Friday, May 10, 2013

Spoiler: Crank by Ellen Hopkins

As I mentioned in the book review above, I really think that Ellen Hopkins does a fantastic job of helping readers visualize the effects of drugs. All the effects. I don’t think that I ever really thought about how people got on drugs, I just thought that kids did them cause it’s what everyone else did. But in this book I think that Bree/Kristina does it so she has a connection with her father and so she doesn’t feel quite so alone. I don’t know if anyone skipped the Author’s Note but basically it says that this book is loosely based on Ellen Hopkin’s daughter. She mentions that she hopes this story speaks to you that she hopes you think, and think again. I think that since this is such a personal story for her, it made her writing better and better. I liked that she did her “research” and knew what she was talking about. All in all I fantastic novel.

Bree/Kristina: I wasn’t sure if she belonged in two categories or one, but we’re gonna go with one. I think that there are times when all of us wish we were different, that we could be the cool kid, or that someone else. That’s exactly what Kristina does in this book, she takes on a different attitude and personality. All because of the “monster” and who she could be on it. She changes completely from the girl who just wanted to go see her father, to the girl with the multiple  boyfriends and drug problems. Seeing Kristina change through everything she goes through teaches the reader many things that I never really thought about drugs. The feeling of the high, the different ways you feel on different things, the after affects. The emotional effects, etc. I’ll admit that I almost cried when she found out she was pregnant, and not pregnant with Chase’s child. I hope that things work out for the best with her and her baby in the next book.

Adam/Buddy: I don’t really think that he’s trust worthy and I’m happy she didn’t have sex with him just cause he was there. After all, he did just go back to Lince pretty damn quick. I can’t imagine someone saying they’ll stay with you and then just buggering off with the next girl they see and saying that they love you but want to see other people. Is he confused? Or just a jerk?

Lince: I was surprised that she ended up ok at all. I couldn’t believe that she was able to walk and talk normally after that fall. Seriously insane.

Kristina’s Dad: I hate him. He’s useless and it’s probably a good thing that he left. If you think about it, Kristina wouldn’t gotten on drugs and therefore wouldn’t have ended up pregnant. Better staying out of her life, in all honesty.

Brendan: Who thought that he’d be a rapist? Be honest! I figured he was a player but a full on rapist? That was a little too much for me too take. People like him need to be locked up.

Chase: Now here’s an unlikely keeper. He’s described at first as the bad/mysterious boy so I thought that he would be problematic but if anything he was the opposite and helped look out for Kristina, even though he did have a bad effect on her drug use. He probably shouldn’t have supplied her, but he did offer to step in for Brendan and marry her. I think he’s a fantastic man, and hopefully they make it work and stay together.

Kristina’s Mom: I wish that she’d listen to her daughter more and not be so happy to take in the lies that she’s given. Scott was right about the drug problem, and she shouldn’t have been in denial about it. At least in the end she’s there for Kristina which is what really matters.

♥Moments to Remember♥:
♥Pg. 22
“Dad and I attempt small talk.
How’s your sister?

♥Pg. 109
“I stood out like a moped at a Harley rally.”

♥Pg. 365
“Funny thing, Kristina. Before you, I believed love was making love. Waiting only makes me love you more.”

♥Pg. 520
“ ‘You sure you’re pregnant? You sure it’s mine? You’re not b-sing me?’
‘I’m sure. It’s yours. No bull. Hard to believe your balls were big enough to accomplish it, huh?’”

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