Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Spoiler: Run by Francine Pascal

I didn’t think that this was the best Fearless book that I’ve read. That’s my honest opinion. I’m not usually a negative person but I found this book hard to get through and more made for a screen than for a lazy day on the couch. I was disappointed with the way characters morfed, but I guess if we’re gonna talk about characters let’s organize it…

♥Gaia: I think that she’s changed quite a lot from the first book in this series. She has a really good friend (who is definitely hoping there was something more), a love interest and a real enemy. I like that she’s letting down her walls slowly, but I expected to hear more about what her father did to her. More than him just leaving her, because if that was it, mah. It was pretty anticlimactic.  I like Sam but I wish she would open her eyes to Ed though, just cause he’s in a wheel chair doesn’t make him any less of a guy. He’s obviously interested. The idea that she’s so casually accepting her uncle also teeves me off, but I’ll get to a bit more of that after…
♥Ed: If I were him I would just tell her that hey, I’m not just your friend here, I have feelings for you so stop friendzoning this! Although I’m sure the word friend-zone hasn’t been used yet. Hopefully something works out for him. I think that Heather and him might be a surprisingly good match.
♥Heather: She’s such a drama queen. Everything is constantly about keeping her popular. I don’t think she even loves Sam, I think she just likes the status that he gives her. And now that there’s been a sex tape let out I doubt she’ll have many friends left. But she deserves it from the way she treats her “friends”.
♥Sam: This guy is something else. I wonder if he’ll dump Heather after he thinks that she saved him? You’d think that after thinking about Gaia while dying you’d realize that maybe you should be with her and not the other one… but hey I’m not a guy.
♥Loki: A true superhero villain.

♥Moments to Remember♥
♥Pg. 20
“He smiled bitterly at the ridiculous image. Sir Edward of Useless Limbs, the knight in not-so-shining armour, rushing in to rescue the fair Gaia, Lady of Brutal Ass Kicking.”

♥Pg. 173
“Well, he could understand what his niece saw in the boy. He was certainly nice-looking. At least, he had been, before that unfortunate incident in which his face collided with that fist. Tsk, tsk.”

♥Final Line: “Today proved me very, very wrong.”

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