Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spoiler: North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Headley

As I mentioned above, I’ve been meaning to read this book for a while and I finally got around to it. I’m so happy that I did. This book has a great theme and is something I think that everybody should read. I think this books main purpose is to show us that who we are is awesome and we shouldn’t have to be fake, because we are all beautiful, especially if you are able to embrace your “flaws” I love that. It captures that important time in everyone’s life where we realize that faking it isn’t worth it and that you are pretty great who you are. I’ve had this moment, and maybe that’s why I love this book so much, but I hope that everyone who reads it realizes that being fake just isn’t worth it.
I fell in love with this book not only because of it’s theme but because of it’s character and showing a kind of abuse that isn’t physical. A lot of people don’t think that verbal abuse even counts but if you read this book you realize the toll it has on a person, any person really.

Terra: I felt like she was a little to obsessed about maps in the beginning but after a while I realized that had to do with how she was raised. I think I was worried this book was all about how to make yourself perfect and flawless, but really it had to do with accepting your flaws and realizing that imperfections make us beautiful! I like that after a while she realizes that what she does is really art and she doesn’t let her dad’s insults and criticism get to her. I also love that she doesn’t just stay with Erik because it’s the easy thing to do, in fact after a lot of drama, she realizes that she deserves someone who  would love her without her mask of makeup and her fit body. Someone who loves her for who she is. Finally I was super pumped when she went to finally go and see Jacob. Yeah, I was practically jumping around, dancing.

Terra’s Mom: I was so depressed to see a woman who had been bossed and taunted for so many years that she just did as she was told, but in the end it was worth seeing her suffer to realize that as a human she realized that she deserved better than to be called fat or made fun of by her own husband. I honestly hope she just files for a divorce, she deserves way better.

Jacob: Who thought that this Goth kid would end up being so open and friendly? I loved that he described clothes and make-up as a costume and when he took the trip to China we got to see regular laid back Jacob. I think that he deserves someone who will take care of him and deal with his emotional past well. I think Terra can do just that. I do feel bad that he was in a way lied to by Terra, but in the end it worked out because they obviously belong together.

Norah (Jacob’s Mom): As much as she fakes being strong, while her ex-husband is getting remarried we see her start to crumble. I think that all of us do that. When we’re stressed we just find a distraction instead of letting others know that, hey something’s not right and I’m not ok. In my opinion, our society needs to be more open to that and I’m vowing to try.

Terra’s Dad: What a _____ (I’ll let you guess what I’m thinking cause it wouldn’t be appropriate to post on the World Wide Web). Everyone has insecurities but that doesn’t mean that you have to make your whole family feel threatened. No wonder everyone moved away. He deserves to have no one and learn that until he gives some respect he has no right to receive any. At all.

Erik: In a little way I felt bad that Terra cheated on him, but he was only dating her for the sex. Really, he was embarrassed to see her without her makeup and what kind of boyfriend is that if you can’t handle a birthmark? Not one that’s worth anyone’s time.

Claudius: I was shocked when I read that he hurt himself to save they’re mom, but I think it was really necessary with how Terra’s dad acts and abuses.

Merc: How can you just let work take over your life so completely that you can’t even spend time with your family? Just put away your phone for a few hours and enjoy the world of the living!

The Twisted Sisters: Amazing friends, even though they are seniors. Couldn’t be better role models for Terra.

Karin: Kind of a bad friend… no point in lying about it.

Moments to Remember:
♥Pg. 19
“‘It would be sexy.’
 ‘Peacocks are sexy. Turkeys get eaten.’”

♥Pg. 170
“There is something terribly sexy about a male driver, especially a driver with impeccable navigational skills. It must be something about being in control, the guy knowing where he’s going, that appealed to me.”

♥Pg. 262
“Erik thought my body was beautiful, Karin that it was enviable. At random times, people noted that my hands were beautiful, or my hair. The Twisted Sisters had called my art beautiful. Mom had the best intentions and always told me before and after my laser surgeries that I would be beautiful. But no one had ever said that I was beautiful, all my parts taken together, not just my bits and pieces.”

Thanks for reading,
Sidny xoxo

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