Friday, March 15, 2013

Spoiler: Where She Went by Gayle Forman

This is one of the most exceptional sequels I have ever read. I was surprised that the author took such a different take to writing this book as opposed to the first novel, If I Stay. I was impressed that carrying on the story three years later and from a different perspective wasn't a challenge for her. She wrote it like a different book, but with some of the same characters we feel in love with in the first one. I also loved the way the reader is given a tour of New York with Mia. The only thing I didn't like was Adam being completely indecisive.

Adam- I loved him from If I Stay, and I'm ecstatic that the author lets us explore more about him. His flashbacks are amazing! He is proof that fame can make you crazy and sometimes celebrities are just like us. I'm happy that he doesn't just let Mia walk away from him, but mad that he's ok with her being mad. That's just silly. He doesn't just give up on life, even though he doesn't feel great without Mia he ends up being somewhat able to function in society.

Mia- I don't think she's really changed all that much, except that's she's mad that she lost her family and that Adam asked her to stay. I think she would have done better if they had just stayed together all along. I was so upset that she didn't even really end it, she just let him assume it was done. All in all they belong together and I'm happy they finally realized it!

Aldous- I think this is the one manager that actually cares about Adam, not just about the money. But I don't know much about the industry.

The Band- I feel bad for them, they seem to have given up on Adam and I understand why Mike gets mad because Adam is being an attention hog. I think that all of them could have handled it better and that in a way they're better off without Adam. If they find a new guitar player they will be fine.

Bryn- If Adam hates her so much... why is he with her?? She seems verbally abusive in all honesty.

Groupies- I was surprised that Adam let them fill Mia's place. I think that it was just to numb his pain.

Moments to Remember:
♥Pg. 46
"She left the rehab center after four weeks, two weeks ahead of schedule. She could walk with a can, open a jar of peanut butter and play the hell out of Beethoven."

♥Pg. 109
"She was usually pretty wiped so the conversations were short;a chance to hear one another's voice, to say I love you in real time."

♥Pg. 167
"She handed me a half-gallon Ziploc. 'In case of emergency, break glass.'
'What's all this stuff?'
'Now and Laters. Starburst. Pixie Stix. If she gets too bitchy, just feed her this crap. As long as the sugar high is in effect, you and the wildlife should be safe.'"

♥Pg. 171
"'What a freak! The granddaughter of a retired Forest Service biologist who's scared of camping.'
'That's just half of it. You're a classical cellist whose parents are old punk rockers. You're a total freak. But you're my freak.'"

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