Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spoiler: The Kiln by Jennifer Armstrong & Nancy Butcher

I really loved how this series ended. It was perfect because of they ways that the authors both made the ending seem natural, not just choked off. In this book we get to see a different setting yet again, two of them really, and we start to notice different things about the characters. This setting is set on Pisgah, an island used for presidential vacations. I loved, in an odd way, getting to see the origins of the keeper.

Hunter: I think this character develops a crush on Mommy, but all that fades away when she gets her "curse". He is an amazing character filled with compassion. I think it's horrible that a boy at such a young age has to figure out a way to help so many others survive. I'm so happy that he was smart enough to remember the bunker.

Teacher: I think that Teacher is younger than I assumed she was. She hasn't yet hit puberty and she doesn't seem to process things the way the older kids do. She's an odd duck, but has the idea of opening Fire-us in the bunker, I don't think she would have lived if she had though. I still am curious about the book, was it really a gift or just a desperate girl finding meaning in anything?

Mommy: This poor girl is going through so much never mind when she has such a normal body thing happen. Thank god she was at the woods when it hit. She also had such a HUGE responsibility within the house. Taking care of kids isn't easy especially so many at such a young age. I think she truly is those kids mothers or at least the only one's they'll ever know.

Angerman: I knew that he was the president's son after he called the mannequin Dadguy instead of Badguy. I think the reason he went crazy was from the enormous weight of knowing what his father had done. I knew that he wouldn't return to his father though somewhere in the book I had my doubts, who leaves their father. I did think in the end that he would be the one to kill Supreme Leader.

Cory: Cory was an amazingly strong character, more than I thought she would be considering she came from a cult. But when I found out that she was going to kill the president, that was her leader for so many years. And I cried when she went through with it the way she did. It was horribly sad to see her die.

Supreme Leader: I knew that he was also the president or at least I had guessed about it. I could hardly believe all the evil things he had done though. The fact that he started this cult, hired someone to create Fire-us and then planned to relive parts of the bible made no sense to me. I cried when I realized that he married all the girls and forced them to have babies, only then to take the babies and "test" them to see if they were the new savior. It makes a person wonder what would happen if a lunatic become a leader, what would happen.

Nana: I couldn't believe that Nana would hand over the children, I figured at that moment she was heartless, but it turns out she was just a scared and desperate women. Good thing she was there when Mommy hit puberty, otherwise who knows what they would have thought.

Moment to Remember:
♥ Pg. 57
" 'If they can read my mind, all they'll find out is I'm hungry,' Mommy whispered, smiling." 

Thank you so much for reading,
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