vince. I wouldn't doubt it if she told him to kill her husband so she could get all the money. She's an evil mastermind if you ask me. Not one to be trusted.

Big Mama: We hear alot about Big Mama in this book, but we don't actually "meet" her until close to the end. I felt like Big Mama was more of a mother to Jordan than her real mother at times. She seems to be able to connect with this woman, and trust her.

Kale: I really dislike Kale. First, he's completely stupid. Second, he's a cheating jerk. Thrid, he thinks he's unresistable. Urggggh. This is the kind of guy that makes women believe that all men are the same.

Melissa: Jordan's best friend who really doesn't know anything about Gayle. Why she wouldn't tell her best friend makes little to no sense to me.

Jackson: I love Jackson. He's such a freak that it makes me smile. He isn't afraid to be himself, even if himself is a little weird.

Moments to Remember:
Pg. 26
"I think the rabits and the old guys are a good match, both of them frisky without anyplace to put it."

EmojiPg. 59
" 'Now, this is a meal you'll be telling your grandchildren about.' He eased a smaller slab onto Grandma's plate. 'This could kill you, you old bird, so go slow.' "

EmojiPg. 149
" 'You know, he's really average height for a short person,' she said.
Sometimes I just didn't understand why I liked that girl."

EmojiPg. 159
"He had something in every pocket, that Kale. He could have been a magician."

EmojiPg. 360
"I wondered if Grandpa Eugene was looking down at us with his halo. Except that Grandpa wouldn't have a halo. He'd refuse it. Maybe he'd compromise with some glowing baseball cap."

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